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What aunt_zelda Thinks: Rogue One

So, I slept on it. And then I waited two weeks. 

I'm glad I saw Rogue One. But overall I didn't like the movie.

I loved some of the scenes. I love the cast (with one exception). Riz Ahmed was especially lovely, I wish we'd had more of him. I'm happy they tried new things in the Star Wars world. And that CGI face reconstruction stuff was impressive.

I don't wanna rain on anyone's parade. From the looks of things, the entire world thinks this movie is amazing. If you liked it, that great! I just feel like I'm missing something here. I feel left out.

I can feel everyone’s fingerprints all over the film. The reshoots I think muddled things a bit. It felt ... rushed? The editing was a little jarring? 

Felicity Jones was either grossly miscast or badly directed, I can't tell which. And it's overall awkward that a white woman is shoved in front of cast of talented and compelling men of color. This isn't feminism. 

Riz Ahmed should have been the lead. I was so invested in his character from the start. I wanted more from him, more screen time, much more. I was so upset when he died. 

Diego Luna’s character was super interesting. I liked how they set him up from the start as a man willing to sacrifice others in the name of the Rebellion, even shooting a friend, looking regretful, without becoming ridiculous or over the top about it. He kinda fell apart towards the end of the film. It's very important he was the co-star though, I'm not disputing that. 

Everybody dies. Everybody. It starts out sad and then it just ... becomes overwhelming how everyone is dead. 

That CGI work for Tarkin and Leia was incredibly impressive. A bit unnerving but VERY close to real. Actors had better start licensing their likenesses in franchises, because that’s possible now, to just replace someone with CGI and have it actually work pretty seamlessly. 

Darth Vader was there to be a fanboy cameo. It was ridiculous. He made a pun, flailed his lightsaber around, and was in far too much of the film. 

X-Wing pilots weren’t very diverse this film, weirdly. 

The stuff with the Imperial leaders was good and creepy and ominous. 

Criminal underuse of Mads Mikkelsen. 

We skip years of child soldier days of Jyn and Cassian and just get told things. 

Honestly there’s a lot of telling, not showing, that goes on in this movie. 

The awkward issue of droids being treated like slaves but also treated like equals comes up and IDK how to feel about that. 

Dead mom/wife who is mentioned once after her death. Why. 

Saw Gerrera was a fascinating character who was … barely in the movie. And just kinda dies? Why? 

Baze Malbus and Chirrut Îmwe were just kinda along for the ride for … a reason that was never explained?

I feel I wasn’t given enough time or information to care about most of these characters. The actors got me to care about a few of them, but that was on them, not the script or the film itself. 

The diverse cast is important. I'm very happy for the cast, and I'm happy that this movie tried to do something new and different with Star Wars. But overall, I just didn't like the film. I applaud the effort and I'll support the hell outta it, but I didn't care for the film. 

I just wish I knew why. Perhaps watching Rebels and Clone Wars has ruined the enthusiasm a bit for me? Like, it's not novel for me to see new Star Wars material, I've been seeing it for the past few years as I watch the tv shows. Some of the "OMG STAR WARS" hype got diminished for me, I guess. IDK. Maybe I need more time to think on this. I like what the movie tried to do, it just didn't work out for me personally.