Road Trip!

May. 24th, 2015 09:02 pm
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About to leave on another cross-country road trip! So excited! Been waiting for this ever since I got back from the last one in December.
I'll post pictures when I can. Internet usage will be sporadic for the next week or so.
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So, about two weeks ago, I didn’t watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I was in LA, sleeping on a friend’s air mattress, trying to find a place to live. I watched some other tv, wrote some fanfics, and worried and stressed about apartments and paperwork. I read books on the plane. And I thought “I can catch up on this episode later.”

Then this past Sunday there was certainly no time. I was graduating college Monday, there was a ton to prepare, things to pack, people to meet and greet. So I didn’t watch that night.

And then Monday morning I heard people angrily talking about the episode. About Sansa getting raped. And I just thought “... no.”

And I’ve read the articles and seen people on my friends list on Facebook discussing it, and it’s just been ... vile. A man I considered a friend turned out to be a pretty disgusting human being, spewed ignorance, and then shut down a discussion thread and blocked me and some other women from his facebook page. Because we were outraged over the sexual violence on Game of Thrones.

Sansa is one of my favorite characters, but even if she weren’t I’d still be angry about this. I am sick of this. I am sick of women on the show being treated like objects there for shock-value, to be used and abused for entertainment. I’m particularly disturbed that this time it’s an actress who was so recently a minor, and that as soon as she turned 18 they decided to throw her into a scene like that. Are they looking at Maisie Williams with that excited, anticipatory eye now? Kerry Ingram? Are they counting the days until they can strip these girls onscreen?

Even if Sansa turns into a 1970s-style exploitation heroine and kills all the Boltons with her bare hands it won’t be enough. There’s going to be more rape first, because on this show, there’s always time for rape.
There’s no time for Arianne Martell and her plotline, but there’s time for rape.
There’s no time for Jaime’s trip through the Riverlands, but there’s time for rape.
There’s no time for Melisandre to be anything but a cartoonish “evil sexy lady in red” stereotype who cackles about Davos’ sons dying and strips at the drop of a hat, but there’s time for rape.
There’s no time for Wildling culture and history and Val, but there’s time for rape.
There’s no time for Lady Stoneheart and her plot, but there’s time for rape.

Sansa is going to be raped again. Many female characters on the show will be brutalized, tortured, stripped, for an anticipated leering male audience. It sickens me to think what they’ll do for Cersei’s Walk of Shame but I bet the camera will be about three inches from Lena Headey’s boobs the entire time.

I do not want to watch that. I do not need to watch that.

And so, I will not watch that.

I might watch the Team Dragonstone scenes as clips, but even that makes me worried because the plot and Sansa’s are gonna intersect, I just know it. And I’m worried the show is gonna burn Shireen or something equally nasty to her. So I don’t know if I can even manage to watch my favorite characters.

I still count myself as a fan of the books. They have their problems, particularly their racist moments, but I am willing to take the books, and the book fandom, over the show and the show fandom. I have found people willing to discuss the problems in the books, and share fanfics with, and squee about characters with, and I hate that it took the HBO show to get me into the books. That’s not the sort of person I usually am, usually I start with the books and THEN go to the show or movie. I hate that HBO robbed me of forming my own images of some of the characters and situations.

To those still watching the show, I wish you well. But I cannot watch anymore.

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My access to the internet will be sporadic these next few days. I’m fine, I’m crashing with a friend who has no internet while I apartment hunt cross country. She does live near a library though, I will sneak in there and leech the WiFi if possible.
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I got a new computer over the weekend, the transfer process ran into some issues. I was without a computer for several days. I apologize for my absense online. It was incredibly stressful for me, I am involved in many projects currently and I couldn't keep in contact with the THREE FILMS I am producing at the moment and all the class projects.

Or write fanfic.

And now my new computer doesn't have Word on it. So when I wanna update stuff I need to switch to my old (slow) computer. Until I save up to buy a version of Word. So updates will be ... slow.
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So, the site update is finally coming.

Um, it's up. It looks like THIS.

You will see that it has a new address. The old site is going down soon. (I was told 2 weeks from now but I can't find an announcement.) They are not updating the old site, they are making a completely new site with a new domain name.

This means that, well, it's gonna disappear. Unless someone archived pages via the Wayback Machine (which I'm not sure would even work with this, but who knows) it's gonna be gone soon.

If you're like me and this makes you feel a little anxious, now is the time to go through and take MANY screenshots. PDF files. Whatever works for you. And do it now, and soon, because the site will be gone.

I know the comments sections were usually a site of horribleness, but some were not. Friends were made. Recommendations were suggested. Memes were circulated. There's a lot of history there. I'm going to be very sad to see it go. As much as we all joked about the site redesign being needed and never coming, has been in my bookmarks for six years now. For most of that time, I'd visit at least every day, or every other day, checking the new videos and seeing what was being posted.

I'm going to be sad to no longer see this site pop up. I'm going to miss it.

I guess you could say I'm soon going to be feeling ... nostalgic, for

Seriously though, it's always sad to see a familiar place vanish, especially one that's been there for me, relatively unchanged, for a decent chunk of time.

I'm hopeful for this new site, even though I personally don't like the look of it and the design itself seems cumbersome. I've already been watching my favorites on their own websites though, so maybe I just won't be visiting the site itself as much as I did in high school, maybe I'll be watching everyone on blip or their personal blogs instead.

It's just ... it's very strange, thinking back, when I was on spring break as a 15 and a half year old, and followed a link from tvtropes to this girl called the Nostalgia Chick making jokes about David Bowie. And then I watched this thing called the Brawl, full of people I didn't know spouting catchphrases I'd never heard before, and ... well, if you know me you know what happened after that.

Anyways, basically, take screenshots while you can, because is going down soon and the new site will replace it.

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I'm moving into my new apartment tomorrow! WOOT! So much packing!

We won't have internet until Wednesday or Thursday, and we're hooking it up ourselves to save $60, so who knows. I'll be able to see messages via my lovely new smartphone, and by getting WiFi on campus, but I might not be very prompt to reply or respond to stuff over the next few days. I'm also starting up classes, again, so yeah. Madness.

Just to let people know. I'm not mad at anyone or disappearing, I'm just gonna have sporadic internet for the next few days. I'll try to do as much writing as I can so I can post lots of fics when I get back. And maybe they won't all be Pacific Rim smut, either ...  
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Guys I am doing this thing good god I just got permission from the author of one of my fav fics today and it’s 28,000+ words long sweet jesus I’m practicing reading out some bits and this is gonna HURT. Me, you, everyone we know, etc.

But I’m gonna do it. I’m excited. And nervous. And daunted by the length. And concerned about my voice and the echoing of the rooms of my house. And sound editing.

We’ll see how this goes. Updates to follow.

Biggest Concerns:

1) The length. I've done one podfic before, and it was pretty short.
Solution: I have until mid-August. I got this. I'll just chip away at it and if the sound/my voice varies slightly between chunks, so be it.

2) My voice. I feel ok about it but I've heard some fantastic podficcers before (and some not-so-good ones) but I'm concerned I might not sound very good compared to the other people in the challenge.
Solution: I will avoid listening to the previous works of the other people and not listen to any finished podfics until I'm done.

3) Pleasing the author. I really admire this fic and it's so good and I wanna do it justice and thank this author because reading this fic cheered me up on bad days and is super good and I'll probably never meet this person and I wanna say "thank you" better than a squeeing comment on a fanfic.
Solution: authors tend to be happy and excited no matter what the podfic sounds like in the end. She has already gleefully expressed being honored about my offer to podfic her fic. So that's good. I worry too much, I should stop that.
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All the videos, with the except of a few old ones that wouldn't download, are saved and backed up.

I don't know what to do with them now. I don't know what's officially going to happen to his blip channel. I don't know if he'll be ok with people putting his videos up on youtube, for example, or what.

I have vague ideas about making them available via dropbox or rapidshare or mediafire or some other service, to fellow fans.

But for now, they're safe. I got them all. 
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So, no official word yet on the fate of Welshy’s blip channel and videos. Which makes me think they’re gonna be deleted. Which makes me feel sick and vaguely panicked. Which makes me want to save them somehow.

I’ve tried. I’m dizzy from Vicodin because of my wisdom teeth and I just … can’t do this. I found a free provider online that let me download three short videos from blip. That’s it. Then it decided to fail. Ya’ll are welcome to try this but I don’t think it can handle long videos:

If anyone has a better option, please go through and save the videos. Download them, back them up, and we’ll figure out what to do next. Maybe putting them up on youtube? Making links available to fans via dropbox? I have no idea. I’m not tech savvy. My jaw hurts so bad and I’m about to cry. I don’t know what to do. I feel so horrible right now.
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False alarm: no wisdom teeth removal today. #InsuranceFail
I'm alert, no drugs in me. Annoyed that I got all worked up and didn't eat or drink all morning (which is what they tell you do do) for nothing. D:<
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So, tomorrow (Thursday) I'll be getting my wisdom teeth removed. All four of them. I've made my mom promise to keep me off my laptop for the first 24 hours or so, so I don't do or post anything crazy. So for a day or two, I won't be reachable. Possibly longer depending on how I react to these drugs.

Love you all, feel free to send me messages or try to contact me for whatever reason, but I won't be responding for a while. 
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 Today's my eighteenth birthday.

So I can tell the whole internet how old I am, at long last. I've come a long way since that blushing thirteen-and-a-half-year-old who posted Mylar fanfiction and rambling recaps of Heroes episodes.

Sometimes I feel my age, all grown up as it were, especially when I'm driving around by myself, making wrong turns and blasting music and deciding where to go. Mostly I don't feel old enough at all. Sometimes I feel like a lost little kid. Then I start to feel scared, and then I want to cry. I don't want to grow up.

But I can vote now. That's awesome. LJ won't give me messages about content being "for adults only" anymore. That's also awesome.

(For those of you keeping score, I was 15-and-a-half when I posted 'Nerd-on-Critic Action' and 16 when Bennett read my fanfic to the world.)

The reasons I've been less than prolific with my writing over the past two years is because I was busy with my junior and senior years of high school, the SATs, my enormous senior project of doom, visiting and applying to colleges, learning to drive, getting a job, having my first boyfriend, and stressing about most of that in a very time-consuming way.

I'm not a kid anymore. I may still feel like one, but I'm not. Lots of people are going to expect me to do a lot of things by myself with no help whatsoever, and that's TERRIFYING to me. They're going to say things like "I'm not going to hold your hand" or "I'm not your mother." I'm NOT READY.

I'm excited about college. It's going to be awesome and fun and I'm going to learn so much and meet so many cool people and it's what I've been working towards for years. It's cool that I'm eighteen now.

Right now, around midnight, I feel kinda sad and kinda scared and kinda anxious, all mixed up with sleepiness and excitement and anticipation. I'm gonna be ok. I just don't feel so ok right now. 

Huh ...

Jun. 1st, 2011 12:27 pm
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 Well, my Big Damn Project is done. 

That's right, it's done.

Well, I have to make a little (nerve-wracking) speech next week, and have an official Defense thing next Monday, but after that it'll all be over. All 141 pages are printed out and in plastic sleeves in a huge three-ring binder on a special table and everything. 

It hasn't quite sunk in yet. I've been working on this for almost six months, and to suddenly go from "work work work work sleep sleep work work work break sleep sleep sleep work work work ... no work? No work?" is kinda jarring. Yesterday on the way home I was thinking to myself "Ok, I'll get home and then I can work on ... oh, wait, I don't NEED to work on ANYTHING! Wow ... huh ... what do I do?" 

So I'm back. I never really "left" but I did warn you all that I was gonna be sporadic and inconsistent in my internet presence, and I was. I wish I could have done it another way, but there really wasn't any other way to get the Big Damn Project Done. I'm glad to be back. I've enjoyed what little I've been able to do, read some stories, look at the art, comment when I could and check the Kink Meme compulsively. Keeping up with TGWTG videos was difficult from time to time, and I have a list of ones I didn't get to within their week. I can catch up on those. 

Most importantly, though, I can start writing fanfiction again. *SQUEE* I have MISSED that. I haven't written for myself, purely for pleasure, in ... wow, in AGES. *hugs the Treehouse* 

So these next two weeks will be a little busy, but not nearly the level that I was for the past six months. I'm going through my e-mails now, catching up on comments I missed.
I apologize for not responding to comments, missing birthdays, and not being there for people.
But now I can get back to writing and being a little more visible around here again. Thank goodness!

So ...

May. 2nd, 2011 09:10 am
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 So, Bin Laden's dead. I know because 1) someone turned on the radio, heard, and started yelling/screaming that at SIX AM THIS MORNING MY GOD 2) someone made a Kink Meme post about it and 3) the NPR Morning Show.

I ... really don't know how to feel about this. I mean, it's good that we found him, I'm not disputing that, but I'm kinda disturbed by how the American public is reacting. Cheering and celebrations? Um ... 'hurray! We shot a guy in the head!' ... is anyone else uncomfortable about that? Remember after 9/11 when they showed footage of kids in the Middle East dancing in the streets as news footage of the Towers falling was shown? Yeah, I remember that. I remember and I'm squicked.
I don't feel bad that he's gone, obviously, but I'm not going to punch the air and cheer or anything. I just sort of thought "oh, that's good ... now, back to my project." It's not like we're withdrawing the troops from our two wars war and illegal invasion.

Wow. Almost ten years of my life, I've know that this boogeyman was out there inspiring terrorists and making creepy videos that ended up on youtube, and now he's dead. Dumped in the ocean. How anticlimactic. 
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Weird Dream )

I have registered for NADWCon. I know it's silly. I know this means I'll have to work a lot this summer to make the money, and make up for the lost work-time I'll be spending at the Con. I'm still going, and it's going to be totally awesome!!!
I've never been to a Con before. I'm kinda nervous. Well, I'm VERY nervous. But I'm also very excited. I'm going to get a book signed by Sir Terry Pratchett! I'm going to go on a trip and get dressed up and meet oodles of geeks!
Speaking of that, I need to compile my first official cosplay! Awesome!
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 Ok, so a while back I met some really nice people at a convention (the Libertarian Convention, actually ... heh heh ...) who are trying to make a cool-sounding movie about a dystopian future and a hot anarchist lady being chased by a government employee. 

Watch the cute video that explains things far better than I could.

I'm bringing this up because they are in desperate need of money. They've been fundraising for a while and people have been pledging money ... but if they don't hit a certain mark they won't get any of the pledges. Please please please PLEASE at least consider tossing them the five-dollar minimum. (Hey, if worst comes to worst, you'll keep your money, right?)

Those of you who can't or don't want to shill out money to a group of strange animators you've only just heard about, please pimp this to everybody and anybody you know, so perhaps THEY will donate.

It's just ... this sounds like it could be a really cool story, and they were wicked nice to me (they played hallway baseball with me at the convention with a poster case as a bat and a crumpled-up bits of post-it notes as the ball!) and they deserve support.

(Also, I spent an inordinate amount of time today twisting my hair into an odango style - I was going for those cute bun-pigtail things that Kaylee wears in the first episode but my hair didn't quite get there. I NEVER mess with my hair ... it was kinda fun ...)
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And it won an EMMY. alfkjdalkfjaljfaljflfjal THERE IS HOPE FOR THE WORLD AFTER ALL!!! *does the dance of incredibly geeky joy*
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HUZZAH! Prop H8 was struck down today! *SQUEEEEEEEEEE* Take THAT, hateful, stupid homophobic twats! *does The Dance of Joy* 

So, time for a new default icon, methinks ...

TA-DAH! *points to my new default icon*

Exciting, innit?

(Yeah, I'm in a foul mood despite the fantastic day I had and the news that Prop 8 got smacked down; I haven't the energy to search for a super-mega-awesome icon at the moment. I might change it, or I might stick with the garlic one. Right now I have to clean and organize and rearrange furniture and try not to die of the humidity.)
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 Hey guys! 
Ok, I'm going to do something I've never really done before. I'm going to link you guys to something asking you for money. No, don't ignore me! Don't I keep the politics to a minimum on my journal? Have I ever brought up a charity before? (Honestly, I can't remember, but I doubt it.)

So, basically, there's these guys who want to make a movie. I've met two of them (long story that I can't get into right now) and they are nice, funny, ernest people who really are going to make a movie and aren't just doing this for a lark or quick cash. We talked about V for Vendetta for ages before I remembered I needed to get back to ... a place. I want to help them out because they were very nice to me and let me play hallway baseball with them later that week. (With a poster case and a rolled up wad of post-it notes ... and that was hardly the weirdest thing I did at the place where I met them.)

Here's their website. Yeah, not the coolest thing I've ever linked, to, I know, but I really really REALLY want to see this movie get made, and if it means annoying my flist a little, so be it. My thinking is that if the movie gets made they can later make one with better animation, or even real people, in the future! Or once the movie gets made more of the comics will come out! (I got one of the comics when I met them, SO COOL!) 

Watch this silly video! 

Please, even if you can't give them five bucks, at least spread the word that a ragtag bunch of misfits are trying to make a movie about a dystopian future where money is worthless and the government is watching you and a hot punk-looking anarchist lady is blowing shit up to get back at the government and being chased by a government agent who's kind of attracted to her (they share a kiss when a train nearly hits them) and that's only what I've seen thus far!

(Yes, I'm using links to tvtropes to appeal to your geekier natures. I know, I'm shameless.)
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So, I have a job! Hurray! I start tomorrow! I feel anxious and excited and conflicted because on the one hand, job = money and money = yay, on the other hand, job = less free time and less free time = less time in fandom (which I am, once again, woefully behind in.)
So ... yeah. More updates on that to follow.

But what you're really here for are my thoughts on Changes, right? Here goes ...

Incoherent RAAAAAGE ... also, have I stumbled upon an internet taboo? )


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