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Trigger warnings: mentions of self-harm, talk of deathfics, mention of medically-assisted suicide. )
On a lighter note, Vixy and Tony covered "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds! And that is just plain AWESOME!
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Today I got together with some of my friends and we had an EPIC Sherlock marathon! All the episodes. That's a solid 9-hours of tv. With breaks for lunch and dinner and in-between episodes and messing with getting the finale working, it took us about 12 hours. And it was AWESOME. We laughed and cried and everybody learned way too much about my fetishes and ate lots of chocolate and it was awesome. Several people who hadn't seen any of the show saw all or most of it. It was fantastic. So much fun. So sleepy ...
I'm just so happy! This is exactly what I wanted to have happen when I daydreamed about college and having lots of friends and geeking out. We're already planning more marathons for later, mostly of anime that I haven't seen yet. Hurray!
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These are the sudden impulse thoughts that came to mind as I was watching. Not a full recap, just random yelling and squeeing and freaking out and blue-screening. It's incomprehensible at times.

After the episode I was crying and sobbing and hurting in my soul. Luckily I posted to Facebook about having just seen the episode and how I was crying, and one of my friends asked if I wanted to hang out and geek talk, so I went down and had hot chocolate with him and we talked about the episode and the season and Sherlock and Moriarity and John and Irene and the character of Moriarty in all kinds of things and Doctor Who and anime Boston and superheroes and villains and the Sandman comics and books we're going to trade to each other and relationships and friends and stuff. It was hours. And I felt much better, no longer upset or sobbing or hurting in my soul. Still a little freaked out about the episode, but the kind of freak out I can deal with. Until I see it again and talk to more people. I can use this as a conversation starter with That Girl I Like A Lot, because talking with people about stuff you both enjoy is a great way to warm up to the inevitable "so, do you like girls ...?" conversation.

So, yeah, my thoughts on the episode look pretty frantic, but don't worry, I'm fine now. I feel much better, I'm back at college, all unpacked, and ready for bed. Sleepy and exhausted.

Tomorrow I'll go for a walk, get things in order for classes on Tuesday, eat some food, and hopefully hang out with lots of my friends and talk about the episode some more. And maybe, just maybe, have a conversation with That Girl I Like A Lot. 

Thoughts on the episode:
Spoilers for the whole second season, mostly the finale. OW. MY SOUL. Also no Sebastian Moran for sure. )

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It's like ... it's like they took loads of prompts from the Kink Meme ... and put them together, and then built from there ... and it was GLORIOUS. :D :D :D :D :D 

I'm gonna watch it over and over and write a recap and watch it over and over and make out with my boyfriend while we watch it over and over and write fanfiction and watch it over and over and get a tumblr and watch it over and over and try to use it as fodder to seduce this girl I like at college and watch it over and over and over ...

I must have stopped breathing like ten times or something, and punched the air and swore like a sailor and threatened Moffat's life at least twice and squeed and laughed intensely and did a dance of joy and IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD OH MY GOD!!!
More coherent thoughts to follow. I shall write a recap. And squee more. And sleep. Must get to sleep ... and dream of riding crops ... and spoilers ...
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You need to get your hands on this book RIGHT NOW!

Go on, I'll wait. Go to your local library. Nip down to the bookstore. Find a friend and steal their copy. Order is from Just get your hands on a copy, because you need it. Trust me, I've been a Sebastian Moran fangirl for three weeks. 

Honestly, I saw the cover that said "Professor Moriarty" and picked it up instantly. And then I read the back which had a quote from Neil Gaiman saying that it's "compulsory reading … glorious" and you can't get a better recommendation than THAT when you're writing for a … certain crowd. Having the Dark Lord of Geeks endorse your book has got to feel good. 

Anyways, onto the story itself!

Minor spoilers for the first 137 pages or so, but mostly just a summary to get you interested in the book. )
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Again, according to, which I frequent when I'm doing homework and/or looking up what "supplanter" means, because it's the definition of the name "James" because I'm working out a gender-bender Sherlock Holmes story for some bizarre reason.


 \LY-uh-nyz\ , transitive verb;
To treat or regard as an object of great interest or importance.

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Earlier today I thought goats were going to be the high point of the day, but no, it got better!
I've mentioned before that That-Guy and I carpool with some other people from time to time, and today, when I was getting out, I turned back to grab my bag, and he SMILED at me.
At least, I think he did. He didn't meet my eyes, but I thanked the driver and That-Guy said "See ya" like he usually does, but I SWEAR there was a smile!

Anyhoodle, you know how it's been hot where I am? Well, someone set up a slip-n'-slide this afternoon, and we got out early, and a few people (mostly guys) used it. It wasn't a very good one, only like twenty-or-so feet of clear plastic stuck to the ground with large (formidable-looking) wooden stakes, but it was fun to watch.
Weird thing is, though, that as soon as I came outside adn sat down, That-Guy (who hadn't slid down yet) launched himself down the slip-n'-slide. He didn't do it again, but it made me really wonder. I mean, am I reading too much into that, or is it one of those testosteroney-things guys do to 'impress' girls? (It's not like he needs to impress me any more than his knock-out looks already have, really ... ) I'm hoping against hope that someday I'll glance over at his sketchbook (which I do a lot, because he's an AMAZING artist) and see that he's drawing ME. Is that silly of me?
ARGH, I don't understand straight men! My father is no help in this department! *headdesk*

The student who'd been on an exchange program for the past six months returned yesterday. Today, That-Guy and I were sitting on the same side of the picnic table, but he was at the far end of the bench and I was at the other far end. The exchange student sat down between us and said "So, are you two together yet?" I laughed and said "Welcome back, ____" but I wonder if he'd noticed something, or was just being his usual joking self.

Also, today I rubbed my fingers on a blue pastel, then under my eyebrows. I think I look like a raccoon (but was happy), but as aimisan wasn't there today *worries* I dunno for sure. I also drew the Heroes helix on my legs twice, and the sign of the Hallows twice as well, to draw away from the fact that my legs are as pale as a vampire's after the winter.

Sherlock Holmes kept me up past my 'bedtime' last night. That stuff is still funny, 100+ years later. Then I damned Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when I noticed the time. (TRUFAX!)
A friend is gonna give me one of his extra copies of the Complete Adventures (or whatever the technical term for all the Holmes escapades is) YAHOO!
Yes, I AM gonna read Agatha Christie as WELL this summer, but the library had a rather anemic collection so I held off.

Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to be finishing that Jane-Austen-era story that's DUE TOMORROW. FRACK! *dashes off*


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