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(P.S. Does anyone know where I should start with the audio books? Especially the audio books read by Paul McGann?)

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please let this work )
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Title: Beach

Author: me, aunt_zelda

Word Count: 1,772

Rating: R I suppose, for groping and swears in American-English and English-English.

Spoilers: S3 of DW, but it’s one of those ‘the Master is really alive and still Simm!Master and traveling with the Doctor … somehow’ fics.

A/N: I went to the beach on Earth Day and was struck with this fic idea as I was drawing Chinese characters in the sand. You should probably blame the Mainer in me for dragging our favorite Time Lords to a Maine beach, but be grateful I allowed at least some sand (in my opinion, if there aren’t rocks, it’s not a beach.)

Also I’m becoming very interested indeed in Academy Fics, anyone got any good linkies? Shamelessly pimping your own fics is allowed and welcome!

Also, ‘Whirligigs?’ No idea what they look like at all. Draw me a picture if you have time!


(Edit, July 30th 2008: This fic won runner-up in 'Best Fluff Fic' in the dwtwslashawards. Thank you to everyone who voted for me!)



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I just had a bloody awful day. I was overloaded with TMI, and later I started to cry on the bus ride home and still feel kinda sick about that.
Thankfully I DID finish this off, and I'm gonna watch 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' for the first time tonight, so hope is blossoming.

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Oh god my feet! Dance class started late and ended late today, and NO I am not going to watch Lost tonight at that ungodly hour for television because I am protesting! If I watch it at all it shall be online at illegal sites! Mu ha, ha ha!

Serioulsy though, my feet? I could really use a foot massage right about now … *whimpers and puts feet up, planning to watch … something before going to bed VERY EARLY TONIGHT because a new step in the tango, new spins in swing, and disco-for-beginners really takes a lot out of you*




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Apr. 19th, 2008 03:10 pm
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Watch that ^ please. Leave lots of comments. I promised I'd shamelessly pimp those vids here.




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