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3rd (4th?) time I've seen As You Like It. I love that play. Not the best, but amusing and cute and full of great lines and I don't see myself tiring of it any time soon.

They set it in the 1940s. Curls and suspenders and nice big hats and people drinking out of flasks. The music was lovely. The actors were all on point and it was just plain awesome.

Oliver was a nasty piece of work, straight outta a gangster movie in that first scene. His argument with Orlando in the beginning is a pretty serious fight, they twisted each other's arms and kicked each other around, it was brutal and nasty. And it worked.

It's always tough, having Oliver transition from murderous evil older brother to someone the audience is ok with marrying Celia. This group too the direction of making him ridiculously and over the top in love with Celia, complete with music swelling and flashing lights, (which is what they did for all the couples in the "love at first sight" moments, an early Hollywood movie-esque kind of deal, which sounds cheesy but worked quite well on stage.) It's hard to remember him fighting his brother when he's spinning around after Celia making doe-eyes, and her making them right back at him. And Oliver and Orlando do reconcile offscreen, so you just roll with it.

The wrestling match was EXCELLENT. I've seen it done funny before, this was ... rough. In the good way. Their fight choreographer is fantastic, same person who did the R&J fights from last night, which were equally great.

Touchstone was in this gorgeous costume, stripped socks, bright maroon waistcoat with butterflies, striped purple and black shirt, gold/white striped pants and long jacket, and a nice hat. And a tie. Such a dandy. I want that waistcoat.

Yeah, always eager to see how a theater does the scene transitions, and the choices the cast makes. I've never seen Jacques done the same way twice, he's always radically different. In this production he was kind of ... nerdy? I guess? Spectacles and a vest, awkward, but also joking around with people, but also being kind of nasty to people. But also crying. I got the feeling he was ... I don't know, whatever their choice was it worked though.

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Man oh man do I not like Romeo and Juliet.

Just saw a great production, great costumes, set, fantastic actors, REALLY REALLY GOOD FIGHT SCENES ... and I kept getting annoyed about the story.

I've never really liked R&J. I got into Shakespeare very young, and I quickly got ... ok, not "bored" but "disinterested" in R&J compared to the other plays. It has big parts for about 4 characters, and also Mercutio who steals the show and then dies. I prefer the more ensemble-type pieces, or the ones that focus more on one character, I guess, than the more limited plays.

They're so SELFISH. The scene with Juliet "dead" and her entire family crying over her body was so painful, so raw. I was so ANGRY at her for doing this to her mom and Nurse and fiancee. (And her dad, but considering the scene where he smacks her around and threatens to turn her out on the street makes me a little ok with him crying over her.)

Benvolio was crosscast, first time I've seen that. Seen Mercutio crosscast, but not Benvolio. She did a great job.

I've now seen R&J 4 times live, 5 times if you count West Side Story.

I don't get it. I've lost track of how many Midsummer plays I've seen. Twelfth Night I've seen at least 3 times live and I love it more with every production. Macbeth I will see any time, any place. Lear I want to see again, I saw it live the first time on my 18th birthday, best present ever.

I wanna see a production of Measure for Measure, or, gods be good, All's Well that Ends Well. I have never seen a production of this advertised, and I've been fortunate to be exposed to a lot of theater. Hell, I've BEEN in 11 Shakespeare plays, all before the age of 18, I'm hardly sheltered here.

Gotta Catch 'Em All.

I really wanna see someone doing the tetralogies all together in a series. Especially the first one, Richard III gets played frequently but the proceeding 3 plays are hardly ever on anywhere, especially in America, where we didn't learn English history in elementary school and thus are presumed to not know who the hell all these Henrys and Richards and Edwards are.

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Got A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome, a book I've been longing for ever since that random Latin class in high school. Most of the class was devoted to Latin vocab and such, but at the end the teacher would read from the book and show clips of documentaries and it that was my favorite part because I am a such a history fangirl, really, sometimes it makes me think that I'm in the wrong major and the wrong school and I need to pack up and elope to a school with a great history department and make mad passionate love to a female archeology student and write my thesis on the Globe Theater end up working at a Ren Faire for the rest of my life. 

Anyhoodle, this book is like the best thing ever, it's one of my favorite things, right up there with bagels and cats and Oancitizen and Kill Bill and Shakespeare and Neil Gaiman's voice. I'm serious! I picked it up from the mailroom after class and promptly went to sit and eat my dinner and read and then I'd gotten through my epic salad (delicious, with tomatoes, another one of my favorite things: tomatoes) and I was eighty pages in and hadn't done any homework at all and I wanted to cry happy historian tears because it was even better than I remembered! 

The only thing that could make it better? If it were an audiobook READ BY NEIL GAIMAN! Then I would do nothing but languish in bed and listen to him read to me about how they did laundry in Ancient Rome and how they built the streets and stuff. Actually, it's probably a good thing it's not an audiobook. I might die of happiness.
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Within the first 6 minutes I've recognized an actress from Slings and Arrows and someone's fired a raygun. This show ROCKS!

Edit: 20 minutes in, I've seen a zeppelin. WHY WASN'T I WATCHING THIS SHOW SOONER?!?!?!?!

Edit: 30 minutes in: FERRET! 


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We were put into groups during the last part of my morning class today. The other girls in my group spoke so pretentiously I could barely understand what was going on. I had to force myself to contribute ideas to the discussion because I was so busy trying to decipher what they were saying. I felt like I had landed on another planet. What the fuck was that about? I consider myself a smart person, yeah my SAT scores weren't stellar but they weren't lousy, and I read a lot. Today I felt like I was in the wrong place. I wanted to yell "SPEAK PLAIN ENGLISH, IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT" while they kept yammering on about how awesome the book we had to read for homework was (it ... wasn't. It kinda sucked. The book was almost as hard to understand as the other girls in my group were.) I'd be afraid that I was out of my depth in the class if it weren't for the rest of the class, which is going awesomely. We've been watching clips of various movies of Hamlet and discussing the symbolism and use of music and lighting and stuff in them. It's WONDERFUL. I've brought up a few things that seemed to please the teacher. The class is understandable during THOSE discussions, so why not during the book-talk?

Also, most of the reading homework I have for the other classes, from the ridiculously-expensive textbooks? HORRIBLE. I paid money for this shit? I am PAYING money to be forced to read this shit? All this is accomplishing is making me have to twitch every few minutes to stay awake, and making me realize what it was like for those kids in elementary school who said they "hated to read." I thought I'd never be able to identify with them, and now I can.

There is good stuff, though. I had my first interview and got the job (HURRAY!) and had another interview today that went pretty well, I guess (yay!) and have been eating better food and better times (woohoo!) and it's been nice and rainy out and I've been hanging out a bit with this insane, hilarious, nice guy who dresses like Matt Smith (I'm not even kidding) and finding the time to write a little fanfic and read some Dresden Files. My Making Monsters class is fan-freaking-tastic and I am so excited for more, even though it's at 8:00 am in the morning, I am PSYCHED for that class. Most of the theater class I'm taking is great, the parts where we've been discussing scenes from Hamlet have been wonderful, the reading and discussion of that ... not so much.

I'll get through this. I may snap in a couple weeks and start shaking people to get the pretentious out of them, but hopefully it won't come to that. 
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 This is a dreadful play full of assholes. But the HoYay makes it all worth it. 

In rehearsal I keep shipping the characters. Antonio/Bassanio goes without saying, everybody in the cast has been joking about that from the start. But today I was thinking about Antonio/Bassanio/Portia because in that final scene Portia is all "Sir, grieve not you; you are welcome notwithstanding" to Antonio so I started to think about them having a wicked hot threesome and sharing Bassanio - who would not believe his luck, being the meat in that sandwich, and then Antonio/Bassanio/Gratiano came to mind (because you know Gratiano would want to try everything at least once, and that includes a threesome with his friend and his friend's sugar daddy) after some joking among the cast about how Portia threatens to deny Bassanio sex FOREVER and the guy playing Lorenzo said "well, there's always Antonio" and the guy playing Gratiano yelled something like "come on, Bassanio, let's leave these women and go have fun!" and everybody laughed so much, and Bassanio/Portia/Nerissa maybe because Portia and Nerissa so have a Thing and they would love to mess with Bassanio even more than they already did.

And I can't help shipping Antonio/Shylock. (Not in even production, obviously, but there are ways one could interpret certain lines and actions.) Their FoeYay would be so disastrous, oh gods. I ship it pre, during, and post play. Especially post play, when Shylock has lost EVERYTHING and Antonio lost his boytoy but has lots of moneys, and Shylock has that thing about knives ...

Yeah, I should probably go to sleep now, shouldn't I? I've had some crazy days, and they're only gonna get busier.
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I am sick of having to plunge the toilets around here. I mean seriously, am I the only one who knows how to do this? Come on, people! These toilets get backed up all the time and you need to learn how to fix it!

Case in point: today one was actually OVERFLOWING so I had to plunge it while water was going all over the floor. Thankfully it was a quick fix, but then I had to MOP the water up with a sucky mop and nobody's mopped in there for ages because there was all this dirt and I didn't have a mop bucket so I had to keep draining it in the sink and ararararaaghghghghggh ...

(Though I will never admit this, deep down it was kinda satisfying to forget about my essays and project and just do something tangible for a while. In retrospect, Geoffrey's infamous "I have fixed the toilet" line from Slings and Arrows has now taken on new meaning for me, and that's just plain awesome. The nature of my project - which included nearly being driven mad by studying the Authorship Question - is going to make my upcoming re-watch of S&A even more interesting and enjoyable than usual. God I love that show. Maybe I'll have time tonight to start Season 1?)

I feel as though I'm finally coming through this whole mess with an ounce of grace and maturity. I can do this ... well, I HAVE done this, I'm just in the process of reflecting and writing about that, and then it's just a matter of putting it all together and it'll be over with. 
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So ... Oancitizen ... best reviewer ever, or best reviewer ever?

*SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* I mean to be fair, he had me at 'Shakespeare' but then he went and started SINGING and SNARKING and being all intellectual and stuff ... *swoons*
I'd seen some of his vids before this, a while back when I looked him up after seeing some of his cameos on Diamanda Hagan's stuff, so I knew I liked him, but ... SHAKESPEARE! He referenced the Sonnets! And sang Gilbert and Sullivan! 

I'm not going to post my comment on his video to tonight, because it's probably WAY too fangirly and strange at the moment and I don't trust my editing powers at this hour. 
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 I have just seen THIS TRAILER

I am LIVID with RAGE!!!!!!!!!!

LIES! ALL LIES! Packaged into a badass-looking costume drama! Damn you, Derek Jacobi, I RESPECT you and yet you're tied to this because you're an anti-Stratfordian! THIS MOVIE IS A LIE!!!

And people are going to believe it! They'll eat it up and not do some bloody research and Oxford's supporters will gain more support and credence even though it's all a big. damn. LIE!!!!!!! ARRRRRARARARARRAAGGGHGHGGGHGHGH!!!!!!!!

*calms down*
... wait. Wait. This isn't scary ... this is going to be freaking hilarious.

I can't wait to see how they handle the fact that Oxford was dead years before the later plays were written. Perhaps the final fifteen minutes will show him writing Macbeth, The Tempest, Othello, King Lear, and the other Romances and collaborations before he dies in 1604, miraculously having psychic visions of the buzzword 'equivocator' three years before the word is central to a scandalous Catholic conspiracy and the well-publicized shipwreck that inspired The Tempest some five years after his death. Or how his writing style was so different from Shakespeare's that they rhymed words differently. I don't understand why the Oxfordians call Shakespeare a hack and a redneck and a thief and all-around "unworthy" of having written the Canon, and yet Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, once ran a guy through for funsies and claimed the guy committed suicide by running into his sword and knocked up one of the Queen's maids and left her pregnant ass by the wayside. Believe he wrote the plays, by all means you sad, sad little man but don't you dare pretend for one minute that Oxford is worthy of your respect. 

I mean, really, it's not that hard to pick up on this stuff. Do a little research, you'll find it all there, clear as day.
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 Happy Ides of March, people!
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 Good god, this was a weird movie. Hilarious and cheesy as all-get-out, but there were sexy vampires and Shakespeare references and Devon Aoki and surprisingly good music. I recommend it, definitely worth checking out, if only for the weirdness.

Plus, it ends withSPOILERS!!! )
Hey, I wanted a break from the intense, serious Shakespeare studying I've been doing this week. This was a fun hour and a half of silliness.
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 Margaret of Anjou will OWN YOUR ASS!!!!!!!
(Then she will have you decapitated, put a paper crown on your severed head, and display it for all to see, because she is that much of a BAMF!!!!!!!! Then again, if you were familiar the play, you already knew that, because someone who says "Hear me, you wrangling pirates!" in Shakespeare is someone to respect.)

Al Pacino as Richard and Winona Ryder as Lady Anne in the 'take up the sword or take up me' scene is the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen in my entire life, I mean, HOLY CHEESE AND CRACKERS WAS THAT SEXY!!!!! It hit so many of my buttons it's almost frightening. I think the combination of him looking like a wide-eyed, scruffy puppy (but inside being TOTALLY EVUL) and her being all soft-pretty-Medieval-Princess-but-a-little-devious-too is what did it for me. That and the KNIFE and the KNEELING and the UNF. I mean, I already LOVE that scene for all its sexy powerplay, but MY GOD was that unbelievably hot! (Also: why hello there, age gap kink, where the hell did YOU come from?!)

I drew some of the same conclusions that Antony Sher did about Richard III before I read them in his book Year of the King. I feel so smart right now. This is doing nothing good for my ego, I can promise you that. 

I need to take shorter lunch breaks.

There's a lot of historical evidence to suggest that Lady Anne Neville and Richard III were childhood sweethearts. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Edit: (after dinner) Even though it's been months since I saw it, I can still rant a lengthy rant about how dreadful Pericles is, and how embarrassing and awkward it was to sit through that production this past summer.
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 Well, that makes me sad. Very, very sad.
I don't care what happened: it's none of my business. I'm not gonna pick sides; I'm not gonna rant.
I might cry a little, though.

Found out during my lunch break today, after I made myself some quesadillas. (Holy hell I can cook now! Huzzah!) I was feeling happy, if slightly tired, and excited about my project. I spent the morning watching the 1995 version of Richard III and taking notes on it. Strange movie, very good, but kinda strange in places, and I really enjoyed the Richard-seducing-Anne-over-her-husband's-corpse scene because that shit was HOT, my friends.

So I decided to check the Kink Meme during my self-ascribed lunch break. And after some poking around, I found out about the Spoony and Scarlett thing. And now I'm sad. Very, very sad. 

I really hope this doesn't get nasty. I hope this doesn't tear the internet apart. I hope this doesn't set the Treehouse on fire.

I hope they're both gonna be ok.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go read Richard III and copy/paste my favorite bits into a word document and ultimately give it a rating out of ten stars. Because I've got a lot of work to do this month, and my lunch-break is almost over.
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 So today I'm looking through all those books I took from my Nana's house this summer, after the memorial service. I was nervous, but it was going ok and I was feeling fine with things, listening to the recorded D&D sessions from Lord Kat's livestreams. Then I started to load another video and decided to listen to some music clips from iTunes. I chose Blackmore's Night, because, well, relevant to the task at hand, with all the books on Shakespeare and English Lit (which she taught at a college.)

Just as I opened up a book and saw that my Nana wrote the place and date of where she got her books in the books she got on trips, something I do as well, The Messenger clip swelled to this emotional bit of music and I just lost it. Tears, making little waily noises, snuffling, hugging myself, everything.

July 1986

I mean, it's bad enough having to smell her house from the books - because sensory memory is a killer - but seeing that she made the same kind of notations that I make ...

Today just got a lot harder.

Edit, couple minutes later: Yeah, I tried my eyes and came back to sort more books ... and then curled up on the footrest and had a crying fit. That was scary.
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 So, I called out of work today to spend the day working hard at my project (yaaaaaargh! *headdesk*) and that's consisted of me revising drafts and schedule, and now I'm compiling a list of the movies and books I'll be dealing with for said project. 

Can anyone track down the 2008 version of Richard III, starring Bill David Carradine and Scott Anderson? I managed to find the trailer, and it's got it's own wikipedia page and IMDb page ... but I can't find the movie itself anywhere. Netflix, amazon, google ... nowhere. I'd be much obliged (and thank you in the credits of my project) if anyone could track it down for me.

Thanks! *zips back to work*
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 Happy 42 Day Everyone! *cheers*
(... because '10-10-10' is '42' in binary ...) Hope you all brought your towels with you today!

Today I was in a parade and then in a play and then the play was over and now I'm suffering from that post-play depression one gets after being through a wonderful production. That feeling of 'what do I do now?' and 'how do I live without Shakespeare?'

I'll get through it. I always do. But at the moment, I'm feeling a little down, with nothing but mountains of work before me from now until the next play, which feels EONS away right now.
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 Today I got my hair done. It's AWESOME. I got these red and yellow-blond and orange-ish and Titan red streaks in it and they blended magnificently with my natural hair color (a sort of darker dirty-blond, bronze-ish, I think) but it's noticeable (especially the red) and there should be a little dark blue but I think my hairdresser tried to hide it. Still: AWESOME. It's very ... me. It wasn't as dramatic as I was picturing but I really love it. I can't wait to show everybody tomorrow, especially my fellow actors!
I'm tempted to post pictures now ... *ponders*

P.S. Also, today in class I had the opportunity to yelp "Linkara doesn't look like Mercury!" It's probably funnier if you don't understand the context.
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 (Now that I have your attention ...)

Does he only ever play slightly evil, geeky guys? I mean, The Guild Season 3, that episode of The Big Bang Theory, the awesometastic Leverage episode I just watched ... I'm sensing a trend here. I like this trend (on The Guild he wore a kilt! And he was evil! I didn't even know who he was at that point and I loved him!) but still: trend!

Yes, I know he was Wesley on Star Trek and there was some kerfuffle about all of that and people were horrible to him because of that and now he's awesome and writes geeky books, but I haven't gotten into Star Trek yet (yet ... it's inevitable, isn't it? As a geek, Thou Must!  .... But as a Star Wars fan doesn't that mean I can't watch Star Trek? Why do the two fandoms hate each other? I don't get it! *headdesk*) I'm a bit fuzzy about all of that.

Dunno why I posted this. Anyhoodle, work was nice, it's humid out today, tomorrow I start the workshop and I'm almost done with the MTT episode. (Huzzah! *collapses*)


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