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Got to watch O Brother Where Art Thou with my roommates tonight, the one who's moving out hadn't seen it before.

I also gifted her with Monstrous Regiment and she seemed really touched.

She said she wishes she could take me and our other roommate with her when she moves DDDDD:

I'm gonna miss her. Thankfully she'll be staying in touch, but still, I'll miss her. 
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I woke up at 10:30, decided it was about time to get up and get dressed, and then there was a knock on my door. It was the OLs with the laundry baskets of my roommate's stuff. I thought she was arriving later in the day, otherwise I'd have woken up WAY earlier. I held the door and thought "shit! Shit! SHIT!" in my head. Then I ran around, made my bed for the first time in years, threw the pants I wore yesterday into the closet, tried to clean up the bags of trash, and brushed my insane hair. 
It worked out really well. She was super nice, and her mom was nice (a little overbearing, she didn't want to leave) and I helped them put the bed on the raisers and connect to the internet and provided scissors and talked about schedules and stuff. She's so NICE. We chatted about all kinds of stuff. We might not be best friends, there's a couple big differences in our interests, but the important stuff (talking, getting along, being nice and helpful with each other, agreeing to listen to each other's music during unpacking) is all there. I feel good about this. I feel good about living with this person for a year. I think we can make this work. 
Of course, this time next week I might be foaming at the mouth and trying to blackmail my RA into transfering me, but at the moment I feel good and there were no red flags and I'm feeling good. We were friendly, but ok with giving each other space like when I left to get some lunch while she finished packing and saying goodbye to her mom. 
She seems to really like me. Offering chocolate and helping her connect with the wireless and switch the settings of her Emerson Email and letter her pile things on the end of my bed during the unpacking and helping get the matress protecter on the bed all seemed to score me points and compliments. Thank GOD, I was so woried! I didn't even have to make an effort or check myself, I just sort of fell into it and she was so nice, and I hadn't even had my morning orange juice. 
She offered to help me with the T and go shopping on Sunday for extra things we need. SO NICE! 

Also, dry-erase Crayola crayons for whiteboards are the best thing ever. I am getting so much use out of them and I bought them on a whim! I prefer them to the regular markers because those smudge easier and these are longer lasting. 

Also two of my posters are up on the walls with that sticky putty stuff. We'll see how that works out. Titania is by my headboard and the Vorpal Blade is over the desk and shelf. 

The only downsides thus far are being sweaty from the overheated hallways, my difficulty in obtaining orange juice, and the dizzying staircases/slow elevators. I can work on that, though. More showers, less layers, buy some orange juice on Sunday, and just wait it out with the stairs and elevators.  


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