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Halloween night! : DDDDDDD

I dressed up a little, ate candy, drank half a beer, and did a double feature with my roommate: Fright Night, the original and the remake, back to back. Neither of us had seen either film before, and this was long overdue.

I don't know how to talk about either of these movies without talking about the other one. I can't help but compare and contrast them, since we did a double feature tonight. I'll start with some basic impressions of each film and then talk about them compared to each other:

Fright Night (1985)

For the original, I was super impressed with the visuals, genuinely frightened, in love with the music, and pleasantly surprised by the queercoding and queer text. I was a little annoyed with some of the characters at times, and found the handling of Amy and her sexuality a little troubling. I know it's the 80s, but still. Peter Vincent was my favorite of the lot, and I was genuinely moved by his arc. 

Fright Night (2011)

I consider this a pretty good remake, especially as horror remakes go. I was pleased with the casting, loved the setting change, enjoyed how Amy and Charlie's attitudes towards sex were flipped, and was very moved by the friendship falling out between Charlie and Ed. However I found the story's pacing to somewhat fall apart around the halfway mark, wasn't scared during the second half at all, and was disappointed with some of the effects. While there were some very strong individual scenes in this film (the opening in particular is very chilling, as is the scene where Charlie gets beer for Jerry, and the sequence where Charlie and Doris try to escape Jerry's house) the overall film didn't feel as strong. 

Film vs. Film

My roommate and I talked this out a lot after the movies. We ended up sorta comparing individual bits and pieces to each other.

I gotta say, for a movie that's only 5 years old, most of the effects in the Fright Night remake don't hold up. I do appreciate that they tried to mimic the look of the vampire mouths from the original, but considering the original is 31 years old and the effects STILL had me and my roommate yelping and covering our eyes or cheering and looking closer in awe, that says a lot. 

I'm very torn on how each film handled women and women's sexuality. The original was ... odd. The biting scene between Jerry and Amy plays with sexy saxophone music and seems framed as a sexy scene, but Amy is being mind-controlled (or is she?) and it's a horrifying thing that seems like it's supposed to be a rape. Later she seems to think because of what happened in that room, Charlie won't "want her" anymore, implying some nasty victim-blaming attitudes. While I like how in the 2011 remake Amy is the sexually experienced one who is pushing for sex, the biting scene is clearly unwanted and plays very creepily, and then the next time we see Amy she's writhing around on top of Charlie enthusiastic about her vampirehood and she seems to exist in the script to drape herself over Jerry and metaphorically blow him in front of Charlie to upset Charlie. Imogen Poots is a great actress but she was not given great moments to work with in the latter half of this script. 

The cast was exquisite in the remake. David Tennant saves the Peter Vincent role in the remake, in another actor's hands it would have been pretty bad, his sudden and random backstory was too sudden and not needed. Jerry was super hot and super scary, but I think original jerry was scarier because he managed to be terrifying even in a dorky sweater and I don't think Colin Farrell could have managed that. I liked how the mother was more of a character in the remake. And I really loved the plotline with Charlie's friend Ed in the remake ... though only at the start of the film. I didn't like how Ed then wasn't used for most of the rest of the film, and popped up for a brief moment that lacked the emotional poignancy of the original. Peter Vincent fighting and then killing Evil Ed in the original was a tearful and tragic moment, where you saw the moral conflict within Peter Vincent about murdering a mostly-human-being. That poignancy was wanted in the remake but didn't quite happen. 

What the remake did really well was the setting update. They made great use of the "suburb outside of Las Vegas" location, with the abandoned houses, transient people, proximity of Vegas' glitz, and the abundance of people who worked nights.

I'm a bit split on the queer content in both films. Obviously the original is chock full of that, in subtle and not so subtle ways. I'm unclear on how much was snuck in, how much was meant to telegraph "danger/bad people" to the audiences, and how much was meant as cutting social commentary. I could list things off - the villain literally emerges from a closet and then hurls the male protagonist into the closet early on, not to mention hugs his Renfield from behind at one point - but I'm sure plenty of people have gone in-depth into this before. It'd be easy to say the film is about an evil bisexual swooping in to disrupt the quiet heteronormative neighborhood before being defeated by a hetero couple and their older male mentor, but I could write an entire scene about Jerry and Evil Ed in that alleyway alone so I don't think the analysis is unwarranted. Not to mention the implications in 1985 of showing someone some distinctive marks on your body and saying "he got me." While I'd say it's a lot more subtle and nuanced in the original, the remake is ... not. The few indications of queer content are offhand comments or joke-moments, mostly to do with Peter Vincent. What we have are: a bunch of ladies writhing around on each other, Peter Vincent telling puppy-eyed Charlie "I'm gonna pop your cherry," Evil Ed straddling Charlie and asking "is this getting weird for you? Because I'm feeling a little homo right now!", and Peter kissing Charlie in relief after the climactic battle. I was looking forward to Colin Farrell macking on Anton Yelchin, and I didn't get any of that. It's like they took all the queerness from Jerry and gave it to Peter Vincent in the remake, but only as joke-moments. I'm kinda disappointed? IDK, I have to think about this more. 

Like if I make a chart of bits comparing them, it breaks down like this:

Charlie: Remake
Jerry: Original
Amy (first half): Remake
Amy (second half): Original
Evil Ed (first half): Remake
Evil Ed (second half): Original
Charlie's Mom: Remake
Effects: Original
Music: Original
Opening scene: Remake
Scares: Original
Pacing: Original
Setting: Remake

I think that overall the remake did a good job of doing their own thing while homaging and honoring the old. They succeeded for the most part, but not as much as they could have. It's ok. It's not great, it's not better, but it's ok. 

While there are elements and moments I liked more in the remake than in the original, I think overall the original is a more consistently good movie. I'm glad we have both. I liked doing this double feature and I highly recommend it. I just think in the future I'll be rewatching the original more than I will the remake.

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Three years ago, this video was posted.

I watched it again tonight, for the first time in a long time. So overwhelmed by nostalgia. That little moment about 8 minutes in, that started something so big.

I was stressed about my senior project, about graduating high school, leaving home and going off to college. My future was exciting and incredibly frightening, and fandom was keeping me going.

And I watched this video on a whim, because "yay, Spoony update!" and got an idea, and posted it to the Kink Meme. And then it just ... grew. Into this huge, awesome thing. And it's still going. So many people have written for it, added to it, shared ideas and invented new plotlines and worked out conflicts and as the site has grown, so too has the character roster. Reviewers who didn't even have blip or youtube channels then are in the Denny's Court now.

It's very different from how it was, three years ago. It's not "better" or "worse" because you can't just sum all of this up into that, but it's bigger and spiraling out from like, this original tree. We can all trace stuff back to the source but it's grown so huge now. To the point where we need plot guides and character sheets to keep track of everything and there's talk of making a proper map of The City, or pinning down where The City in fact is, how we imagine it, whether we should even pin it down location-wise. It's alive, that's certain.

I started looking over some of the earliest fics, reading the comments I left back then, as a stressed and excitable senior in high school. I remember typing that stuff, but I feel ... well, not old, but something. Different? Yeah, different.

I don't know what I'm saying, just ... feeling nostalgic. Yeah.
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Title: The Nice and Accurate Stories of Sursum Ursa, Witch
Word Count: 4,427 (aprox.)
Rating: R for swearing, attempted human sacrifice, and sexual themes.
Pairings, Characters: Sursum Ursa/That SciFiGuy, The Porn Critic, Linkara, Derek the Bard, Howard Philips Lovecraft, D&D Group (OCs)
Warnings: Masturbation, attempted human sacrifice, references to orgies, racist remarks from H. P. Lovecraft.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, mean no disrespect, etc.
Summary: Sursum Ursa, witch, arrives in the City, becomes roommates with the Porn Critic, joins a D&D group, meets a zombie, and invokes an archaic law to save the life of her not-boyfriend.
A/N: Well, this has been a long time coming. Intro Denny’s Court fic for Sursum Ursa, the Porn Critic, Derek the Bard, H. P. Lovecraft, and That SciFiGuy. They are now officially introduced into this AU!

Read more... )
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Yeah, I know, late to the party, but I've been busy, and wasn't sure when I'd have time to see a movie and what to see, and finally today I had time. It was either the Avengers or this, and I missed the time for the Avengers. I'll see that next week on another day off when I go into the city to run more errands.

So, Dark Shadows ...

In which there is rambling, accusations of sexism, celebration of distinct female characters, MAJOR SPOILERS MAJOR SPOILERS MAJOR, and a weird metaphor involving Cinderella )

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Title: Around the World (Around the World)

Rating: R to be safe, but other than some swearing, violence, and talk of disturbing things, not much to be worried about. 

Word Count: 6,107

Characters/Pairings: Iron Liz, Welshy, SadPanda and his Nomads, mentions of Spoony/Insano/Linkara, OC Molly, Happy Viking/OC Kari, mentions of others

Warnings: Unbeta’d. OCs running wild. Me being verbose because I haven’t written for myself in a long time. Allusions to human sacrifice, character death, and a dream that could be prophetic or not.  

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these people. I’d like to think that I kinda own Molly, as she’s an OC, but you may use her in fanfiction if you like. Also, I have only a vague idea of how Molotov cocktails work, please excuse my lack of experience with such things. And Happy Viking is on blip, please go check him out because he’s great and needs more love.

A/N: I’ve had this kicking around in my head for a while now, ever since Welshy and Sad Panda and Panda’s Nomads showed up in the Denny’s Court AU. And I thought it was time for Slayer Liz to step out of the city for a while and have adventures of her own. And then this fic just spiraled out of control with a big fight scene, an OC taking up too much screentime, a bar containing a guy who isn’t even on the site yet (though he should be!) and a random dream sequence. Enjoy?

P.S. Doylestown is a real place, with a really awesome museum and a house made of concrete. Highly recommend it if you get the chance.

New partnership, an fight sequence, an OC healer, Happy Viking, and a dream sequence ... )

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Title: Bloody History Stories
Rating: R for death, disturbing vampire sex, violence, and the word “Oriental”
Series: The Denny’s Court AU
Word Count: 2,417
Pairings/Characters: Phelous/Snob, Phelous/Dena, SadPanda, MikeJ, Luke, Ed Glaser/Goggles, allusions to Phelous/Luke/Dena.
Spoilers: None, unless you didn’t know that they were Nomad vampires in the Denny’s Court AU.
Warnings: sexualized siring situations. Old terms for Asians which are racist today. Historical inaccuracies regarding language styles. Little factoids and trivia that nobody but me cares about. Autoerotic asphyxiation taken to an extreme. Stabbing. Kidnapping.  Unbeta’d.
Summary: SadPanda’s Nomads from this fic get their backstories fleshed out.
A/N: I couldn’t resist. First I thought “Oh, I’ll write about Phelous and the Snob having crazy vampire sex, that’ll be fun!” and then I started to craft their backstories and research old French serial killers and namedrop Lord Byron and then things got really out of hand. You know how I get, I go to write smut, and you end up with exposition and desperate attempts to cram in smut in between the history lessons.  
Explanation: SadPanda’s real name is Captain Godin de Sainte-Croix, who was the lover of Marie-Madeleine-Marguerite d'Aubray, a famous French Serial Killer from the mid to late 1600s. Just be thankful I didn’t make his sire Gilles de Rais.
Here there be disturbing sex, random points of history, and lots of vampires )
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Title: Through Their Eyes

Rating: R for threesomes, language, and OCs

Word Count: 5,060

Pairings, Characters: Spoony, Linkara, Insano, Scarlett, Snob, and various combinations thereof, mostly implied. Also unrequited crushes of my OFC and OMC on characters, and OFC/OMC. Slash, het, lots of threesomes, and implied femslash that might be femslash or might be the girls just messing with people for lolz. 

Warnings: OCs, language, threesomes for no apparent reason, and did I mention the OCs? Also, this is unbeta’d.

Spoilers: for lots of things from the Denny’s Court AU thus far. I’ve linked to specific ones I’m paralleling within the fic.

Summary: Nora and Alex blunder into Spoony’s territory and lots of sex happens as a result. Wait, that came out wrong …

A/N: So I was going to write some short drabbles about some OCs in the Denny’s Court AU that I invented in the comments section of this fic, where they’d snark and have pillow fights. Hours and 12 word pages later, here we are. (What the frak happened to me today, wasn’t I supposed to get more cleaning done or something?) Constructive criticism encouraged, as I don’t usually write OCs, haven’t written in forever, and suspect that this is pretty bad as my brain isn’t exactly at 100% at the moment.

Basically this is a Lower Deck Episode with two vampires who started out more like Honey Bunny and Pumpkin from Pulp Fiction and then something went wrong or right and I just don’t know anymore.


Lots of weird drabbles and OCs )
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 Good god, this was a weird movie. Hilarious and cheesy as all-get-out, but there were sexy vampires and Shakespeare references and Devon Aoki and surprisingly good music. I recommend it, definitely worth checking out, if only for the weirdness.

Plus, it ends withSPOILERS!!! )
Hey, I wanted a break from the intense, serious Shakespeare studying I've been doing this week. This was a fun hour and a half of silliness.
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This is mainly for elaine_miles, as she requested I post this. It's a ridiculous play I had to write for a class, and then preform, but because I didn't have a partner I used paper cranes (and struck strange poses for the goddesses.)
I'm afraid there's no slash in this, but this is just David's backstory, in a book I'm writing he shacks up with a hot (male) vampire, so all you have to do it wait.
Also, everthing below this is MY WORK, steal it without citing the source and FACE MY WRATH! *glares*


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