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Title: They All Forget I Had A Choice, You Know
Rating: NC-17 for sex
Word Count: 7,263 (approx.)
Series: The Denny’s Court Universe
Pairings: Father Suede/Benzaie
Characters: Father Suede, Benzaie, Ask That Guy, Critic, Little Miss Gamer, Santa Christ, background demons.
Warnings: Sexual harassment, highly questionable and very explicit sex, vague religious implications I don’t fully explore.
Summary: Dragged down to Hell, Father Suede faces the greatest test of his Faith yet.
Continuation: Takes place directly after Persephone II
A/N: Wow, it’s finally finished. This fic has been … almost three years in the making? Really? Time flies. Pieces of this were written when I was still in college, then abandoned, then reworked, and now, after far too long, this is finally complete. There’s been a lot of build up, especially if you’ve frequented the community chats over the past few years, you’ve heard bits and pieces. The timeline is a bit of a mess, but this should fit into the DCU continuity pretty well. I very much hope that this has been worth the wait. Big thanks to ladydiskette and butterflyslinky for their patience, beta-reading, and pushing me to keep working on this fic.

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Title: Demo Reel Experiment Theater
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 5,655
Characters: Tacoma, Rebecca, Donnie DuPre, Karl, Quinn, Tamara, background characters, two surprise cameos
Pairings: Tacoma/Donnie, Tacoma/Donnie/Rebecca, implied Donnie/others
Warnings: Social drinking, references to using sex as a coping mechanism, Donnie’s terrible relationship with his wife,
Summary: What if Demo Reel was an experimental theater instead of a film company? Tacoma, fresh from disgrace on Broadway after getting his father arrested, flies to Chicago on the chance of a job and ends up among a very strange group of people.
Prompt: Basically Demo Reel but about experimental theatre (but also add Tamara as part of the cast too.) Pairings not required at all, but can be included (queerplatonic, polyamory, however they end up happiest in the story.)

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Title: A Walk In the Rain
Author: aunt_zelda
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,176
Pairing: Joanna/Jaeris
Warnings: panic attack, PTSD, acclimation back into home life, social drinking, alcohol.
Summary: Jaeris and Joanna return home and Jaeris acclimates slowly but surely with the help of Joanna.

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Title: The Kidnapping of Donnie DuPre
Rating: NC-17 for sexual content
Word Count: 2,549 (aprox.)
Pairings/Characters: Donnie DuPre/Rebecca Stone/Tacoma Narrows
Warnings: SO MANY. Kidnapping, blindfolds, gunplay, bondage, slapping, knifeplay, dirty talk, derogatory talk, threats, orgasm denial, blowjobs at gunpoint, scratching, death threats, roleplay.
Summary: Donnie wakes up tied to a chair, blindfolded, and quickly has a gun pointed at his head. So, y’know, a normal night for him.
Prompt: This kink meme prompt.
A/N: Very late birthday fic for [ profile] emeriin. Happy belated birthday!

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Title: Ogygia
Word Count: 4,057 (aprox.)
Rating: PG-13 for
Pairings, Characters: hinted Linkara/Jaeris, Harvey Finevoice, 90's Kid, Ninja Style Dancer, Margaret
Warnings: Brief reference to attempted rape, scars, undefined mental condition due to progloned isolation.
Summary: Linkara is an astronaut exploring distance space for habitable planets with a small crew. he crashlands on one of the planets.
Prompt: RBB art prompt by [ profile] dragoninadream

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Title: The Nice and Accurate Stories of Sursum Ursa, Witch
Word Count: 4,427 (aprox.)
Rating: R for swearing, attempted human sacrifice, and sexual themes.
Pairings, Characters: Sursum Ursa/That SciFiGuy, The Porn Critic, Linkara, Derek the Bard, Howard Philips Lovecraft, D&D Group (OCs)
Warnings: Masturbation, attempted human sacrifice, references to orgies, racist remarks from H. P. Lovecraft.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, mean no disrespect, etc.
Summary: Sursum Ursa, witch, arrives in the City, becomes roommates with the Porn Critic, joins a D&D group, meets a zombie, and invokes an archaic law to save the life of her not-boyfriend.
A/N: Well, this has been a long time coming. Intro Denny’s Court fic for Sursum Ursa, the Porn Critic, Derek the Bard, H. P. Lovecraft, and That SciFiGuy. They are now officially introduced into this AU!

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Title: Lost in Translation 2
Word Count: 840
Rating: PG-13 for cursing and sexual content
Characters, Pairings: Linkara/Donnie, cybermats
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Summary: Donnie meets an internet celebrity at a convention after tripping over a robot.
A/N: For this kink meme prompt. Donnie and Linkara, meeting and being adorable because yes.

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Title: You Can Still Catch the Tide
Rating: R for sexual content.
Word Count: 5,067 (aprox.)
Characters: Linkara, Jaeris, Margaret, Harvey Finevoice, SoI, Jaeris’s Wife.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, mean no disrespect, etc.
Warnings: Dubcon, discussion of noncon, discussion of human sacrifice, way too many references to ballads.
Summary: A rash decision leads to Linkara accidentally destroying a selkie’s sealskin, and now Jaeris is bound to him forever.
A/N: Written for the Reverse Big Bang, a fill for prompt #14. The prompt was a picture of Jaeris shedding his sealskin, and a request for a story about Jaeris as a selkie. Title comes from a song by one of my favorite artists, Seanan McGuire. There are shades of the original Little Mermaid in here. I had a lot of trouble starting this story, many false beginnings, and the ending gave me writer’s block. I was down to the wire and I’m not entirely satisfied with the ending, to be honest. Overall I like what I have, though, the story I put together.
Art: [To be posted later]

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Title: It’s Complicated
Rating: R for sexual content.
Word Count: 4,170 (aprox.)
Pairings, Characters: Luke/Cinema Snob, Luke/Film Brain, mentions of the Nostalgia Critic, all the Inners.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, mean no disrespect, etc.
Warnings: Recreational drug use, relationship angst, drinking, crying.
Summary: Luke hooks up with Snob, complicating his relationship with Film Brain. Eventually, he has to decide between the two of them.
A/N: Written for the Reverse Big Bang Challenge, Prompt # 2. The concept was a fanmix (linked below) about Luke caught in a love triangle between Film Brain and the Cinema Snob, and it couldn’t end with a happy threeway. I chose this prompt to challenge myself, as I love threeway resolutions and seldom do love triangle shenanigans. This was a tricky fill to write out. I didn’t want to make Snob too skeevy or Film Brain too much of a woobie. I hope I succeeded in making the difficult choice clear.
Fanmix: (to be posted later)

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Title: Lion Hearted Girl
Rating: TV-15 for swearing and violence
Word Count: 7,800 (approx.)
Characters: Margaret, Dr. Insano, Pollo, fem!Linksano, Lord Vyce, Harvey Finevoice, Iron Liz, Ninja-Style Dancer, 90’s Kid, ghost!Linkara, the Entity, Jaeris.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and mean no disrespect. Some lines in here are transcribed from At4W episodes themselves. If you’re reading this, you’re enough of a fan that you can probably tell where Lewis’s writing shows up. I don’t own those bits at all.
Warnings: Violence. Creepy comments from Vyce. If I missed any warnings please let me know and I’ll edit this.
Summary: What if Margaret and Linkara’s roles were switched? What if Margaret was the comic reviewer, and Linkara was the ghost in her magic gun?
A/N: Written for THIS PROMPT on the Kink Meme. Super thanks to the AT4W Plot Guide Tumblr, I used that a lot while writing this. Oh my god, this might be one of the longest fics I’ve ever written. Wow. I love Reivewer!Margaret so much.

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Title: Fulfilled At The End of the Day
Rating: R
Word Count: 4,146 (aprox.)
Characters: Jaeris, OMC, Linkara, Linksano, Lupa, mentions of Jaeris’s wife
Disclaimer: I own nothing, etc.
Warnings: Torture, trauma, BDSM specifically D/s, collaring, aftercare.
Sorta Sequel To: Obedience, Submission, Reward.
Summary: Jaeris was tortured in the past, it’s prevented him from engaging in any D/s scenes like he used to, so he sets out to find a Dom and work through the memories.
A/N: Inspired by this lovely art by LadySciFi, encouraged by the weekly TinyChat. Sort of a sequel to the “Linksano has a Stockholm Syndrome crush on Linkara and he’s afraid of him but he also loves him and then they do D/s to try and fix things and it sorta works” trilogy. This took way too long to finish and I’m sorry. Especially happy with the final part of the story. Jaeris’s accent continues to be difficult to convey via type. Title shamelessly ripped from a lyric of Depeche Mode’s song Master and Servant because I am terrible at titles.
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Title: The Problem with Saints
Word Count: 1,046
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Linkara, Jeanne d’Arc, Margaret
Disclaimer: I do not own anything, not Atop the Fourth Wall, not Linkara, not Joan of Arc, not “The Problem With Saints” by Neil Gaiman and friends.
Warnings: Mention of the threat of rape, descriptions of a ghost still becoming corporeal.
Summary: Linkara takes a vacation to England and encounters a ghost in a park.
A/N: So, during the chat tonight, trulyamindlost played a video for The Problem with Saints, a song by Neil Gaiman and friends. I mentioned wanting to read a story about Scruffy British Author Neil getting followed by the ghost of the French heroine, Joan of Arc, as described in the song. rampant suggested Linkara as Neil and Margaret and Joan and I promptly yelped that I’d have to write that now. This is the result. Now please let me get back to exams and final projects, there’s a lot to be done.

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Title: Those People With the Cards
Rating: R for frank discussions of death
Word Count: 1,725 (aprox.)
Characters, Pairings: Snob/Luke, the Nostalgia Critic, Obscuras Lupa, Oancitizen, Diamanda Hagan, the Minions, Phelous, Linkara, Luke and all of the Inners: Philip, Ringo, Donny, James, Stanley, Lucas, Ralph, Guy, Neil, Wretch, Scott, Terry, and Dave.
Spoilers: For To Boldly Flee
Disclaimer: I do not own the Machine of Death (franchise?) and highly encourage you all to go buy the book, subscribe to their podcast, and buy their swag. I mean no offense to any of the people whose characters are featured herein, these are all meant to be fictional characters and not the actors themselves.
Warnings: Mentions of suicide. Discussion of how people will die. Intense dwelling on death and dying. Drug use. Overall depressing situations.
A/N: Ok, so there’s this thing called Machine of Death. It’s this idea made up in a Dinosaur Comic, what if there was a machine that took a sample of your blood, and spat out a card that told you how you would die? Not the time or specifics, just a word or a couple of words, vague and sometimes ironic or cruelly unspecific. Nobody know show or why it works, but it’s always right and never changes. How would that change society, how people live and chose to go about their daily lives? There was a contest a while back and the winners were put into an anthology, which you can buy as a book or download as an ebook now. They’re also putting out audio versions of the stories for free on iTunes, read by the authors themselves sometimes. A second volume is in the works and I can’t wait. I don’t know why I got into this premise but I did in a big way last year. And I got the idea to do this because … I honestly don’t know.
There’s no real rhyme or reason to the characters I chose to write about in this. They’re just the ideas that hit me right away. If there’s interest I’ll write more.

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Title: Reward
Rating: R for sexual content
Word Count: 1,117 (aprox.)
Characters, Pairings: Linkara/Linksano
Disclaimer: I own nothing, mean no disrespect, am making no money, etc.
Warnings: Orgasm denial, BDSM, collaring, frank discussion of consent, dub-con fears.
Summary: Linkara returns after filming.
Series: Obedience, Submission, Reward
A/N: People craved more. Being busy, this proved more difficult than it should have been. Navigating the consent issues involved was not something to be taken lightly. I really hope I did things justice. I know people just want the sexy times but I want to have the debates about whether this is fully consensual or not.

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Title: Submission
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,644 (aprox.)
Characters, Pairings: Linksano/Linkara, past Linksano/Holokara
Disclaimer: I own nothing and mean no disrespect.
Warnings: Stockholm Syndrome. Reference to rape. Dub-con due to questionable mental state. D/s.
Summary: Linksano tells Linkara everything.
Sequel To: Obedience
A/N: So we were all feeling sorry for Linksano after the last fic, but then I had exams and didn’t have time to finish off the sequel where things get somewhat resolved. But now I have!

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Title: Baptism
Rating: NC-17, for sex
Word Count: 2,916 (aprox.)
Characters, Pairings: Linkara, Jaeris, mentions of Maragert and Jaeris’s wife
Disclaimer: I own nothing, only socks.
Warnings: Mention of suicide, threats, depression, extreme vulnerability, degrading talk, mentions of judicial corporeal punishment, mentions of sex toys.
Summary: Linkara goes over to Jaeris’s ship, only to find Jaeris curled up in the fetal position in a breakdown. Linkara tries to help him out.
A/N: Written for this Kink Meme prompt, posted at my journal. Jaeris’s HAIR. My god. That is all.

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Title: Expressionism
Rating: R for sex, violence, and frank discussions of such matters
Word Count: 1,497 (aprox.)
Characters, Pairings: Demo Reel gang, OC aliens, Donnie/everyone
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my socks.
Spoilers: For TRMGO, and my previous chapters of this series (see below.)
Warnings: Discussion of sexual abuse of a minor by a family member, allusions to prison rape.
Summary: The gang embrace German Expressionism, Carl has a bit of an Episode, Donnie experiences a fantasy, and Rebecca and Quinn share a moment.
A/N: A long time coming, sorry, got busy. This one is … odd. There’s allusions to the film and also lots of random sex, then some serious character development thrown in for good measure.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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Title: Roscar, The Mayor and the Sheriff, A Violin, Hands in my Hair

Rating: R for sexual content, some swearing

Word Count: 3,467

Pairings, Characters: Jaeris the Gunslinger/lots of different characters, Linkara, Jaeris’s wife, a few OCs

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Spoilers: For the latest At4W episodes.

Warnings: Angst, polyamory, death-threats, allusions to depression

Summary: Four short-ish fics exploring Jaeris’s character, his past, and his new relationship with Linkara and the household. Includes intimate hair braiding because DAYUM Jaeris has got some luscious locks.

A/N: I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail all of my classes because of the plotbunnies the storyline conclusion left me with. (D: Lewis why you no want me to graduate college?) Also, I’m not set on the idea of his wife’s name, I have a list I’m still working with, might change in the future. And I feel anxious about writing this considering the praise my last fic got.

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Title: The Gunslinger’s Fate

Rating: TV-15 I think
Word Count: 2,183
Characters: Linkara, the Gunslinger, Margaret

Disclaimer: I own nothing, except my socks.

Warnings: Pretty sure this could be called psychological torture of a captured enemy. Also, some of this was written between 3am-5am, so reader discretion is strongly advised.

Spoilers: For the Gun and Sorcery plotline on Atop the Fourth Wall, up through the All-Star Batman #5 review.

Summary: How you deal with your enemies really shows what kind of person you are.

A/N: I know this is gonna be rendered non-canon very soon, but whatever, this idea just wouldn’t leave my head. Who knows, maybe the Gunslinger deserves a different fate. I wanted to do some character exploration for some reason all of the sudden. Then I started writing it at 3am … 4am … then it was 5am and everything was very, very strange all of the sudden and I don’t know if this is good or really bad but please tell me so I know for sure.

β€œHe taught me something important. Letting your enemies live only brings you grief in the end.” )

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Title: Obedience

Rating: NC-17 for sexual content

Word Count: 1,122

Characters, Pairings: Holokara/Linksano, onesided Linksano/Linkara, mentions of Mechakara and Vyce

Warnings: Non-con. Dub-con. Mentions of past non-con. Fears of homophobia.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, and I have no idea where this came from.

Summary: Holokara finds a way to keep Linksano in line while Linkara is away.

A/N: Been catching up on Atop the Fourth Wall episodes since MAGFest. And I love it when Lewis plays evil, even though it’s also terrifying. And then … this happened. Because Linksano is far too easy to dump all the angst onto. Where did this come from, I have no idea.

β€œI just want a little more politeness around here. Manners. Obedience.” )


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