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Ok, here’s a question for you faithful readers.

Which is more annoying to be woken up by? A greyhound whining or a smoke-alarm that’s going off because of humidity?

Yeah, I can’t decide either.


Anyhoodle, this week I bestow THIS grain of wisdom: when you KNOW the upcoming episode is going to involve Billie Piper, do not begin watching The Secret Dairies of a Call Girl the day before you watch said episode. It messes with your mind severely, let me tell ya … though by the time I was about four minutes into the episode I’d forgotten completely about Belle du Jour.

Also, while I acknowledge and notice that Billie Piper is a very pretty girl (and you see QUITE a lot of her in ‘Diaries’ if you get my drift) I have found that I am not attracted to her like that. I felt NOTHING like when I look at That-Guy whilst watching Billie Piper parade about in lacy ‘knickers.’ Guess I’m not a lesbian or bi after all. *sigh*

Well, it is on that ‘happy’ (not the sarcasm) note that I begin this recap. *makes brave attempt at a smile*


(PJ-kun? You'd better not read this one until you've caught up.)


Watch and comment (the poor guy is hilarious and doesn't get nearly enough press)


‘The Stolen Earth’ (aka ‘Badarse Whoverse Crossover Festapalooza.’)


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Sorry this is so late. Four episodes, you know … and Easter (Happy Necromancy Day!) and my home computer going mad and ... awful, ok? Just awful. Plus me being dead-tired for no-good-reason.)


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*sigh* My dad is sick, so I won’t be able to visit him this weekend. Torchwood and DW recaps shall have to wait until NEXT Sunday. *sends father healing vibes and watches Jericho all day long*


Sorry this is late … then again, nobody ever reads these, so why should I apologize?

Also, after I read the TWoP recap I voted in their poll and I think Ben’s ‘man-on-their­-boat’ is none other than Michael! As long as he didn’t bring Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt with him, that’d be cool with me!


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I’ve been having really weird dreams this week:


Three nights ago I dreamed about having to move big bags of something that kept spilling from one car into another car (and stacked videos, the old ones in black cases) and I was standing between these two cars in a parking lot. Then some people (might have been the Heroes cast, I dunno … one of them looked like Niki/Jessica but her shirt kept changing from blue to red to light purple) approached from the distance on the other side of the car I was unloading from and I had to shoot them with a funky old-fashioned pistol.

Then it started all over again. I had to do it a lot. Over and over … so I would think ‘ok, I’ve gotta put these bags into this car and one will spill and that’s my cue to shoot them.’

… I don’t want to think about what all that means …


Two nights ago I dreamed that I was the Tenth Doctor (sometimes I was Ten and sometimes I was watching Ten) and in Torchwood. I was chatting with Jack (the rest of Torchwood was there too, I think) and it was rather casual but then he said something I replied in all seriousness, possibly channeling Nine: “You’ll have to torture me” and it got really tense and scary.

That frightens me.


Last night/this morning I dreamed (among other, more confuzzling things I can’t remember) that I was pregnant and attacked/spared/befriended by weretigers in a distant, previously-unkown land. There was also a log bridge and some nice natives I had to communicate with via charcoal sketches.

And THEN I was watching a fast-paced Heroes V3 promo that was set to insistent violins. I don’t remember much but CLAUDE WAS IN IT! I think he was slapping someone! After it was over I remember squeeing, and then I woke up and was very disappointed that it hadn’t been real.

*sigh* I hope this means Claude is coming back!

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Jan. 22nd, 2008 08:23 pm
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Dec. 31st, 2007 10:20 pm
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A Farewell to Arms 2007

Wow. A lot happened to me this year. I got officially addicted to Heroes, which led me to join to post in the message boards for Heroes, which led me to read a steamy slash fic between Sylar and Mohinder, which led me to join livejournal, which led me to become a slasher.
I met aimisan and became best friends with her. She also likes slash, and I converted her to Plaude and Remus/Sirius.
Speaking of Remus/Sirius, the (written) saga of Harry Potter concluded this past July. I personally believe JKR got lazy towards the end, because besides the stellar chapter about Snape's life, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows wasn't that good (to me.) Lots of people died for pointless reasons, or just DIED. Dobby, Colin Creevey, Tonks, Fred, and REMUS LUPIN: WHY, JRK, WHY?! *shed actual, physical tears* Btw, Dumbledore is gay.
I saw in passing 'Utopia' a Season 3 Doctor Who episode online. I remembered all the yammering people had been doing about how Claude was the Doctor, I started to watch BBC America. I got hooked. Then I started to watch Torchwood with my gay father. I got the 'first' DW season for X-Mas. Season 3 of DW and Season 2 of Torchwood coming to BBC America in a few weeks! *SQUEE*
I read a great many good books, and have a great many started, lying about.
I got a subscription to The New Yorker for my birthday.
I was in two plays: Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet.
After making a deal with a 'friend' who PROMISED he'd watch Heroes if I watched Lost, I proceeded to get addicted to the damn show with my relations. We are now plotting ways to rig the antenae to get the stupid show in a few weeks. THINGS MADE MORE SENSE WHEN THERE WERE POLAR BEARS RUNNING ABOUT!
I heard the Numa Numa song for the first time.
I started wearing a kimono as a robe-type-thingy.
I watched all the Seasons of Alias.
I fell in love with David Anders, Zachary Quinto, Christopher Eccleston, John Barrowman, and Josh Holloway.
I learned to make a paper crane.
I began to have actual conversations with the guy I have a major crush on (am in love with?), wore a 'sexy top' and received a WAVE from that guy!
Started wearing earrings again (cute little red skull-and-cross-bones!)
Got interested in 'popular' music because of aimisan.
Started god/Shiva/Zeus knows how many stories that I have yet to finish.
Saw quite a lot of plays and not many movies (in theaters.)
PotC ended (supposedly.)
I got hooked on the 'Twilight' books by Stephenie Meyer, began WEREWOLVES NEED HUGS (which got others to make such shirts!) and held votes as to who you'd rather be in a relationship with, werewolf or vampire.
I got addicted to manga.
I took a politics class and became insanely interested in everyone running for presidency. It's sad that a lot of my hard-won knowledge will soon become obsolete.

I know a lot of you have probably already had New Years, but here I've still got some time, so FAREWELL 2007!

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aunt_zelda: (Default) - Love and Monsters, Snipit of ‘Random Shoes’ and ‘Out of Time’ - The Satan Pit, Reprise of ‘They Keep Killing Suzie,’ and ‘Random Shoes’ – The Impossible Planet, Reprise of ‘Tosh Snogs and Shags a Woman,’ They Keep Killing Suzie – Geeks Bearing Gifts – Small Worlds, Countrycide, Age of Steel – Cyberwoman - Episode 3 (the ghosts one) – Episode 2 – Episode 1

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My friend left today. He’s not coming back. I got wicked depressed. I gave him a paper crane and a hug, and I watched him get into his car and drive off. I felt like I’d just watched the Ninth Doctor regenerate into Ten.

I didn’t love him … but he was one of my best friends. I didn’t know his name until a few weeks ago. We’d really only just started a friendship, watching Doctor Who and Torchwood spoofs and talking about Captain Jack.

So then I went and climbed the HUGE tree and cried a bit. Not just for my friend, but all the friends who have left or moved or I’ve left … they could have filled up the whole tree.

Depressing stuff … then I watched this movie: and felt a bit better. I also got a hug from my other friend (aimiesan.) She just recently discovered that Captain Jack is a sex-machine, and this makes her very happy and eager to watch Torchwood indeed. Hopefully I’ll have someone to talk to again … *sigh*  


I’m also about two weeks behind on slash … ergh … I’m so glad it’s Friday!


On the slash-front, been working on a Heroes/Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover thing for the past few days. The Petrellis and the Bennets (and Monica and Micah, for later explained reasons) end up on the TARDIS in the post-apocalyptic future, but Claude the Doctor isn’t too keen on Noah staying under his ‘roof’ … then Jack and Ianto get pulled into the mess for reasons I’m still forming …

And the WEREWOLF!Fic … ah, well, I’ve got a lot written, as I’ve been working on it for months, but I’ve run into a few snags.


1) How did Molly get from the town she and Mohinder lived in to an isolated village (several days travel away) in the woods, where Mohinder and Bane (Sylar) find her and some other people about to be burned?

2) Why does Peter run away with Claude (a werewolf) to the werewolves’ camp? What does Nathan do to spur this drastic action? (Remember, werewolves don’t take too kindly to humans, especially humans who are related to Nathan.)


People who help me out get nice mentions in my Thoughts!

This fic is going to be dedicated to ladywilde80, btw, and probably posted on Halloween …

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