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 Went to work tired and sad and emotional. Not just con-withdrawl or "argh, gotta go back to work," ... let's just say it's a certain time of the month, ok? But the heat and con-withdrawl didn't help matters. Felt MISERABLE at work, but people were nice so I was getting through it.

And then it happened. 
I was out getting carts and a man and his wife and kid returned to their car. A man who'd parked next to them had noticed that they'd left dogs in the car, and it was really hot out. He must have said something about that, because the other man starting yelling and swearing and calling the man a "retard" among other things and it was HORRIBLE. I was so scared. I was scared for the poor guy who just cared about those dogs, I was scared for the other people in the parking lot, and I was scared for me. I wanted to help. It got to the point where I thought the yelling swearing man would hit the other guy (the other guy was not especially ... smart. I'd have gotten into my car and fled the minute the big guy started swearing, but this guy just kept trying to make his point about the dogs.) and if that happened I was going to run inside for the manager so they could send out help. I wasn't sure what we could legally do, send out the produce guys to break it up? Call the cops? But I didn't want to leave in case he did start hitting the guy because then I'd be a witness and I'd have to get the scary guy's license plate. I started memorizing it in case.Thankfully it didn't come to that, but it was so close, it was like something from a movie where an abusive guy loses it.

Finally the scary guy got into his car and started to drive off, but he paused. His wife was telling him to leave. I got even more afraid, because he was blocking the other guy into his parking space. I was worried the scary guy would get out and start attacking him. He even opened his door a little. But he drove off, spending a long time flipping the other guy off before he did. I ran up to the other guy (who was in his car) and said I was sorry about all of that. I agreed that I'd heard the dogs whining in the car. 

I'm afraid for that man's wife and kid. The kid was little, not much more than 8, if that. I'm afraid for his dogs. I'm afraid for the next well-meaning person who runs afoul of him. Maybe next time it'll be dark, or the man will be drunk, or his wife won't convince him to stay in the car and leave. 

So because of how crummy I'd already been feeling, the heat, my exhaustion, my con-withdrawl, my hormones, and how scary that had all been, I started crying. I tried to stop, but I couldn't. I got back inside and held on for about five minutes before I broke down. One of the shift-leaders pulled me aside and when I told her what happened she gave me a hug and told me to go sit down somewhere. One of my bosses called me into the office to sign something, so then I told her and cried a lot. She said some nice things and told me to go get some water. I cried a lot in the bathroom and calmed down and went back to work. The shift-leader said some nice things to me, too. 

That was AWFUL.


Jun. 25th, 2011 12:03 am
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 Long shift at work. I worked from late afternoon until the store closed. Hence got home VERY late, so late that it was tomorrow by the time I got home. 

I'm glad I held out all day. I got through my work, didn't mind the crummy weather, cleared the parking lot of carts, had enough food, and was singing and skipping around during the final hour. Working late in a grocery store is a strange, fun experience. 

I am sore, though, now that I'm home and not at work. I'm staggering around. I feel utterly exhausted. I'm going to bed very soon. I ought to take a shower, because my feet stink and I stink, but I dunno if I can manage a shower right now ...

Oooooo! Got my schedule for next week! I have Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday off! *SQUEE* I can spend all that time squeeing over the Third Year Anniversary! WOOHOO!!!


Huh ...

Jun. 1st, 2011 12:27 pm
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 Well, my Big Damn Project is done. 

That's right, it's done.

Well, I have to make a little (nerve-wracking) speech next week, and have an official Defense thing next Monday, but after that it'll all be over. All 141 pages are printed out and in plastic sleeves in a huge three-ring binder on a special table and everything. 

It hasn't quite sunk in yet. I've been working on this for almost six months, and to suddenly go from "work work work work sleep sleep work work work break sleep sleep sleep work work work ... no work? No work?" is kinda jarring. Yesterday on the way home I was thinking to myself "Ok, I'll get home and then I can work on ... oh, wait, I don't NEED to work on ANYTHING! Wow ... huh ... what do I do?" 

So I'm back. I never really "left" but I did warn you all that I was gonna be sporadic and inconsistent in my internet presence, and I was. I wish I could have done it another way, but there really wasn't any other way to get the Big Damn Project Done. I'm glad to be back. I've enjoyed what little I've been able to do, read some stories, look at the art, comment when I could and check the Kink Meme compulsively. Keeping up with TGWTG videos was difficult from time to time, and I have a list of ones I didn't get to within their week. I can catch up on those. 

Most importantly, though, I can start writing fanfiction again. *SQUEE* I have MISSED that. I haven't written for myself, purely for pleasure, in ... wow, in AGES. *hugs the Treehouse* 

So these next two weeks will be a little busy, but not nearly the level that I was for the past six months. I'm going through my e-mails now, catching up on comments I missed.
I apologize for not responding to comments, missing birthdays, and not being there for people.
But now I can get back to writing and being a little more visible around here again. Thank goodness!
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I have discovered White Noise. 

Now I am no longer pondering moving my study-spot or getting into a shouting match with the girl the next room over who refuses to wear headphones while studying with her music or throwing the overly-loud ticking clock out the window.

White Noise ... it is so glorious ... 

Watched the table-dance scene from From Dusk Till Dawn with my boyfriend today. Think it got him a little more amorous than he was before we watched. (It's like porn-lite! *giggles*)

Still cannot stop reading Savage Love articles. Must finish work! Must finish work! *headdesk* So sleepy!
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 Woke up today with The Weeping Song in my head. It's very soothing; I went to sleep with it in my head like a weird, vaguely depressing lullaby.

I've been coping surprisingly well for someone who's been surviving on about seven hours of sleep per night for the past three days. (Which, btw, HAS to stop. Bad Zelda, bad! *sets strict bedtime for tonight and plans to sleep in*)

Today I got to play soccer. It's a good thing I'm not going to work tomorrow, because I got hit with the ball a couple times that I just know are gonna sting tomorrow, and the middle toes on my right foot are not going to be happy with me tomorrow. (JEEZ that hurt for about five minutes. It led to one of the players picking me up and carrying me off the field, grinning like the teddy bear man he is, though, so that was fun.)

Also, when I got home I had an amazon package! Hurray! Kill Bill Volumes 1&2 and Brick! WOOOOOOOOT! I really wish I had time to watch those right now! 

Tomorrow I'm going shopping for dresses. Usually I am not fond of shopping, especially for dresses, but maybe this time it'll be fun?

I've got so much work to do. Next week is the final big push for ... pretty much everything of this Project. Then I make a speech (oh lordy ... *shudders*) and talk about it with a board of people, and then ... that's it. 

Basically I'll be back to a mostly-consistent internet presence just in time for the Third Year Anniversary. *SQUEE*
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Since when is Ghost Story coming out in JULY?!?!??!?!
Last I checked it was coming out THIS MONTH!!!!! JULY IS SO FAR AWAY!!!!!!!

When I found out yesterday I stood up in a rage and bellowed for my boyfriend and said "Drop everything, we are driving to Missouri and finding where Jim Butcher lives and forcing him to give us a manuscript!" Then I got distracted by my Big Damn Project. (Jim Butcher will never know how he narrowly avoided being attacked by an angry fangirl wielding wooden stakes and her tall, gangly boyfriend.) 

I mean, my gods, he only left us on the biggest cliffhanger in history and now I have to wait EVEN MORE TIME to find out what the fuck is going on and how the hell Harry's coming back and if Marcone's going to be in it at all and ararrarararaggaghahgahgahahghahga!!!!!!

I'll be ok, really. Working on this project is taking up so much of my time that my emotions are really concentrated. I'm REALLY angry, I'm REALY excited, I'm REALLY nervous, I'm REALLY upset, etc. This, too, shall pass as I return to the fog of editing. 

P.S. I have no idea how today, Friday the 13th was actually a good day for me. I get so scared and usually lots of little bad things happen to me. I did get banged up a bit in soccer this afternoon, maybe that was the bad luck?
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 So, I just made an offering to the gods. It was kinda a sucky offering, a little milk and honey that I microwaved for a while and poured at the base of a tree after saying some words, but apparently it's the thought that counts.

I did that because today there was a HUGE thunderstorm, and I have to fetch carts from the parking lot as part of my job and I hate getting them in the rain, so during my hour of cart-fetching the sky was getting dark and thunder was rumbling and I started muttering "no ... no ... oh please no" and thinking about Thor and Zeus specifically. The storm held off until my hour was over, so I promised to make an offering of some kind when I got home in thanks to whoever/whatever had held off the storm in answer to my 'prayers.' About ten minutes after I'd been back inside the store, the sky opened up and it POURED. Thunderstorms are AWESOME. We could hear the rumbling from inside the store! 

So I got home and googled for a while and settled on milk and honey because I didn't have any mead or honeycakes. (Note to self: obtain mead for pagan offerings.) I considered burning toast (the Greek Gods liked burnt offerings) but then I'd have had to bury it and that wouldn't have worked out so hot.

Today was a strange day: I was very sore from soccer yesterday and work today, kinda out of it, and then I found religion. Sort of. I'm not really committed to one religion or another, or even one god or goddess or another. I just call on 'whoever/whatever is listening right now' in times of crisis. I don't think I even have the commitment to make a shrine, that'd be too specific and I'm too random with my beliefs. 
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 Worked today. LONG, cold, wet, but I got through it very well and had some fun conversations and talked to some adorable little kids, so that was ok in the end. After work I went shopping (which I never do) and spent an obscene amount of money (for me) on a skirt. Maybe I can use it for the Discworld Con? Also bought two DVDs, which made me happy, because getting good DVDs cheap is awesome. 
The boyfriend misses me dreadfully. I miss him dreadfully. We call each other on the phone and read webcomics together and laugh about them. We need to get Skype. 
My feet REALLY hurt, and my lower back kinda aches, and I'm EXHAUSTED.
Must wake up very early tomorrow to drive a long way to celebrate Easter. Will probably get home VERY late. Would rather celebrate Zombie Jesus Day by staying home, sleeping late, and working on my project and watching Horatio Hornblower movies.
Came home to find a flying squirrel in my room. Screamed VERY loudly and bravely ran away. It's gone now, thanks to the cat and a friend, but my skin is crawling. I have this ... THING about small rodents. An irrational fear. It's so embarrassing. A girl terrified of mice/rats/small rodents? How stereotypical. 

Must get to bed ... but there's so much I want/need to do!
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 Margaret of Anjou will OWN YOUR ASS!!!!!!!
(Then she will have you decapitated, put a paper crown on your severed head, and display it for all to see, because she is that much of a BAMF!!!!!!!! Then again, if you were familiar the play, you already knew that, because someone who says "Hear me, you wrangling pirates!" in Shakespeare is someone to respect.)

Al Pacino as Richard and Winona Ryder as Lady Anne in the 'take up the sword or take up me' scene is the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen in my entire life, I mean, HOLY CHEESE AND CRACKERS WAS THAT SEXY!!!!! It hit so many of my buttons it's almost frightening. I think the combination of him looking like a wide-eyed, scruffy puppy (but inside being TOTALLY EVUL) and her being all soft-pretty-Medieval-Princess-but-a-little-devious-too is what did it for me. That and the KNIFE and the KNEELING and the UNF. I mean, I already LOVE that scene for all its sexy powerplay, but MY GOD was that unbelievably hot! (Also: why hello there, age gap kink, where the hell did YOU come from?!)

I drew some of the same conclusions that Antony Sher did about Richard III before I read them in his book Year of the King. I feel so smart right now. This is doing nothing good for my ego, I can promise you that. 

I need to take shorter lunch breaks.

There's a lot of historical evidence to suggest that Lady Anne Neville and Richard III were childhood sweethearts. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Edit: (after dinner) Even though it's been months since I saw it, I can still rant a lengthy rant about how dreadful Pericles is, and how embarrassing and awkward it was to sit through that production this past summer.
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 So, the logical thing to do after a long day of work work WORK on a stupid stupid gorram project and phone calls and mild stress and so much work that you feel your brain is going to explode ...

... is to stay up into the next morning reading Dresden Files slash. Because hot dayum, some goddess made a Dresden Files Kink Meme and I've gotta read me some of that!

My boyperson's coming over tomorrow. I have MOUNTAINS of work due tomorrow and Monday. I have to wake up at 6:30 on Monday. My brain will be FRIED. 

But the fic is SO GOOD ...  : )
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 So, I called out of work today to spend the day working hard at my project (yaaaaaargh! *headdesk*) and that's consisted of me revising drafts and schedule, and now I'm compiling a list of the movies and books I'll be dealing with for said project. 

Can anyone track down the 2008 version of Richard III, starring Bill David Carradine and Scott Anderson? I managed to find the trailer, and it's got it's own wikipedia page and IMDb page ... but I can't find the movie itself anywhere. Netflix, amazon, google ... nowhere. I'd be much obliged (and thank you in the credits of my project) if anyone could track it down for me.

Thanks! *zips back to work*
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 Work day was LONG. I am EXHAUSTED, but in a good way. It wasn't too dreadfully busy or horribly cold today, and I was able to make it through the day without collapsing. I even got a little surge of happy energy towards the end of the day and kept humming the Perry the Platypus song for a while. And I saw a cute girl with a black fedora hat and kohl around her eyes. I'm pretty sure I was obvious when I was checking her out, though, so once she got to the end of the line I was too embarrassed to say anything to her.

So, once I got home and collapsed on the couch I played some Echo Bazaar (yay, it's back!), checked the Kink Meme, and settled in for Linkara's review.

Spoilers for the jokes in the latest AT4W episode )
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 Last night I messed up my sleeping schedule and today I suffered for that. Work was ok, though. Dinner was fantastic. And now I'm playing more Echo Bazaar!
I seduced an artist, and then I spent ages figuring out the money system and the bazaar so I could sell stuff and buy a fighting weasel. The selling-stuff process is not set up very well, and confuzzled me very much yesterday and I think that caused me to lose a lot of money by accident. Well, now I know, and my weasel won me money! Yay! 


Sep. 25th, 2010 08:13 pm
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 Today someone I work with brought her new puppies (EEEEEEEEEEE! PUPPIES!!!) by and everybody discreetly - and not-so-discreetly - snuck outside to coo and squee and hold the adorable creatures. Even I held one, and I'm more a cat-person than a dog-person. But even I was swayed, because, well ... PUPPIES!!!

And they had those, those EARS that are all fuzzy and adorable, like Lady from Lady and the Tramp ears, and it was so little and glompable and cuddly and cute and I WANT ONE NOW AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE DOGS THAT MUCH!!!

You have no idea how happy that made me for the rest of the day. Seriously. Not like "OMG SQUEEEEE!!!" all day long, but it was enough to get me through a long shift and stay positive.

Hopefully something like that will happen tomorrow, when I have another long shift ... that starts at an UNGODLY hour of the morning. *shudders*


Jul. 2nd, 2010 09:07 pm
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I'm exhausted. Are you exhausted? I'm exhausted. Exausted ...

And the worst of it is, tomorrorow's gonna be even worse. And now I'm exhausted, hurting (mostly in the feet) and I have to wake up at an UNGODLY HOUR tomorrow morning (uuuuuuugh) to go to work at an UNGODLY HOUR and then STAY THERE. I have no idea how that's gonna work; I'll be running on pure adrenaline before the sun is high in the sky. I'm not looking forward to crashing tomorrow. Luckily I'm only working a little on Sunday, and late at that, so I'll get to sleep and relax and gets stuff done before working the night of July 4th, which will probably be dead quiet anyway, so hurrah? (Hurrah.)

Also, I think I saw Rasputin today at work. Weeeeeird.
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 I've found the geeks at work! *SQUEE* It's awesome! One of them is married to the other, and he was off duty so he was wearing a Trigun shirt and that's what started the conversation of PURE AWESOME. Then another guy came over and asked this question:[Poll #1585845]
Thoughts, people? I chose 'Nature' at first but now I'm not so sure ... it's a tough question!

Another good thing about work is that I can watch the World Cup during breaks. I haven't been able to watch the World Cup at all yet, so this is FANTASTIC. Soccer is NEVER on in the US, so the World Cup is cause for squee from me, because soccer is one of the few sports I enjoy watching on TV.
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I hath returned! (Yeah, can’t shake the Shakespearian language … I’m in withdraw: six performances in four days, dear lord, what am I going to do for the next three months?!)

The play was wonderful and six kinds of FANTASTIC and I wish you could all have been there to see it. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays (Macbeth is another, if you want a long rant, I’ll give it to you when I’ve had sleep), and now that I’m done I think I’ll write a slashified version of it … unless someone already has? Linkies por favor!


These next few weeks shall be spent catching up on all that luverly slash you guys have been posting for the past three weeks (OMG I’m never gonna catch up, am I?) Yes yes yes, I shall write and post stuff too! The Doctor and the Master kept butting into my head while I was in the play, and most of what I was typing when I could get to a computer was about them (but Oberon’s references to the changeling boy ‘stolen from an Indian king’ got me thinking of Mohinder) and I have been adding bits to the next installment of ‘Nightmare Land’ … Mr. Rolex, I have decided, speaks in haiku when taunting Martin. Blame my sleep deprived brain, people.


My left shoe flew off during the Thursday night performance. It went into the aisle thankfully, and the stage manager retrieved it, but I’m insanely proud that I did not break character or laugh or anything. Perhaps because I had about five different things to be doing right after it flew off (falling, sounding disgusted, warning Puck that Titantia was coming, striking a yoga pose, etc.) but still, immense pride.

A few days previously I spent at least ten minutes trying to tie the stupid little pointless bow/tie on said shoe. *headdesk* I swore in English (bloody, bugger, etc.) and people looked at me funny. When actors are looking at you funny, you know you’re in trouble.


Doing my hair was annoying. It took so long … and bobby-pins so easily bend out of shape.


I love the orange roses I got. And I’m pleased that my dance-partner came.


EVERYONE was getting sick, horrifically sick. I just couldn’t get sick because of the play, so I went so far as to hang my head out the window when getting rides from sick people on Monday and Tuesday. I also drank orange juice and Airborne.


My mother was unpacking Easter bunnies this past week at her job, so when she came to see my play and saw the scene where Hermia pulls out a stuffed bunny (during the ‘lie further off’ scene) she thought “It’s a nightmare!”


The wood-noises included frogs, which most of the cast thought sounded like ducks, and when my mother came to see the play she thought it was someone’s cellphone going off, sounding like a chicken, and got annoyed before she realized it was frogs.


The Cast Party/Anniversary/Director’s Birthday Party was wonderful. I have never seen so many people crammed onto such a tiny stage. And all the food. Once a lot of people had cleared off we could play the loud, happy-rave-music and funny songs and dance all over our lovely set. Several people got kinda drunk, and I danced until eleven-thirty in my sparkly shirt. I danced with the guy who played Theseus (who ridiculously attractive and insanely older than myself) a few times and that was wonderful (but I noticed he smelled really good so he might be gay *sigh*)


We began the play with a battle between Theseus and Hippolyta. Then we put a little hidden scene during the Fairy Pavane (which was fun to dance) where Theseus and Hippolyta come to an understanding and respect each other (you had to see it, it looked really good, though) which explains how they go from Hippolyta punching Theseus in the first scene to them jumping up and down about the hounds in the later end of the play.


The Mechanicals stole the show. Seriously, I saw the-play-within-a-play about sixteen times and I was still laughing this afternoon!


I’m dreadfully behind on homework (I should be working on that Crusader story right now, instead of alerting you all to my ‘return’ but if I don’t do it now it won’t get done.)



I swear I’ll get to your comments and fics as soon as possible!


 – aunt_zelda


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