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Title: Intervention

Rating: PG-13 … though this is post-Molizard-Mohinder’s head we’re in, so it could be R for all I know.

Word Count: My GOD … 500 EXACTLY! Praise be to Apollo and Odin!

Pairing: Mylar

Disclaimer, Spoilers: I do not own Heroes, Tim Kring does, though if he continues to handle certain characters *cough* Ando and Mohinder *cough* like this, he won’t for much longer. Spoilers for V3 of Heroes, up to episode 4.

A/N: GAH, Second-Person again! Doesn’t seem like I’ll ever be able to break this trend … (I consider this part of my ‘Eye of the Hurricane’ verse, even though it doesn’t deal with any of the characters from that. Leave me alone, I’m sleepy.) In regards to the deaths in this … uh, yeah, disturbing, eh? And I am a firm believer that Mohinder deserves a good smack upside the head for the turn his storyline has taken this season, so here’s my revenge. It was written fast and not looked over much, so it might be … awful.

Prompt: “Brutal”


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Title: In Over Your Head
Rating: PG-13-ish
Pairing, Characters: Mylar, tiny bit of Matt/Mohinder, hinted Elle/OFC, OMC/OMC, Molly
Word Count: 2,261 (aprox.)
Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes, Tim Kring does. I make no money off of this, blah blah blah.
Spoilers: V2.
A/N: This is for [ profile] cerebel 's birthday, which was the 19th, and I am soooooo jealous that her b-day is on Talk Like A Pirate Day. Seriously, how awesome is that?!
Anyhoodle, this is my last fic before the premiere of V3 (which is tomorrow, SQUEE!) cerebral gave me no prompt, just told me to "go crazy." As you can see, I kinda did. Written in Second-Person, which I find kinda creepy but have discovered works rather well. Even though there isn't much to steal, I'd rather people didn't take my OCs.
Comments are love!

(Edit: added in the italisizing. Stupid TextEdit, stupid HTML font, how I wish I were a computer genius.)

Hope this is good ... been working on it for two days inbetween Oz episodes )
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Title: Balancing Act

Fandoms: Doctor Who, Heroes.

Pairings: Mylar, Plaude, Doctor/Master

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1,379 (aprox.)

Warnings/Spoilers: S3 of Doctor Who, V1 of Heroes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes, Tim Kring does. I do not own Doctor Who, the BBC does. Please do not sue me, I don’t think they allow Heroes marathons in prison …

A/N: [ profile] trueroyalty ’s birthday was on the 18th, and I promised her a fic. She exploded with joy before I’d written a thing. I apologize for not being able to muster poetry of my own, but I think letting your imaginations run rampant with the idea is better than anything I could come up with. The naming of the pigeons has no particular order, and yeah, in my fanom: Claude’s got a ‘Journal of Impossible Things’ and a fob-watch somewhere.

Prompt: ‘Chameleon … Effulgence’


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Title: I Do
Rating: PG-13-ish (nothing hardcore, no swearing, hints of dub-con.)
Word Count: 477 (approximately)

Pairing: Mylar (Mohinder/Sylar)
Summary: ... officially, now, this was an affair …

Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes, Tim Kring and NBC do. The characters Mohinder, Sylar, Molly, and Matt Parkman were not invented by me. This drabble was written for the enjoyment and amusement of myself and fellow Heroes fans, no profit involved, blah blah, please don't sue me, it was hard enough to scrounge up the cash to pre-order S2 ...

A/N: I know, I know, I haven’t written Mylar in MONTHS, and for that I am sorry. I was kidnapped by all things Whoverse, please forgive me. Now that Doctor Who S4 is over, however, I'm going to be getting back into the Heroes swing of things. (September can't come fast enough, in my mind!)

Prompt: Vows




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Title: Use What God Gave You

Rating: R for swears, violence, and lewd suggestions

Characters: Sylar, Mohinder, and Molly. Noah, Claire, and Elle (teams of three)

Genre: Speculative Volume III

Pairings: Mylar and Eclaire (please squint)

Word Count: 1,727

Warnings: Watch Heroes, Seasons 1 AND 2. Otherwise, it’s not safe here for you here.

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left.                                       

Summary: Mayhem at the Company! Femmeslash? Perhaps!

My Thoughts: I know I haven’t posted any slash in forever and I haven’t been reading fics but I was at a funeral last week and tomorrow/today play rehearsals begin. This was mostly written between nine-in-the-afternoon and one-in-the-morning, so bear with my mistakes and please point them out, I had no time for a beta! (Just you wait, aussievamp …)


Femmeslash peppered throughout … if you’re lucky I’ll find a way to include Claire and Elle’s Motel-Scene in some other fic …

(I’m posting a lot more stuff tonight: prepare to be BOMBARDED with bad Doctor/Master fanfiction!)




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Author: me,

[personal profile] aunt_zelda


Prompt #: 32/33/47, 46, 38, 24, 23, 22, 19, 18, 15, 14, 13, 6 (TWELVE)

Pairings: Mylar, tiny bit of Kiro, a tiny bit of Claire/Monica, tiny bit of Plaude.

Rating: there are some naughty words, but overall the material is PG-13-ish.

Warnings: Mostly S2 of Heroes

Summary: Mylar rocks my mismatched socks, I’m getting more interested in femslash, Kiro is depressing and so is Plaude and I didn’t write much of either please don’t kill me mods!

A/N: not so good this week, guys. I had a BEASTLY couple of days, cried, shouted at homophobes, squee-jigged about Torchwood, danced, snowshoed, and was generally exhausted. I spent a lot of Saturday and today trying vainly to catch up on slash, so most of these are Mylar, most of these are not very good. Also MY FINAL INSTALLMENT FOR RAPID-FIRE! I WILL WRITE NO MORE DRABBLES FOR IT! *exhausted*

Btw, the strange fic about ‘Nightmare Land’ are explained in the first Installment. - Installment 1: 18 fics



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Author: me, aunt_zelda

Prompt #s: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 16, 28, 31, 35, 40, 42, 43, 48, 49, 50 (that’s right EIGHTEEN!)

Pairings: Mylar, Plaude, Claude/Noah, Kiro, Claire/obscure-female-character

Ratings: PG – R

Warnings: Please watch every Heroes episode ever, I cover a lot of ground with these.

Summary: Kiro is depressing, Claire is a lesbian, Claude/Noah occurs once, Molly angsts on issues close to my heart, Plaude is speculative-future, and Mylar is just too confusing to get into here.

Word Count: I go over the drabble-limit once. Sorry.

A/N: I can’t do that cool: click-here-and-it-takes-you-to-the-fic, so I’m just posting ONE link and you’ll have to sift through, because I’m not cool and tech-savy like you guys.

It’s mostly Mylar, because it's from the huge, soul-sucking challenge over on Mylar fic. .


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Title: Christmas (sequel to ‘Thanksgiving’)

Rating: R to be safe.

Genre: Holiday Crack/Angst

Pairings: Plaude, Mylar, Claire/Monica, a little Sandra/Heidi, Nathan/Matt, Noah/The Haitian, budding Molly/Micah.  

Characters: Peter, Claude, Mohinder, Sylar, Claire, Noah, Nathan, Monica, Micah, Molly, Matt, the Haitian.

Word Count: 2,470

Warnings: Lesbians. Lesbians in love. Please forgive me, everyone, I suck at femeslash. 

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left.

My Thoughts: This could be really horrible but I’m too sleepy to re-read it. I threw up randomly Friday night and my relations insisted on a Lost marathon, gimme a break. I cut a bunch of stuff with Molly and rearranged things and SHEESH I am TIRED TIRED TIRED! I did MORE femeslash and I hope it pleases you all as much as it did last time. (Molly and Micah are about fourteen, btw.) This is VERY long, so you might want to read it in shifts or something, between inhaling turkey and singing carols and dealing with your relations. Merry Christhanakwanza and (bleated) Solstice to all! - Thanksgiving - Christmas Past


Some videos I think you should watch: – Heroes Christmas – Buffy/Angel Christmas – When Doctors Meet For X-Mas – I Want An Alien For Christmas (DW)



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Title: Christmas Past

Rating: PG-13 for English swears and implied stuff.

Characters: Peter, Sylar, Monica, Micah, Heidi, Claude, Mohinder.

Series: Heroes Holidays

Pairings: Mylar, Plaude, hinted Heidi/Sandra, Petlar if you want.

Word Count: 1,622

Warnings: Watch Heroes, Seasons 1 AND 2. Otherwise, it’s not safe here for you here.

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left.                                       

Summary: A year after the Explosion, Peter tracks down Sylar on Christmas Eve; Monica is in Maine; Claude is sick; Mohinder is confused.  

My Thoughts: Wow, this is rather long. And angsty. And weird and odd. Sorry. This is kind of a prequel to ‘Thanksgiving’ to tide you all over until the sequel comes out (which is soon, I swear.) As for Heidi’s last name, blame the ‘Windsor’ thing on the books I’m reading right now. - Thanksgiving



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Because I need one for a serious fic I'm writing about Mylar. Mohinder calls Sylar something. I searched the internet and came up with nada. What does Mohinder even SPEAK when in India?! *headdesk* I remembered this discussion: but they didn't seem to reach a conclusion. Argh!
It doesn't help that I have a HORRIFIC headache ...
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Title: Welcome to Hell

Rating: R for safety.

Genre: Speculative next episode.

Pairings: Dream-trap Mylar.

Word Count: 661

Warnings: Watch Heroes. Every episode. Otherwise, it’s not safe here for you. I’m not religious and I apologize for any allegorical stuff.

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left.                                       

Summary: The promo showed us Sylar in Mohinder’s apartment. I went off on a tangent after I recovered from my death-by-SQUEE.

Dedication: To [personal profile] levitatethis for her awesome fic ‘Twisted’ which inspired the mind-trap.

My Thoughts: During a massive-catch-up I thought how hysterical it would be if Sylar managed to kidnap half the cast. The dream-trap was WAY TOO MUCH FUN to write and I was planning on putting more but I wanted to post this before tonight’s episode.






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So, YAY! I didn't have to get up at seven to make Christmas wreaths (which would have been GHASTLY as I went to bed around, oh, two-ish.) Making the wreaths was actually really fun, but now my fingers are FREEZING and I'm finding it hard to type. My hands smell so GOOD! *smells hands all day*
I also had a Mylar dream this morning. It was like a promo and when I woke up I was very upset that it wasn't true.
It went like this:
Sylar and Mohinder were standing really close together and some Heroes music was playing, and then Sylar kissed Mohinder's cheek. The Mohinder turned slightly and they began kissing really passionately and wrapping their arms around each other and the camera circled around them faster and faster and I squeed (in my dream, because I was watching this on TV.)
Then, of course, it being MY strange mind, they broke apart and Mohinder looked scared and morphed into a cat-werewolf-brown bear thing and Sylar was a grayish werewolf thing and they started to fight and the announcer voice said something about internal struggles being kept quiet until now.
Then I woke up and was very upset that the first part had not happened in real life.
In other news, Torchwood tomorrow and Heroes on Monday, and I start a new class on Monday. Greek Theater. Can't wait!
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Title: Thanksgiving

Rating: R for: Sylar’s dirty thoughts, Sylar’s dirty language, Sylar being dirty in general.

Genre: Holiday Crack/Angst

Pairings: Plaude, budding Claire/Monica, past Claude/Bennet, vague Sandra/Heidi, Mylar (the main focus, I’m afraid.)

Word Count: 1,632

Spoilers: Episode 17 of Season 1, up to Episode 9 of Season 2.

Warnings: Lesbians. I don’t do femslash well, so they’re just in the background … please forgive me, everyone.  

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left.                                       

Summary: Three years after the Explosion, those who are alive gather at Noah’s house for Thanksgiving, even Sylar, who is now an anti-hero of sorts. Slash ensues.

My Thoughts: I started this a few days ago because I wanted to do a Thanksgiving fic that wasn’t entirely cracky. Not that I approve of people reading this on Thanksgiving, because people should be with family and eating a lot of food and watching the ‘manly’ sport of men in tights tackling each other on this chilly November day. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Edit: this fic won runner-up in 'Best Humor Fic' in the Heroes Slash Awards. ( Thanks to everyone who voted for me!




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Title: Episode 10

Rating: R for ANGST OF AMAZING PROPORTIONS, foul language, boikissing.

Genre: Speculative Next Episode.

Pairings: You can spot the Mylar towards the end… this could just read like a hypothetical scene next episode …  

Word Count: 1,405

Warnings: If you haven’t watched all of Season 1 of Heroes, or see all the current episodes of Season 2, you shouldn’t be mucking about at a FANSITE, you should be catching up!

Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes. I think one of YOU owns a share in Heroes though, because SYLAR is in MOHINDER’S APARTMENT next episode!                                                                         

Summary: Sylar is in Mohinder’s apartment next episode. In case you didn’t hear all the hysterical fangirl screams last night.

My Thoughts: I picked up the bits of my exploded brain and just couldn’t stop writing this evening: I love it when I get into a streak, but that means there are probably typos, which I apologize for in advance as I point those out all the time in YOUR fics. This is also a lot more angsty than I first intended, but I DID revise the ending and now I’m incredibly pleased. *apologizes for any depression caused before Tofu-Turkey Day* Speaking of which, gotta finish up that Thanksgiving fic!


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Title: Next Episode …

Rating: R for implied stuff … but this is cracktastic so don’t worry too much …

Pairings: Mylar. Duh.

Word Count: 299

Warnings: If you haven’t watched all of Season 1 of Heroes, or see all the current episodes of Season 2, you shouldn’t be mucking about at a FANSITE, now should you?

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left.                                       

Summary: Sylar is annoyed about Mohinder’s behavior in Season 2.

My Thoughts: I had to write SOMETHING … and after spending so much time worrying about Mohinder and that gun and HRG this came out. Also, I wrote this like a script … I don’t know why …


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This is the second installment of my MASTER SLASH LISTS. This is Mylar Part 1, and probably a repeat for those who saw the first one ...




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Title: Three Prompts from [personal profile] cerebral’s sekrit cabal porn battle which I am eons too late for.

Rating: R to be safe.

Pairings: Eden/Hiro, FutureMolly/OC, one-sided Mylar

Warnings: Spoilers for Season 1 of Heroes.

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left.

Summary: Three very strange prompts …

My Thoughts: Got the prompts from here: and I KNOW it’s way too late and these are pretty bad … and there’s HET IN HERE! *watches everyone run away* Don’t ask me why the first two are written in the first-person, but it’s SCARING ME! I plan on continuing the Eden/Hiro thing someday because it intrigues me, and the Molly storyline is BEGGING for a series …



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