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A meeting with my boss I was super stress about turned into a “my goal is to have you hired full time by the end of the year” meeting.

So that’s a year’s worth of work and stress and panic attacks and anxiety and improvement and projects ... all worth it. After a year of working, I’m close to full-time, at an industry job I really enjoy, which I’m incredibly lucky and fortunate to have.

AND I just got my Yuletide assignment and it’s one of the ones I REALLY hoped I’d get matched on.

Like I’ve spent the last week looking through people’s letters and the fandoms I offered and reading the prompts and ideas and omg omg omg I AM SO EXCITED! : DDDDDDD
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Finally saw The Guest. I’d been putting it off for some time, saving it for “the right time” or something. Saw it today with [ profile] teenybuffalo and our friend.


I just ... it was so well crafted. So beautiful. Such a beautiful, perfectly crafted film. I loved it so much. I enjoyed it so much. I screamed in shock and fear, cheered, laughed, and got really freaking unsettled and terrified at many points (but not in a way that I couldn’t handle.) It was so good.

The cast was excellent. The sets were gorgeous. The lighting was beautiful. The cinematography was FANTASTIC. The soundtrack ... the soundtrack ... I haven’t felt this strong of a desire to buy a soundtrack since Only Lovers Left Alive.

I’d heard it was a good horror movie. But I didn’t know it was also going to be a good movie in general. I don’t mean to deride horror movies, what I mean is that sometimes when people say “good horror movie” they mean in comparison to other horror movies currently being released, “good” in the sense that it’s an original idea or twist on an old idea, but the movie might have a clumsy cast or cheap sets or standard camera set-ups. The Guest has none of those issues. The Guest might very well jump onto my list of top favorite movies EVER. All the elements were excellent. It wasn’t just a creative concept, it was filmed well and acted well and nothing was skimped on for the sake of shock gore or one big effect.

I’m just so HAPPY.

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That feeling when a professor tells you during a meeting "I don't usually give out A's" and GIVES YOU AN A.


Bonus points: television writing class.

Super bonus points: he said my outline read like a professional outline.

Super awesome bonus points: he said he showed my cold open to a colleague because of how great it felt to read good assigned work.

Excuse me while I do the Dance of Joy.

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Presentation actually went well! NO TEARS! No overwhelming panic. I got through the whole thing and not a single attack of terror and crying.
I think this was accomplished by 1) the small classroom and class size 2) my not looking up much at all during the presentation and 3) my notes were typed up exactly how I speak, so it was like a script I was reading in my own voice (something I haven't been able to do for other presentations.)
My professor told me I did a really great job, especially since I had warned him I'd probably cry and he'd been expected a panic attack. Thank the gods, finally, I get through a big important presentation without any crying fits.
My biggest academic concern for this semester is OVER AND DONE WITH! : DDD
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The Book of Life was GLORIOUS!

Made me feel like a little kid again, that sense of wonder at seeing a movie. All the colors and gorgeous designs and the heroic characters and heartfelt storytelling.

I am SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. It’s beautiful and lovely and just … just wonderful.

Even better than I thought it’d be, and I was expecting it to be good.

I hope it makes buckets of money. Please, if you’re even considering it, give it a watch. Bring some friends. Borrow a friend’s children and take them. This movie deserves to make lots of money and Jorge Gutierrez is such a Del Toro fanboy and this was like Gutierrez’s dream project and he got to work with his hero and all his favs and I’m so happy for him, please make this movie a big deal.

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So I did some liveblogging of the book on my tumblr. MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE BOOK AT THOSE LINKS:



Basically, I loved it, it's a return to how I used to feel about the books, before Ghost Story and Cold Days, and how I thought Changes needed another draft or two before being published. I was all excited and happy and yelling and crying and gasping and shocked and just overall really pleased with Skin Game.

Except for two things: the treatment of Murphy overall, and the treatment of Hannah at the very end. I might have to make another post about that.


So yeah. Mostly happiness. Some issues with some bits of the book. 
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It was GREAT! Go see it now!

Seriously. It was lots of fun, and had great action, and the characters were lovely, and NO WOMEN IN BIKINIS/UNDERWEAR/BIRTHDAY SUITS, and NO AWKWARD ROMANTIC PLOT POINT, and really good set pieces and tense scenes and lots of history and they did so MUCH and it was just really really great.

Basically, Steve and Natasha are buddy cops in a buddy cop movie with superpowers. And it's glorious. So go see it.

I wanna see it again, not because there's some big twist or anything, but because it was just so GOOD and I had so much FUN.

Also, TWO after credits scenes, just so ya'll know!

X-Posted to my tumblr because why not.

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Bought a microphone and a pop filter with the last of my Amazon Christmas gift card. I SOUND SO GOOD OMG. IT’S SO GORGEOUS. I WANNA RECORD EVERYTHING I’VE EVER DONE AND DO NOTHING BUT PODFIC ALL DAY. HELP. I HAVE TOO MANY THINGS TO DO. BUT THIS MIC IS SO LOVELY. I SOUND SO GOOD. No more nasty echo, no more awkward crackly sounds in the background, no more worrying about my lips smacking by accident or my tongue making weird noises!

Like seriously I am debating diving into the podfic world. Like setting myself a challenge. I wanna use this thing. BUT I HAVE NO TIME AUUUUGGGGHHHH.
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X-Posted to my tumblr because why not.

I am so excited. I am going to see Welcome to Night Vale LIVE on Thursday!

Why haven't I mentioned this before? Because my boyfriend bought the tickets over the summer and got the dates wrong. We just checked today, thinking it was on October 20th or 30th. Nope. The 10th.

Luckily we can skip some classes and buy some cheap ass bus tickets and make this shit work. (This was discovered after I had a panicked, crying fit about missing the show and feeling absolutely awful and ill with anxiety and my boyfriend said he wanted to hug me through the phone.)

We are going to NYC in less than two days. I suspect we shall get lost. I suspect we shall take the wrong subway line. I suspect we will panic and take a cab at some point.

Not to worry. We're gonna go on a fun geeky date in NYC and I am so excited.

Since I don't have time to find fun shoes to match my lovely red 50s dress, I shall go in more casual attire. I shall, however, ask my makeup artist roommate for advice on how best to draw an eye on my forehead. And my boyfriend's forehead.

Now ... which fun t-shirt do I wear? Or do I wear my 60s red paisley fuzzy shirt? Hmmmm ...
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So, not only did Bryan Fuller retweet one of my tweets ... Cleolinda Jones favorited said tweet.


Seriously. I squeed so much when I saw Bryan Fuller retweeted me. Which is silly, but hey, I love his mind, I love him, I love his shows and maybe someday if the stars are right and I work really hard and I'm very lucky, I can work on one of his shows someday. Even as a PA I would be so happy just to be there. I love his stuff so much.

And I've been a fan of Cleo's for years. Since I was like, 15 I think. So it was cool when I saw she'd favorited my tweet and I might have squeaked and blushed a bit. I was still riding high off the Bryan Fuller retweeting and it was like a cherry on a sundae of "Senpai Noticed Me."
It's funny because in the Six Degrees of Internet Fandom/Culture/Whatever, we're very closely linked via the Made of Fail podcast. (I'm pretty sure she has no idea who I am. Is she into Channel Awesome?)

I should probably stop babbling now, I'm going to embarrass myself. I haven't been sleeping enough lately. 
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In which there are spoilers for the first two episodes, and we learn Too Much about Zelda's kinks )
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Yeah, um, this happened. And there's a picture. And he reblogged the post on tumblr and said:

D’aww shucks.  ^_^
I’m really grateful to the fanfic community for being so devoted to our shows and all the time they invest in it.  I’ll try to continue to live up to the lofty standards you expect of me.  ^_^

Those little emoticons. Gah! *flails*

(That high school crush of mine never really went away, did it? *blushes all day*)

I should post some pics here to LJ.

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[ profile] dragoninajar, [ profile] obnoxiousamy, and I are waiting for [ profile] trulyamindlost so we can finish watching Suburban Knights whilst eating chocolate. There are also two Luke and Film Brain plushies watching with us. (Hee hee hee ...)

We watched a clip from one of the panels last night, where I was up onstage. I won't spoil it, but at one point, Linkara got close to kissing a dude while I was standing there. The video clip is utterly hilarious, with me sort of peering down at them with interest and trying not to laugh. We all started laughing and joking about making it a meme "aunt_zelda can make slash canon!" or something, and laughing hysterically about it being my mutant power. Ahahahahaaa!

Also, "crossover" is now code for sex. Yes. We haven't slept nearly enough in the past four days. 
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I ... I don't know where to begin.

Spoilers for the movie, the book, and the show. Please watch at least the movie before reading this. )

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I'm a kind of excited about this. :D

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I'm so excited. So very, very excited. Which makes no sense because 1) I'm not a gamer and 2) horror movies give me panic attacks and 3) watching a Let's Play of Amnesia: the Dark Descent made me paranoid for about a week and see shadows out of the corners of my eyes at night. 

But I'm super excited for the sequel. It's Victorian London. It's got bigger environments and better graphics. It's not some isolated gothic castle, it's right in the middle of a thriving city, which to me will make things scarier because the stuff will be happening right around crowds of people, or under their feet or behind closed doors, y'know? Also they seem to be hinting at something horrible about to happen to a kid because of his father? *shudders* No way will that end well. Also: pigs. Auuuuuuuuugh!

I don't play video games, haven't got the time, money, or inclination. Didn't grow up playing them and don't really want to get into them. But I do love watching Let's Plays on youtube so I can get the story. It's like a super long movie with someone choosing what happens next while I watch and listen to their commentary. It's a mixture of a movie, a choose-your-own adventure book, a rifftrax, and some kind of theater all rolled into one. So I love them. Plus, they're nice to have playing when I'm cleaning or organizing or want some ambiance in the way of voices to feel less lonely when I'm not with friends. 


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