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aunt_zelda ([personal profile] aunt_zelda) wrote2017-08-20 01:10 am

What aunt_zelda Thinks: Logan Lucky

Just saw Logan Lucky and wow was that a great movie! Excellent cast, great dialogue, solid heist comedy, and a lot of heart! I was pleasantly surprised by all of it. Some of the best jokes were NOT in the trailers I saw, which is a good thing. Daniel Craig just, melted into his role, I barely recognized him after a while, he just became this character entirely. 

I really hope the mysterious female screenwriter is real, 'cause this was a great debut script.

I'm a little concerned about the satirizing/classism aspects of the movie. How much was friendly joking and how much was making fun of lower class people? I don't think any of it was intentionally malicious, but a few shots and scenes gave me pause. It needs a rewatch for that I suppose.

Overall I recommend it. Maybe not a must-see in the theater if you're picky about what you pay for movie tickets, but I strongly recommend it.