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Title: Fulfilled At The End of the Day
Rating: R
Word Count: 4,146 (aprox.)
Characters: Jaeris, OMC, Linkara, Linksano, Lupa, mentions of Jaeris’s wife
Disclaimer: I own nothing, etc.
Warnings: Torture, trauma, BDSM specifically D/s, collaring, aftercare.
Sorta Sequel To: Obedience, Submission, Reward.
Summary: Jaeris was tortured in the past, it’s prevented him from engaging in any D/s scenes like he used to, so he sets out to find a Dom and work through the memories.
A/N: Inspired by this lovely art by LadySciFi, encouraged by the weekly TinyChat. Sort of a sequel to the “Linksano has a Stockholm Syndrome crush on Linkara and he’s afraid of him but he also loves him and then they do D/s to try and fix things and it sorta works” trilogy. This took way too long to finish and I’m sorry. Especially happy with the final part of the story. Jaeris’s accent continues to be difficult to convey via type. Title shamelessly ripped from a lyric of Depeche Mode’s song Master and Servant because I am terrible at titles.
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Title: Reward
Rating: R for sexual content
Word Count: 1,117 (aprox.)
Characters, Pairings: Linkara/Linksano
Disclaimer: I own nothing, mean no disrespect, am making no money, etc.
Warnings: Orgasm denial, BDSM, collaring, frank discussion of consent, dub-con fears.
Summary: Linkara returns after filming.
Series: Obedience, Submission, Reward
A/N: People craved more. Being busy, this proved more difficult than it should have been. Navigating the consent issues involved was not something to be taken lightly. I really hope I did things justice. I know people just want the sexy times but I want to have the debates about whether this is fully consensual or not.

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Title: Punishment

Rating: R

Word Count: 1,891

Pairings/Characters: Javert/Valjean sort of

Warnings: D/s, handcuffs, stripping, corporeal punishment, references to flogging, possible NON-CON as a result of one character not knowing the true identity of another character. Un-beta'd.

Spoilers: For about halfway through the Les Miserables 2012 movie.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters herein, nor the 2012 movie, nor … well, much of anything, to be honest.

A/N: So, this has been in my head ever since a couple days after Christmas when I got to see this movie, and started talking on a Javert/Valjean community about the distinct lack of J/V material out there, which is an OUTRAGE, I tell you, and then … well, this happened. I wrote some of it on my epic train ride home from MAGFest. I’m not sure if I’m entirely satisfied with it or not. What the hell did I just write?

Seriously, what the hell did I just write? )

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Title: On the Subject of Thralls

Rating: R for sex, torture, and dubious canon

Word Count: 2,588 

Characters, Pairings: Thor/Tony, Steve, Bruce, hinted Natasha/Clint, mention of Natasha/OFC

Warnings: mentions of torture, allusions to rape, D/s, alcoholism, PTSD, mentions of drug use, also I’m not entirely comfortable writing some of these characters so there might be some glaring errors on my part.

Spoilers: For Iron Man. Kind of.

Summary: AU where Tony was a homeless guy living on the street, with a sign that said “Will Invent For Food.”

A/N: So, I wrote a fill for a quick prompt on comment_fic. Then the story wouldn’t leave me alone and it turned into four drabbles. Because essays due next week can wait, I’ve got Viking porn to write! The prompt kind of ran away from me, and all of the sudden I was writing smut and dream sequences and angst and I don’t even know anymore. The prompt was: Avengers, Tony + or / any, there's a homeless guy on the corner who has a motley collection of tools stuffed in an old leather pouch. He carries a sign that says, "Will Invent For Food."

"Does anyone know why there's a robotic arm attached to the coffeemaker now?" )
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Title: I’m Stolen

Rating: R

Word Count: 2,218 (aprox.)

Characters, Pairings: Silva/Q, implied Silva/Bond, implied Silva/Severine, Q/Bond

Warnings: Rape, unbeta’d, a confused plot.

Spoilers: For Skyfall. Kind of. See the movie before reading this.

Summary: AU where Q was recruited by Silva years before he became Q at MI6.

A/N: Written on a whim for a comment_fic prompt after I saw Skyfall. Since I can’t call him Q before he joins MI6, I chose the name “Evan” for him, as it’s the closest I could get to “Eve” from “Eve the eavesdropper” from that list of names for cryptography exercises. Because that made sense at midnight last night. And right now it’s 2:30am and this story seems to make sense, so I’ve posted it. What was supposed to be a quick little drabble turned into a monster.

Spoilers for Skyfall! Confused excuses for sex! )
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Title: If I Were a Weapon

Author: aunt_zelda

Characters, Pairings: Neal Caffrey/OFC, Peter/El, Neal/Peter, Neal/Peter/El, Mozzie, OMC.

Rating: R, for violence, disturbing content, and sex.

Word Count: 3,792

Warnings: Dub-con, descriptions of serial killings, possessive behavior, obsessive behavior, light bondage, un-beta’d.

Disclaimer: I do not own White Collar, this is made for fan-purposes, I am making no money off of this, etc.

Summary: 6 drabbles for a White Collar AU. Neal is a serial killer instead of a con artist. So is Mozzie. Neal finds lodging with a hybristophiliac instead of June. Otherwise, the story is pretty much the same, except with murders instead of white collar crimes.

A/N: So, I discovered the community [ profile] comment_fic and, while scanning through reposts of prompts, discovered one that just wouldn’t let me go: “White Collar, Neal, he's a serial killer, not a con artist.” So I filled it that night, despite being tired and busy with essays. And then I started to write more, and people wanted more, and god help me but I couldn’t stop writing. So here’s some “drabbles” that ran away and dragged me along for the ride.

6 drabbles of strangeness )

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Title: The Present
Rating: R – NC-17, depending on how you squint
Word Count: 1,620
Pairings/Characters: ATG/Critic, allusions to emeriin
Disclaimer: I own nothing and nobody. Find these guys at, but don’t expect anything like this to go down.
Warnings: Edgeplay – specifically cutting with a knife, dubcon, incest, threatened castration, degrading talk, playing with the fourth-wall, unsafe autoerotic asphyxiation. Un-beta'd. 
Summary: Guy knows it’s somebody’s birthday; the Critic isn’t happen about being “the present.”
A/N: Happy birthday, emeriin! You are, and continue to be, one of the best people I’ve met on the internet. One of these days I’m going to make it across the pond and meet you “for real.” For now, I hope you enjoy this strange, disturbing, strange fanfic I wrote for you.  
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(Who else is super-mega-jump-around-the-house-excited for the Doctor Who Christmas Special this year?! John Simm is back! And he's a white-haired pretty boy! OMG!)


Happy Holidays! Merry Christhaunakwanza! Enjoy Gurnenthar's Ascendance!

Hope you had a great Yule and Winter Solstice! Happy Hogswatch! Thank you, and goodnight!


Title: Unwrapping

Rating: R for general kinkiness and a rather steamy scene.

Word Count: 1,033 (aprox.)

Pairings, Characters: Inskara and Spoonkara, hints of Inspoonkara.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, Linkara can be found HERE, Insano and Spoony can be found HERE, and all of them can also be found HERE.

Warnings: Slash, obviously. Kinky foreplay. Hints of a threesome. A twist, of sorts.

A/N: A PWP continuation of [ profile] awesome_emmy ’s awesome Christmas fic. Because it had to be done. I had far too much fun writing this, especially when I started listening to tango music when I was writing the foreplay bit.

Happy Holidays! )


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I know what I said and promised. Mike Ellis/Doug Walker fluff is on the way, really, I’ve even started writing it! I just really missed writing fic and this kinky thing leapt out at me.

I’m not sure if I like that this is my ‘100th Fanfiction’ but it is what it is, and hey, it’s for the fandom I created!

(Look for the Mike Ellis/Doug Walker in the coming week, and the Leverage/Firefly drabbles before New Year’s.)

Title: I Was Frozen Today

Rating: R for kinky sex (re: ice-play.)

Word Count: 1,602 (aprox.)

Pairings, Characters: Spoony, Dr. Insano, mentions of others.

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone in this fic, they are real people and personas who can be found HERE and HERE. I am making no money and mean no offence towards any of the persons contained herein, especially not Spoony.

Warnings: You will never look at the phrase ‘I was frozen today!’ the same way again. *cackles madly* Also, never written this particular kink before (though I did do some rather sketchy internet research) so please bear with me.

A/N: For once in my life, I’m proud of the title I thought up for my fic. I have no idea why, after the veritable smorgasbord of slashy material the Charity Drive provided us with, I focused on one teensy little detail towards the end that only involved one man and some ice. *shrugs* What can I say, I’m a strange woman …

Honey I'm home, and I had a hard day ... )

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Title: Kaleidoscope

Rating: R … because I can’t write smut to save my life, but here I go, trying to, AGAIN.

Pairings: 1st Doctor/Jack, 2nd Doctor/Jack, 3rd Doctor/Jack, 4th Doctor/Jack, 5th Doctor/Jack, 6th Doctor/Jack, 7th Doctor/Jack, 8th Doctor/Jack, one-sided 9th Doctor/Jack, 10th Doctor/Jack (Bahahaahha, you weren’t expecting that, were you, PJ-kun?)

Word Count: 3,669 (approximately, I think this is my longest fic ever)

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, the BBC does. I am not English, I wish I was. Captain Jack Harkness is God’s Gift to Slashers, and though I do not own him, I do enjoy his antics.

A/N: this is the first, and probably ONLY time that I have written Doctor/Jack. (I don’t count those silly Doctor/Jack/Peter Petrelli stories I wrote last year.) It’s for

[ profile] phoenixjustice’s birthday, which was August 5th, but as I was in The Taming of the Shrew she let me take my time. Smut is not my strong suit, please do not leave mean comments, it took a very VERY long time and I worked VERY hard and yeah, I drop off a lot but that’s just how I roll, blah blah, enjoy if you dare.  


(The idea for Six is shamelessly ganked from this: and this: neither of which I drew.)


(Btw, I just found out that I can’t eat jelly babies because they have gelatin in them. DAMN YOU, sticky cow hoof substance, DAMN YOU!)


Here there be Yeits, jelly babies, and the rambilng obscenities of a sleepy slash authoress ... )

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Title: Worst

Author: me, aunt_zelda

Rating: R, for implied … stuff.

Spoilers: Up through SoD.

Summary: An insight to the Doctor’s mind during The Year that Never Was.

A/N: I have a disturbing mind. *slinks away in shame* This is part of my ‘One Year Anniversary’ posting extravaganza.


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Title: Beach

Author: me, aunt_zelda

Word Count: 1,772

Rating: R I suppose, for groping and swears in American-English and English-English.

Spoilers: S3 of DW, but it’s one of those ‘the Master is really alive and still Simm!Master and traveling with the Doctor … somehow’ fics.

A/N: I went to the beach on Earth Day and was struck with this fic idea as I was drawing Chinese characters in the sand. You should probably blame the Mainer in me for dragging our favorite Time Lords to a Maine beach, but be grateful I allowed at least some sand (in my opinion, if there aren’t rocks, it’s not a beach.)

Also I’m becoming very interested indeed in Academy Fics, anyone got any good linkies? Shamelessly pimping your own fics is allowed and welcome!

Also, ‘Whirligigs?’ No idea what they look like at all. Draw me a picture if you have time!


(Edit, July 30th 2008: This fic won runner-up in 'Best Fluff Fic' in the dwtwslashawards. Thank you to everyone who voted for me!)




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