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aunt_zelda ([personal profile] aunt_zelda) wrote2017-01-16 11:55 pm

First Night of the Campaign!

 So after YEARS, I'm finally in a tabletop group again! I'm so excited! 

It's great. It's so great. Sadly one of our friends had to drop out at the last minute so it's three of us and the GM, but that's fine. One of the group has never done tabletop gaming before at all, so she's very confused about how it all works, but that makes it even more interesting because she keeps making choices the three of us who've got a lot of experience would never consider trying. Sometimes these choices work, sometimes they don't, but it's always interesting. 

I got really into the RP stuff. I'm enjoying my character a lot, getting to know her, play around with her morality, etc. She discovered new powers and got into a couple cool fights, and got the first "How Do You Want To Do This?" I'm so happy! I got to punch out Bane, Shoryuken style!

The other players have made "are you a werewolf?" a running gag, after a moment of confusion where I said didn't want to be outside at night. 

I'm so happy and I cannot wait to keep going. It feels good to be in a campaign again.