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A Twitter conversation got me thinking about this. Why did I stick with Critical Role when initially I wasn’t super into it?

I think the reason I stuck with it through its rough first arc (after taking a break) was because I was nostalgic for the Wyrmwick & Dethklok TGWTG D&D games. I don’t know who else even remembers those, but they were put up on Blip back in like 2009, mostly as a podcast basically with some minor maps and some fanart (a prelude to what I’d come to expect from Critical Role weekly). They were good (at least I thought so, except for some unpleasant jokes), until they trailed off due to scheduling and personal conflicts and health issues.

I used to listen to those in high school a lot. I was a lonely kid in a rural area and I wanted to play D&D and had no D&D friends. My first DM had left my school and I didn’t pursue running games myself.

The TGWTG D&D stuff thankfully gave me a tolerance for like, the standard "bunch of white guys playing D&D" stuff that makes me tell a lot of people to skip the first arc of CR if they aren't grabbed by it initially. I love the show but I had the background to tolerate the 1st arc. A lot of people don’t. Which is understandable.
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Title: They All Forget I Had A Choice, You Know
Rating: NC-17 for sex
Word Count: 7,263 (approx.)
Series: The Denny’s Court Universe
Pairings: Father Suede/Benzaie
Characters: Father Suede, Benzaie, Ask That Guy, Critic, Little Miss Gamer, Santa Christ, background demons.
Warnings: Sexual harassment, highly questionable and very explicit sex, vague religious implications I don’t fully explore.
Summary: Dragged down to Hell, Father Suede faces the greatest test of his Faith yet.
Continuation: Takes place directly after Persephone II
A/N: Wow, it’s finally finished. This fic has been … almost three years in the making? Really? Time flies. Pieces of this were written when I was still in college, then abandoned, then reworked, and now, after far too long, this is finally complete. There’s been a lot of build up, especially if you’ve frequented the community chats over the past few years, you’ve heard bits and pieces. The timeline is a bit of a mess, but this should fit into the DCU continuity pretty well. I very much hope that this has been worth the wait. Big thanks to ladydiskette and butterflyslinky for their patience, beta-reading, and pushing me to keep working on this fic.

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So I hold semi-regular weekly chats with one of my fandom groups.

We’ve been using tinychat for the past few years but the problems have cropped up enough that we want to move to a new site. It gets buggy, kicks users out a lot due to connection issues, doesn’t let us copy/paste the chat log sometimes, and recently they got rid of the different text colors, which make it hard to read everyone’s conversation now.

I’m looking for recommendations for a new fan chat site.

We need something that is:

1) free
2) not prone to bugginess and disconnecting users
3) gives users the ability to copy/paste the chatlog easily and does not delete the chatlog until the chat is done
4) uses colors or something else to differentiate the various members of the chat
5) relies on a semi-private function, so only those with the link can attend the chat and no random people stumble in

If such a place exists please let me know and I’ll investigate if it’s workable for us.

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Title: Demo Reel Experiment Theater
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 5,655
Characters: Tacoma, Rebecca, Donnie DuPre, Karl, Quinn, Tamara, background characters, two surprise cameos
Pairings: Tacoma/Donnie, Tacoma/Donnie/Rebecca, implied Donnie/others
Warnings: Social drinking, references to using sex as a coping mechanism, Donnie’s terrible relationship with his wife,
Summary: What if Demo Reel was an experimental theater instead of a film company? Tacoma, fresh from disgrace on Broadway after getting his father arrested, flies to Chicago on the chance of a job and ends up among a very strange group of people.
Prompt: Basically Demo Reel but about experimental theatre (but also add Tamara as part of the cast too.) Pairings not required at all, but can be included (queerplatonic, polyamory, however they end up happiest in the story.)

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Title: A Walk In the Rain
Author: aunt_zelda
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,176
Pairing: Joanna/Jaeris
Warnings: panic attack, PTSD, acclimation back into home life, social drinking, alcohol.
Summary: Jaeris and Joanna return home and Jaeris acclimates slowly but surely with the help of Joanna.

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Old AU

Aug. 23rd, 2015 05:40 pm
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I was going through my old fanfics today and I ran across the epic Christmas fic I wrote in 2011.

Which, first off, wow, I'm so pleased I wrote that and crammed in so many characters.

Secondly, why didn't I ever do more with that D&D group idea?

Pay the Piper: a 1920s gangster tabletop RPG

Harvey Finevoice - GM
The Makeover Fairy - a detective seeking the Piper's identity
Angry Joe - informant tailing the detective on her quest
Paw - low level gangster ... secretly the Piper!
The Other Guy - Agent Franklin Jones, FBI

Maybe I should do something with this again ...
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Runaway – Three Doors Down

Do you ever think about running away?
'Cause I was thinkin' about leavin' today
We'll follow forever where our hearts wanna go
Maybe we'll live somewhere where nobody knows our names
Then things might change for the good

I wanna be somewhere so far away
To lie under the night at the end of another good day
I can't tell you how long we'll be gone
But as long as we're together then forever's never too long

Do you ever think about not comin' back?
Hoppin' on a train and we'll burn up the tracks
We'll jump off somewhere that we don't know how to say
Maybe hitch a ride from someone who can tell us the way
To where these things might change for the good

(I don’t know what happened, but I can’t imagine that Linksano didn’t want to bring his brother, and maybe Spoonette, along with him when he fled his dimension.)

Somewhere They Can’t Find Me – Simon and Garfunkel

But I've got to creep down the alleyway
Fly down the highway
Before they come to catch me I'll be gone
Somewhere they can't find me

(“When I saw him coming near my universe, I fled.”)

The Long Walk Alone (Heisenberg’s Theme) – Dave Porter


(Traveling space alone can be very scary, especially with threats of Lord Vyce and the Entity on his heels.)

Lost Coastlines – Okkervil River

Packed and all eyes turned in
No one to see on the quay, no one waving for me
Just the shoreline receding
Ticket in my hand, I'm thinking, “wish I didn't hand it in”
'Cause who said sailing is fine?
Leaving behind all the faces that I might
Replace if I tried on that long ride
Looking deep inside but I don't want to look so deep inside yet

And see how that light you love now just won't shine
There might just be another star that's high and far in some other sky

We sail out on orders from him but we find
The maps he sent to us don't mention lost coastlines
Where nothing we've actually seen has been mapped or outlined
And we don't recognize the names upon these signs

(The beginning of Linksano’s travels.)

Runaway: A Road Adventure, Main Theme – David Garcia Morales

Runaway and do it on your own
Runaway while you can
Try to show everything you know

(This was on a fanmix a while ago as a Linksano song, and it still fits.)

Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy – Disney


(Did I mention how scary and lonely it is in space, fleeing the Entity and Lord Vyce?)

If I Had A Heart – Yourai (Fever Ray Cover)

After the night when I wake up
I'll see what tomorrow brings

If I had a voice I would sing

Crushed and filled with all I found
Underneath and inside
Just to come around

(Haunting cover that I think fits with Linksano’s traveling days, through alien worlds, alone, seeking safety.)

All You Ever Do Is Walk Away – The Magnetic Fields

Sad as a painted clown, a beautiful boy in an ugly town

But all you ever do is walk away and I think if you tried
You could find a little time
For the life I can see in your eyes, don't go. Don't go.

Sometimes you just explode and no one alive can break your code
You have a language of your own, an unconnected road
The people you called your friends, the places you won't go again
The decades lost in finding them, you'll have to let them go.

But all you ever do is walk away

(Linksano finds a place to stay at last, and stop running.)
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00: Roll a D6 – Assorted Intricacies
“Hopefully by the end of the session you’ll have formed a party or something.”

01: Main Title – Ramin Djawadi
Episode 1: Game of Thrones Season 1 / A Brawl of Monarchs
“Gonna roll one last diplomacy, see if I can save myself. … 11. Is that enough?”

02: Darth Vader’s Theme – Richard Cheese
Episode 2: Star Wars a New Hope Part 1 / Burning Balls of Gas Conflict Part 1
“Another Princess? No, no absolutely not. I’m not playing her.”
“A princess character never has any synergy with the rest of the group.”
“Who is this?”
“That’s not a player character, that’s the campaign’s villain.”
“Yeah, this is who I’m playing.”

03: I’d Love to Kill You – Katie Melua
Episode 3: Star Wars a New Hope Part 2 / Burning Balls of Gas Conflict Part 2
“While you were gone they freed the princess, and now they’re about to escape with her.”
“Hah, no, no, absolutely not. I’m going to have to kill ALL of their characters.”

04: Friends – Aura Dione
Episode 4: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets / Magic Boy and the Room of Mysteries
“And as for intimidation, let’s throw on a sick face scar! Cool!”

05: Bodysnatchers – Radiohead
Episode 5: Battlestar Galactica / Fighting Sun Galaxy
“What’s a Cylon?”
“Cylons are the robots that are trying to kill the humans.”
“I think Brianna’s a Cylon.”

06: Tracking Treasure Down – Gabriel & Dresden ft. Molly
Episode 6: The Goonies / Podunk Punks
“So you’re all on a mission to win glory, find treasure, and save your homeland from certain destruction.”
“Sounds epic!”
“It is, I’ve been reading up on all the history and –”
“That’s awesome, but I’m gonna throw a little twist at you guys. We’re gonna set it in modern times, and I’m gonna make you all kids.”

07: Journey of the Sorcerer – The Eagles
Episode 7: Firefly / Lightning Bug
“Right … who skips the beginning of their own campaign? That was foolish of me.”

08: Last of the Wilds – Nightwish
Episode 8: Merlin / Magical Mentor
“Why is Guinevere a maid? She’s supposed to be King Arthur’s queen!”

09: Deceiver of Fools – Within Temptation
Episode 9: American Horror Story: Asylum / National Terror Tale: Looney Bin
“Julian, just promise me that you’re not gonna make this ridiculously profane. Or pornographic.”
“Trust me, I got this.”

“You brought Doctor Mengele into this too?!”
“No … his name is Hans Gruber!”
“It’s ok, I like you, so I’ll save you.”


10: Hooked on a Feeling – Blue Swede
Episode 10: Guardians of the Galaxy / Defenders of the Cosmos
“Eric, it’s twenty years later, you’re a scavenger in space. You’ve just stolen an orb from an ancient temple and escaped some evil aliens. What do you do next?”
“I fly home to Earth.”
“No, do something else, that’s not dramatic enough.”
“Why can’t I fly home to Earth? Aren’t my friends and family worried about me?”

11: Agent 5 – S. P. O. C. K.
Episode 11: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / Chaz and the Sweets Sweatshop
“Agents. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the tyrant Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, and bring him down.”

12: Pompeii – E. S. Posthumus
Episode 12: Supernatural / Extraordinary
“Some crazy British thief chick just stole your gun!”

“Yeah. And she told the police and they arrested you because they think you’re psychopaths.”

“That’s in Justin’s notes?”
“Nope. And the jailhouse is surrounded by demons. The bad kind of demons, who don’t make deals, or friends!”

13: Don’t Mess With Me – Temposhark
Episode 13: Game of Thrones Season 2 / A Brawl of Monarchs
“See, if Julian’s nephew isn’t the king, then that means … I am. Muahahhahaa! You may kiss the royal ass!”
“No! No one kiss anything!”
“Mmm, she sounds great. I need a wench like that.”

“Your character’s married!”
“A king can have a hot side piece if he wants! … this one!”
“No man, your character is Lawful Good, you’re extremely loyal to your family!”
“Too late!”
“I am gonna slam the first bitch I see when I get home!”
“No you won’t! The first WOMAN you see is your sister!”

“I’m not picky.”
“Excuse me?”
“I. Do. Her.”

“Sara, where are you with your family’s ships?”
“Yeah, that’s not happening anymore.”

“What do you mean?”
“Why should I get your sloppy seconds when I can just plough my own way through? I take Ben’s castle.”

“Augh! I fuck a random bitch!”
“Ben! Your character is engaged to the daughter of a very violent man!”
“I don’t give a fuck!”
“I just wanted you guys to have fun in this world full of families and their animal mascots!”
“This game brings out the worst in us. In all of us.”

14: Renegades – Feeder
Episode 14: Avengers / The Revengers
“Oh cool, I’m studying that Tesser-bat thing, what’s it call?”
“It’s not that hard to say.”
“Why not just call it the Sorcerer’s Stone?”

“Or the Ark of the Covenant?”
“Or Kingdom Hearts!”
“Tesseract! Tesser-act! It’s not that hard to say!”
“What about cosmic cube?”

15: Knight of the Wind – Sonic Album
Episode 15: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers / Energy Scouts
“You guys know you can morph at any time, right?”

16: Teeth in the Grass – Iron & Wine
Episode 16: Jurassic Park / Prehistoric Playland
“I will fell the beast with my plant powers!”

“How about I do some gymnastics to beat them up!”
“That is a terrible idea. Justin, haven’t you put her in enough danger in this game? It’s a little disturbing how many times you’ve tried to kill her.”
“Yeah, you’re right, let’s move on.”

17: The Lonely Shepherd – Gheorghe Zamfir
Episode 17: Kill Bill / Waste William
“Ok guys, remember, four in-game years have passed since the last time we played this campaign. I trust you all did your homework and advanced your characters appropriately?”
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I know all my favorites are going to migrate to new platforms, but still, this announcement made me feel panicky.

I’m worried about those who won’t feel motivated to migrate to new servers.

And I’m annoyed/sad that now the dates will be all messed up. It’s been fun going to old videos and seeing that they were uploaded in like, June 2012 or February 2013, remembering where I was when I first watched this crossover or that one.
I hope that the reuploads to new servers include a tag that mentions when they were originally posted, for history’s sake.

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So, the site update is finally coming.

Um, it's up. It looks like THIS.

You will see that it has a new address. The old site is going down soon. (I was told 2 weeks from now but I can't find an announcement.) They are not updating the old site, they are making a completely new site with a new domain name.

This means that, well, it's gonna disappear. Unless someone archived pages via the Wayback Machine (which I'm not sure would even work with this, but who knows) it's gonna be gone soon.

If you're like me and this makes you feel a little anxious, now is the time to go through and take MANY screenshots. PDF files. Whatever works for you. And do it now, and soon, because the site will be gone.

I know the comments sections were usually a site of horribleness, but some were not. Friends were made. Recommendations were suggested. Memes were circulated. There's a lot of history there. I'm going to be very sad to see it go. As much as we all joked about the site redesign being needed and never coming, has been in my bookmarks for six years now. For most of that time, I'd visit at least every day, or every other day, checking the new videos and seeing what was being posted.

I'm going to be sad to no longer see this site pop up. I'm going to miss it.

I guess you could say I'm soon going to be feeling ... nostalgic, for

Seriously though, it's always sad to see a familiar place vanish, especially one that's been there for me, relatively unchanged, for a decent chunk of time.

I'm hopeful for this new site, even though I personally don't like the look of it and the design itself seems cumbersome. I've already been watching my favorites on their own websites though, so maybe I just won't be visiting the site itself as much as I did in high school, maybe I'll be watching everyone on blip or their personal blogs instead.

It's just ... it's very strange, thinking back, when I was on spring break as a 15 and a half year old, and followed a link from tvtropes to this girl called the Nostalgia Chick making jokes about David Bowie. And then I watched this thing called the Brawl, full of people I didn't know spouting catchphrases I'd never heard before, and ... well, if you know me you know what happened after that.

Anyways, basically, take screenshots while you can, because is going down soon and the new site will replace it.

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Title: The Kidnapping of Donnie DuPre
Rating: NC-17 for sexual content
Word Count: 2,549 (aprox.)
Pairings/Characters: Donnie DuPre/Rebecca Stone/Tacoma Narrows
Warnings: SO MANY. Kidnapping, blindfolds, gunplay, bondage, slapping, knifeplay, dirty talk, derogatory talk, threats, orgasm denial, blowjobs at gunpoint, scratching, death threats, roleplay.
Summary: Donnie wakes up tied to a chair, blindfolded, and quickly has a gun pointed at his head. So, y’know, a normal night for him.
Prompt: This kink meme prompt.
A/N: Very late birthday fic for [ profile] emeriin. Happy belated birthday!

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Title: Ogygia
Word Count: 4,057 (aprox.)
Rating: PG-13 for
Pairings, Characters: hinted Linkara/Jaeris, Harvey Finevoice, 90's Kid, Ninja Style Dancer, Margaret
Warnings: Brief reference to attempted rape, scars, undefined mental condition due to progloned isolation.
Summary: Linkara is an astronaut exploring distance space for habitable planets with a small crew. he crashlands on one of the planets.
Prompt: RBB art prompt by [ profile] dragoninadream

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Mix's title: We Are the Champions
Mixer: aunt_zelda
Mix Link:
Mix theme: TGWTG characters as the Avengers
Warnings: none

Fanfic by Ladydiskette:


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Wow. I just ... wow.

300 episodes. I've been watching this show for almost six years. (Six years now, right?) I've grown up a bit with this series, it's become a part of my weekly routine (though I haven't kept up as much as I should, there was a period in there where I fell REALLY far behind, and spent two weeks marathoning to catch up.) But ... wow. Seeing clips of old episodes brings me back to when I was watching these on my old laptop in high school.

Loved the speech. Very powerful. That's gonna be a highlight of the show for a long time, that's one of those moments that sticks with you.

So, Margaret goes on tumblr? Awwwwww! Lovely flower crown too! Her fight with her dark universe counterpart was a great little moment.

So nice to see her again, if only for a moment, to establish that she's off doing her own thing, in real life and in-universe.

The Ancient Egypt gag hasn't been seen in a while, I HOWLED with laughed at that bit, and then had to explain to my boyfriend what that was all about. (Wow, I'm now on my second boyfriend. When I started watching At4W I'd never had a relationship, and now I'm in my second one.)

I really dug all the transformations. Great camerawork there. I liked that it wasn't some big flashy showdown, it was just enough to be special but not too much of an effects blowout. More emphasis on all his new costumes and weapons, and his character development. A celebration, not a plot climax. I enjoyed that immensely. Good choice.

Glad that the show is going strong and getting better and better, evolving but staying true to its original format. Expanding, I guess I should say.

Here's to 300 more!
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I liked it. I really, really liked it.

I think it's a good thing I saw it now, instead of a while ago, because all the big speeches about film criticism and pretentious snobby critics and liking things because you're supposed to really resonated with me. I'm going to a film school. I'm in classes and dealing with those attitudes all the time. And I'm so frustrated with it. If you don't like something, JUST SAY SO, don't pretend otherwise because the filmmaker is a "genius" and thus can do no wrong, ever.

Fantastic movie. Borrowed April's copy so I can listen to all the commentaries.

(Also, the Revenger's Tragedy is still really freaking weird. Tonight was a movie night with April, aka TeenyBuffalo. Usually we split it, I introduce her to one of my movies, she introduces me to one of hers. We trade books that we have no time to read.)
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Three years ago, this video was posted.

I watched it again tonight, for the first time in a long time. So overwhelmed by nostalgia. That little moment about 8 minutes in, that started something so big.

I was stressed about my senior project, about graduating high school, leaving home and going off to college. My future was exciting and incredibly frightening, and fandom was keeping me going.

And I watched this video on a whim, because "yay, Spoony update!" and got an idea, and posted it to the Kink Meme. And then it just ... grew. Into this huge, awesome thing. And it's still going. So many people have written for it, added to it, shared ideas and invented new plotlines and worked out conflicts and as the site has grown, so too has the character roster. Reviewers who didn't even have blip or youtube channels then are in the Denny's Court now.

It's very different from how it was, three years ago. It's not "better" or "worse" because you can't just sum all of this up into that, but it's bigger and spiraling out from like, this original tree. We can all trace stuff back to the source but it's grown so huge now. To the point where we need plot guides and character sheets to keep track of everything and there's talk of making a proper map of The City, or pinning down where The City in fact is, how we imagine it, whether we should even pin it down location-wise. It's alive, that's certain.

I started looking over some of the earliest fics, reading the comments I left back then, as a stressed and excitable senior in high school. I remember typing that stuff, but I feel ... well, not old, but something. Different? Yeah, different.

I don't know what I'm saying, just ... feeling nostalgic. Yeah.


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