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Title: Balancing Act

Fandoms: Doctor Who, Heroes.

Pairings: Mylar, Plaude, Doctor/Master

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1,379 (aprox.)

Warnings/Spoilers: S3 of Doctor Who, V1 of Heroes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes, Tim Kring does. I do not own Doctor Who, the BBC does. Please do not sue me, I don’t think they allow Heroes marathons in prison …

A/N: [ profile] trueroyalty ’s birthday was on the 18th, and I promised her a fic. She exploded with joy before I’d written a thing. I apologize for not being able to muster poetry of my own, but I think letting your imaginations run rampant with the idea is better than anything I could come up with. The naming of the pigeons has no particular order, and yeah, in my fanom: Claude’s got a ‘Journal of Impossible Things’ and a fob-watch somewhere.

Prompt: ‘Chameleon … Effulgence’


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Chameleons and poetry and drums, oh my! )


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Ahhhh ... *smiles around* I'm in Maine for the 4th, and it is LUVERLY to be back to my roots! (Course, not many fireworks about, seeing as they're illegal for the most part and you need a lisence in advance and all that jazz, but I shall be going out SOMEWHERE tonight. *grinz*
This time last year I was in Alabama for that wedding, and fireworks were going off until two in the morning, which was the average time of when I'd go to sleep on the couch or makeshift bed-thing I had ... WOW, time sure does fly!

Speaking of flying, here's a fic I wrote last year, round this time. It's pretty depressing, but I like it because it's a Plaude FYG fic, through Nikki's POV.

*shrugs* I think it's interesting to look back and see how much my style has changed ... then again, it was sad because I was reading old comments and realizing I've fallen out of 'contact' with all those poeple ... *sigh*
Gorramit, I gave up on keeping up with Mylar, but I'll be damned if I give up on Plaude! *tears off to peterandclaude*

Oh, btw, as it's the 4th, the Capitol Steps did their traditional show. You can listen to it here: they're HYSTERICAL.

Enjoy the 4th of July, everyone!
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Title: Closure
Author: me, aunt_zelda
Rating: R because there’s some naughty words, and naughty acts, and I have no beta!
Warning: I’m an American.

Spoilers: S1 of Heroes, and through ‘Last of the Time Lords’ for DW.
Pairings: 10th Doctor/6th Master, Peter Petrelli/Claude Raines, Peter Petrelli/10th Doctor, flicker of Past!Noah/Past!Claude, plus another ‘canon’ pairing you’ll catch if you watch Heroes.
Summary: After loosing the Master (and, I guess, meeting himself, and the business with the Titanic, which I haven’t seen yet, damn you, time zone!) the Doctor seeks closure with the help of an old … ‘friend.’

A/N: This is my desperate attempt to keep the Plaude community going whilst simultaneously writing Doctor/Master, a pairing that is swiftly becoming my OTP. Hopefully I’ll confuzzle the heck out of both communities, whilst shamelessly pimping these vids: because I promised the maker I would. They’re HYSTERICAL, so please leave him lots of comments, even if you DON’T read my fic!

(Btw, I suck at titles, and I also suck at smut so please be kind, I usually never go this far in my fics.)



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Author: me,

[personal profile] aunt_zelda


Prompt #: 32/33/47, 46, 38, 24, 23, 22, 19, 18, 15, 14, 13, 6 (TWELVE)

Pairings: Mylar, tiny bit of Kiro, a tiny bit of Claire/Monica, tiny bit of Plaude.

Rating: there are some naughty words, but overall the material is PG-13-ish.

Warnings: Mostly S2 of Heroes

Summary: Mylar rocks my mismatched socks, I’m getting more interested in femslash, Kiro is depressing and so is Plaude and I didn’t write much of either please don’t kill me mods!

A/N: not so good this week, guys. I had a BEASTLY couple of days, cried, shouted at homophobes, squee-jigged about Torchwood, danced, snowshoed, and was generally exhausted. I spent a lot of Saturday and today trying vainly to catch up on slash, so most of these are Mylar, most of these are not very good. Also MY FINAL INSTALLMENT FOR RAPID-FIRE! I WILL WRITE NO MORE DRABBLES FOR IT! *exhausted*

Btw, the strange fic about ‘Nightmare Land’ are explained in the first Installment. - Installment 1: 18 fics



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Author: me, aunt_zelda

Prompt #s: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 16, 28, 31, 35, 40, 42, 43, 48, 49, 50 (that’s right EIGHTEEN!)

Pairings: Mylar, Plaude, Claude/Noah, Kiro, Claire/obscure-female-character

Ratings: PG – R

Warnings: Please watch every Heroes episode ever, I cover a lot of ground with these.

Summary: Kiro is depressing, Claire is a lesbian, Claude/Noah occurs once, Molly angsts on issues close to my heart, Plaude is speculative-future, and Mylar is just too confusing to get into here.

Word Count: I go over the drabble-limit once. Sorry.

A/N: I can’t do that cool: click-here-and-it-takes-you-to-the-fic, so I’m just posting ONE link and you’ll have to sift through, because I’m not cool and tech-savy like you guys.

It’s mostly Mylar, because it's from the huge, soul-sucking challenge over on Mylar fic. .


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Title: Christmas (sequel to ‘Thanksgiving’)

Rating: R to be safe.

Genre: Holiday Crack/Angst

Pairings: Plaude, Mylar, Claire/Monica, a little Sandra/Heidi, Nathan/Matt, Noah/The Haitian, budding Molly/Micah.  

Characters: Peter, Claude, Mohinder, Sylar, Claire, Noah, Nathan, Monica, Micah, Molly, Matt, the Haitian.

Word Count: 2,470

Warnings: Lesbians. Lesbians in love. Please forgive me, everyone, I suck at femeslash. 

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left.

My Thoughts: This could be really horrible but I’m too sleepy to re-read it. I threw up randomly Friday night and my relations insisted on a Lost marathon, gimme a break. I cut a bunch of stuff with Molly and rearranged things and SHEESH I am TIRED TIRED TIRED! I did MORE femeslash and I hope it pleases you all as much as it did last time. (Molly and Micah are about fourteen, btw.) This is VERY long, so you might want to read it in shifts or something, between inhaling turkey and singing carols and dealing with your relations. Merry Christhanakwanza and (bleated) Solstice to all! - Thanksgiving - Christmas Past


Some videos I think you should watch: – Heroes Christmas – Buffy/Angel Christmas – When Doctors Meet For X-Mas – I Want An Alien For Christmas (DW)



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Title: Christmas Past

Rating: PG-13 for English swears and implied stuff.

Characters: Peter, Sylar, Monica, Micah, Heidi, Claude, Mohinder.

Series: Heroes Holidays

Pairings: Mylar, Plaude, hinted Heidi/Sandra, Petlar if you want.

Word Count: 1,622

Warnings: Watch Heroes, Seasons 1 AND 2. Otherwise, it’s not safe here for you here.

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left.                                       

Summary: A year after the Explosion, Peter tracks down Sylar on Christmas Eve; Monica is in Maine; Claude is sick; Mohinder is confused.  

My Thoughts: Wow, this is rather long. And angsty. And weird and odd. Sorry. This is kind of a prequel to ‘Thanksgiving’ to tide you all over until the sequel comes out (which is soon, I swear.) As for Heidi’s last name, blame the ‘Windsor’ thing on the books I’m reading right now. - Thanksgiving



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Title: Thanksgiving

Rating: R for: Sylar’s dirty thoughts, Sylar’s dirty language, Sylar being dirty in general.

Genre: Holiday Crack/Angst

Pairings: Plaude, budding Claire/Monica, past Claude/Bennet, vague Sandra/Heidi, Mylar (the main focus, I’m afraid.)

Word Count: 1,632

Spoilers: Episode 17 of Season 1, up to Episode 9 of Season 2.

Warnings: Lesbians. I don’t do femslash well, so they’re just in the background … please forgive me, everyone.  

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left.                                       

Summary: Three years after the Explosion, those who are alive gather at Noah’s house for Thanksgiving, even Sylar, who is now an anti-hero of sorts. Slash ensues.

My Thoughts: I started this a few days ago because I wanted to do a Thanksgiving fic that wasn’t entirely cracky. Not that I approve of people reading this on Thanksgiving, because people should be with family and eating a lot of food and watching the ‘manly’ sport of men in tights tackling each other on this chilly November day. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Edit: this fic won runner-up in 'Best Humor Fic' in the Heroes Slash Awards. ( Thanks to everyone who voted for me!




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Nov. 16th, 2007 04:07 pm
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So, today was the first snow. Grrrr, I hate snow! I hate winter! *belong to the group that things we should be hibernating in the winter, or at least sleeping A LOT*
But it was little flurries and kinda pretty, and really chilly outside so I wore my awesome new orange shirt/sweater thing.
I worked on my lovely werewolf poem today (werewolves rule my mind, in case you didn't know) and soon I shall finish and post it here. I also learned runes and began translating the first chapter of my Viking story into runic. SO HARD! It's fun that I don't need the answer-key much anymore, though.
Last night I finished The Killer's Tears which you ALL MUST READ. I thought deep thoughts and wanted to cry at the end. *huggles the cat*
Been reading this silly comic online, because when I was searching for Viking images I came up with links to this site:
Also been searing 'Remus Lupin' on deviantart for fun. There's lots of silly stuff there, and amazing art, and wonderful Remus/Sirius stuff.
Last night I had dance, which was WONDERFUL. Learned a new step in the tango, and the Cha-Cha!
*so sleepy*
But today the guy I've liked for a very long time WAVED AT ME as the carpool car was driving off. Course, he could just be being polite, and after that EMBARESSING comment I made yesterday about his lovely, lovely hair (I said 'not that I stare at it for long periods of time or anything' and turned bright red and wanted to become a hermit and eat goat cheese forever) but STILL! *feels like something large slid down my throat to do a happy dance in my chest*

(Pssst! You should all go an read [profile] aimisan's first fanfic! It's Plaude and odd and you should all leave LOTS of comments![profile]
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Title: Next Episode … (Plaude-Style)

Rating: R to be safe.

Genre: Crack. Utter crack. Some hints of smut, too.

Pairings: Plaude, and some Mylar

Word Count: 313

Warnings: If you aren’t caught up with Heroes, I don’t think you should read this. Try to find the tiny reference to Season 3 of Doctor Who!

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left.

Summary: Claude is annoyed with Peter’s behavior in Season 2.

My Thoughts: Recently I wrote a fic about Sylar showing up next episode and being ticked off that Mohinder has been slashed with so many people this season who are NOT our favorite serial killer. It was such a success that I thought Claude should do the same thing to Peter. - the Mylar crack fic


Next Episode: Somewhere in Montreal:


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My friend left today. He’s not coming back. I got wicked depressed. I gave him a paper crane and a hug, and I watched him get into his car and drive off. I felt like I’d just watched the Ninth Doctor regenerate into Ten.

I didn’t love him … but he was one of my best friends. I didn’t know his name until a few weeks ago. We’d really only just started a friendship, watching Doctor Who and Torchwood spoofs and talking about Captain Jack.

So then I went and climbed the HUGE tree and cried a bit. Not just for my friend, but all the friends who have left or moved or I’ve left … they could have filled up the whole tree.

Depressing stuff … then I watched this movie: and felt a bit better. I also got a hug from my other friend (aimiesan.) She just recently discovered that Captain Jack is a sex-machine, and this makes her very happy and eager to watch Torchwood indeed. Hopefully I’ll have someone to talk to again … *sigh*  


I’m also about two weeks behind on slash … ergh … I’m so glad it’s Friday!


On the slash-front, been working on a Heroes/Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover thing for the past few days. The Petrellis and the Bennets (and Monica and Micah, for later explained reasons) end up on the TARDIS in the post-apocalyptic future, but Claude the Doctor isn’t too keen on Noah staying under his ‘roof’ … then Jack and Ianto get pulled into the mess for reasons I’m still forming …

And the WEREWOLF!Fic … ah, well, I’ve got a lot written, as I’ve been working on it for months, but I’ve run into a few snags.


1) How did Molly get from the town she and Mohinder lived in to an isolated village (several days travel away) in the woods, where Mohinder and Bane (Sylar) find her and some other people about to be burned?

2) Why does Peter run away with Claude (a werewolf) to the werewolves’ camp? What does Nathan do to spur this drastic action? (Remember, werewolves don’t take too kindly to humans, especially humans who are related to Nathan.)


People who help me out get nice mentions in my Thoughts!

This fic is going to be dedicated to ladywilde80, btw, and probably posted on Halloween …

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Title: Elle

Rating: R for FOUL LANGUAGE.

Pairings: Peter/Doctor Claude, Peter/Jack/Doctor Claude, one-sided Elle/Peter (eeew! Het!)

Warnings: This spoils Heroes Season 1, up to episode 4 of Season 2, and Doctor Who Season 1. If you haven’t seen these things, why are you at a FANSITE?!

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left.

Recap If You’re Lazy And Won’t Follow My Lovely Links: When we last left our intrepid three, they were partaking in an OT3 that sent many fangirls into flailing fits of death.

Summary: The fourth Part to my 'Poodle in the TARDIS' trilogy. Elle bashes her way into THIS slash. Peter sees Doctor Claude in THE PHOTO. I leave you with ANOTHER cliffhanger.

My Thoughts: Kristin Bell/Elle seems determined to break up my two favorite slashes (Mylar and Plaude: she was hitting on ZQ and her character is after Peter.) I wrote two fics about her threatening the Mylar: - Elle threatens the Mylar - Crime Against Slashers

And now I’ve written this.

Yeah, I have a feeling I’m going to HATE her … though, admittedly, tomorrow night she makes her first appearance, so I’ll know for sure soon enough.








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Title: Welcome to the TARDIS

Rating: R for implied stuff (this is JACK after all.)

Pairings: The Doctor (Claude)/Peter, Jack/the Doctor, Jack/Peter, Jack/Peter/Doctor Claude *dies*

Warnings: If you haven’t watched all of Season 1 of Heroes, or see Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 2, you shouldn’t be mucking about at a FANSITE, you should be going to shady websites and catching up! Also, this slightly spoils Season 1 of DW!

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left. And if I owned Doctor Who, I’d be all caught up and not still figuring out what the hell Cybermen are!

Summary: Peter read Claude’s letter to him (see link below) and after Claude the Doctor got flowers from the slashers (see other link below.) Peter arrives at the TARDIS …

My Thoughts: This is for [profile] vampedvixen’s birthday, which is tomorrow. I almost called it 'Key' because Peter was somehow going to get a TARDIS key, and for a while I almost had it with the letter, but I changed my mind. Thanks to [profile] hunters_girl for the proper spelling of Raxacor etc. This is the last one (making this a healthy trilogy) unless people make death-threats or something … - Dear Peter - Flowers

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Title: Flowers

Rating: R for implied stuff (this is JACK after all)

Pairings: The Doctor (Claude)/Peter, Jack/the Doctor

Warnings: If you haven’t watched all of Season 1 of Heroes, or see Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 2, you shouldn’t be mucking about at a FANSITE, you should be going to shady websites and catching up!

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left. And if I owned Doctor Who, I’d be all caught up and not still figuring out what the hell Cybermen are!

Summary: Slashers leave tokens of gratitude outside the TARDIS …

My Thoughts: Dedicated to [ profile] yo_mawari just … because … and she kinda reminded me to do this! I suppose you could call this a spinoff of ‘Dear Peter’ … I’ll probably be doing more stuff like this (Jack, the Doctor/Claude, and Peter) later on because I’ve discovered I LOVE IT!



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Catching up on promos and I just realized that in the clip of Peter shirtless and staring at his hand he's HANDCUFFED. Wahoo! Yay for kinky Plaude speculations! And Sylar's covered in blood again (creepy and sexy) and there's a shot of him in a black ... what's the word for a tank-top for guys? *can't remember* But whatever, he looks damn hot!

About my trip: it was lovely and fun and I watched someone use two dead horseshoe crabs (long story)  to act out slash about two guys on the trip. I thought about Mylar. I also started my 'Rainbow Heads' comic strip again. I can't draw the same character over and over so I draw stick figures with wild, rainbow hair. I started it last summer, and now they're back! I drew the Torchwood cast and a little strip about DW. I also drew the TARDIS over and over and over again to get it right. A friend drew a Dalek chasing the Doctor who had the scarf (which one was that?)
It's good to be home though ...

These are the promos I watched:
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Title: Regret Is Not A Luxury/Angels Of Death

Rating: R to be safe. Dub-con … I think … whatever almost-one-sided-Mylar is.

Genre: Angst, sadness and gloom, lots of flashbacks, icky smut.

Pairings: Mylar, Plaude, Claude/Sylar, Peter/Mohinder

Word Count: 2,628

Warnings: If you haven’t watched all of Season 1 of Heroes, you shouldn’t be here, you should be watching the DVDs! (Which I still don’t have … damn and free shipping!)

Disclaimer: Uh … obviously I don’t own Heroes. Wish I did …

Summary: So a while back I was thinking: why not take my two favorite pairings and mix ’em up? … this is what happened …

My Thoughts: I know I’ve used ‘Arthur Rosemond’ before but I love the name and I’m lazy. This is a depressing and happy fic. Also the last fic I’ll post for quite a long time. School starts tomorrow (perhaps I’m going to college … then you guy’ll REALLY have to wait!) and Torchwood is coming to BBC America and I haven’t gotten my laptop fixed yet … hope you guys love this as much as I do. *bids farewell*





Aug. 27th, 2007 02:36 am
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Title: Fallen

Rating: R. Non-con people! Non-con!

Genre: Death-Fic. Scariness. Angst.

Word Count: 893 (I think)

Warnings: If you haven’t watched all of Season 1 of Heroes, you shouldn’t be here, you should wait and watch the DVDs!

Disclaimer: Uh … obviously I don’t own Heroes. Wish I did. Then slash would run rampant, Hana wouldn’t be an infomorph, and Mohinder and Sylar would adopt Molly!

Summary: Claude wakes up in the dark and … um … really horrid stuff happens.

My Thoughts: Came out randomly tonight … scary scary scary! Death and angst and gloom and my god I can be disturbing sometimes … Azazel is a name I’ll probably use a lot later on, btw, so pay attention! Also, the title is cheesy. Sorry ...



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