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How much I enjoy ballads, particularly murder ballads.

This started back in high school and every time I think they can’t lure me back I spend hours with a single ballad on a loop I kid you not.

I suspect it comes of me going to summer camps as a child and memorizing so many camp songs. I have quite the memory for songs (and Shakespearean verse.) I was in a choir for a few years too.
In college I was among Musical Theater Majors and trained opera singers so I stopped singing so much in public because it was intimidating. I sang in the showers and sang murder ballads, so I wasn’t trying to match some Disney lyrics that everyone else was singing at the time and sound awkward in comparison.

I wish I had more occasion to sing, ballads are great fun to sing. It’s just once you get past summer-camp age, singing in a group and not feeling self-conscious is a tough thing to do.

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I ... I don't know where to begin.

Spoilers for the movie, the book, and the show. Please watch at least the movie before reading this. )

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I'm a kind of excited about this. :D

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I've bee busy. Working on my script, trying not to get used to having no roommate in a double room in the dorms (long story, but I have no roommate at the moment and have no idea if/when I'll get one), crying and feeling sad about the end of To Boldly Flee and the Nostalgia Critic, trying to sort out my feelings about Spoony especially in light of his commentaries on To Boldly Flee, not sleeping enough, playing the Dresden Files RPG with friends via Google+, keeping track of all the shows I'm supposed to go to including a production of Rocky Horror which two of my friends are starring in, limping because of my stupid toenail, working in the scene shop, and oh yeah, classes ... 

... I have to chose the subject for the big ongoing project for one of my classes. We can chose a play or musical to hypothetically turn into a movie, or a movie to hypothetically turn into a play or musical. 
(I fucking love my school. : D )

I'm torn between Kill Bill and Labyrinth. 

Yes. I feel like Kill Bill would be challenging, maybe too challenging, but also badass and full of gore. And difficult to get research material for. On the other hand, Labyrinth could be this cool Nutcracker-esque adventure with changing sets and I could research mythology for that. 


Band Name?

Mar. 6th, 2012 01:15 am
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Have you heard of my new band, Pretentious Porn?

I kid, I kid ... whoever made that secret had better trademark that shit, though, because if I ever get a band together I know what's going to be second on the list! (Under "Fire Hazard" of course ... shut up, I know there's a couple bands with that name already, but I like it, ok?!) 

"Pretentious Porn" has a ring to it, though ...
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Now, as you all know, I'm no gamer. I'll watch Let's Plays of American McGee's Alice in Wonderland or the sequel, or Portal or Portal 2, and I'll watch the Angry Joe Show once in a while, and I never miss a Yahtzee update, and sometimes my boyfriend convinces me to pick up a controller and blunder my way through a couple rounds of a fighting game ... but that's about it. I'm very much a watcher-of-gamers, I'll watch other people gaming gladly, I'm just not that into it. Didn't grow up gaming, only played a video game for the first time a year ago, don't really have the drive to get into them. 

The Protomen is if you took Mega Man and made it all dark and dystopian and A ROCK OPERA HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING I BOUGHT BOTH THE CDS I AM ROCKING OUT INSTEAD OF WRITING AN ESSAY!!!

I will admit that what initially caught my interest was Dr. Light. He's such a woobie ... a scientist woobie who practically begs for death and gets chased by an angry lynch mob and is just begging for really fucking disturbing FoeYay fanfic between him and Wiley ... oh, my buttons, how they have been pressed ...

Also, come on, dystopian future ruled by a mad scientist? WITH MUSIC? ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS! ALL OF THE THINGS! (Well, ok, ok, not all of them, but quite a few! Seriously, people, check this band out!)

In which I discuss spoilers for Act II, namely about Joe, and ponder switching Joe from a man to a woman. )

Edit (hours later) : 

... I for one welcome our new dapper, sexy overlord.
Seriously, never before has someone dancing on stage made me want to flail like a crazy Elvis fangirl or something. I mean ... wow ... I can't really explain it, I just saw him dancing and wanted to tackle him to the ground and ... stuff ... 

(Prolly has something to do with the fact that he looks like he escaped from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Om nom nom, SUITS AND FEDORAS, etc.)

You know, this is probably why staying up until 4:30am attempting to write an essay and finally giving up and watching vids of a new band and writing disturbing fanfic isn't advisable. Goodnight. Morning. Whatever. *passes out*

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I hadn't heart about A Monster In Paris until today! And now I'm listening to this song over and over and over and wishing I could buy it somewhere and wanting to know when the American release is and wanting to see it in French with English subtitles and GAH THE SONG IT IS SO CATCHY WHY CAN'T I SING FRENCH?!

Also, I shipped the two dudes automatically, because they're adorable and how could I not, really? They look like the stereotypical Holmes and Watson pairing, complete with crazy dark haired tall skinny guy and adorable guy in a bowler hat.

Gotta love the blurb on "Adam Goldberg, a singing flea doing Phantom of the Opera and Johnny Depp's girlfriend… and oddly, Film Brain wanted it to be more eccentric."

Personally I want to see it for myself, even if it is flawed it looks like it's got a lot going for it, and I'm willing to overlook a lot with adorable quirky period pieces, especially if there's music. 

Fanmix Woes

Oct. 6th, 2011 02:22 am
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Staying up way too late reading the Sherlock Kink Meme and assembling a fanmix when I was supposed to be getting homework done.

Ended up with several pages of Sherlock prompts I want to write, lots of fun smutty bookmarks, and 60+ songs on a playlist. Not a lot of homework got done today. Some, but not enough. Also it's now 2am and I need to take a shower and wash my breakfast dishes.
I whittled the fanmix down to 46 songs without too much difficulty ... but now it's hard. 46 songs is too long for a fanmix, but cutting them is going to be so hard because they're all so appropriate for the gang!

Stupid SadPanda's Nomad Clan. Stupid elaborate backstories I helped create. Stupid vampires, stop keeping me up! *headdesk*

Also for some reason really cutesy love songs somehow made their way into this fanmix. The fanmix is not all about SadPanda and the Cat! I tentatively titled it "The Panda and The Cat" because it sounded cool and I wanted a placeholder that sounded better than "SadPanda's Nomad's Fanmix," I am not making a gigantic ode to heterosexual vampire love between a 17th century poisoner and a modern adorable twenty-something chick. They were just easiest to find songs for. Ed Glaser and Phelous are proving nigh-impossible, and I've got some weird-ass music, people so that's really saying something. 
Speaking of poison, I have only three Jill Tracy songs in my iTunes, but somehow they ALL ended up on this fanmix. Lady knows her twisted Victorian-eque moods, yo. 

Hang on, I have no idea what she looks like *imagines Emilie Autumn but even moreso* I should google Jill Tracy! *does so*

... hot dayum. She looks like a woman trying to look like a drag queen! (That didn't come out right, but I don't know how else to describe her.) Which is to say: VERY relevant to my interests! *swoons accordingly*

Wait a minute, didn't I have homework to do or something? 
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According to, the word of the day is this:


 \REV-uh-nuhnt\ , noun;
One who returns after death (as a ghost) or after a long absence.

If that doesn't scream "we're ready for Halloween already!" I don't know what does. It makes me want to write a story instead of watching Justified doing my homework. 

In other news, I got fed up with turning my three ring binder upside down by mistake and stuck a sheet of paper down the sleeve on the front so I could tell which side was which. I drew Elder Signs on it in pen. Because I just know that studying Lovecraft for my monster class (yes, I am taking a monster class) is going to freak me the fuck out. 
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Dancing to Lee Presson and the Nails (just found them last night via tvtropes of course ... they're odd and awesome) dancing in weird bits of my wardrobe, like this purple oddly Ren Fair dress I bought at Marshalls last year and haven't worn out and about yet, and dancing WITH my junior prom dress. Yes, really. Oh, the things we do when we're alone ...

My cat is slumped on the floor in the study/sewing/mess room and watching my dancing in confusion. 

Also I spent most of today writing random Denny's Court fanfic about some stupid OCs, yes really. If it's not posted tonight it will probably never be posted. I'll probably stay up too late (again) and polish it up and post it. 
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 Yes, he's back. Yes, he's awesome. Yes, he's hot. Yes, he has a katana. He stole my prop! Thief! Sexy Kiwi thief!

But ... well ... there's that ... thing about him, y'know? It really bothers me. I don't want to cause trouble but it's there and I can't ignore it. It affects me. Personally. It makes me mad. Why should this happen in this day and age, and on tgwtg of all places?

I am speaking, of course, of him reacting in disgust and horror to the Takarazuka Revue.

This cannot stand. *unsheaths my katana ... which was FIRST* You wanna rumble, Mr. Suede? Let's fuckin' rumble! You have insulted the honor of those awesome, talented, awesome, sexy, awesome ladies! *throws down gauntlet* Pick the time and place, sir! We duel with swords!

(... wait, what did you think I was talking about?)
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I have discovered White Noise. 

Now I am no longer pondering moving my study-spot or getting into a shouting match with the girl the next room over who refuses to wear headphones while studying with her music or throwing the overly-loud ticking clock out the window.

White Noise ... it is so glorious ... 

Watched the table-dance scene from From Dusk Till Dawn with my boyfriend today. Think it got him a little more amorous than he was before we watched. (It's like porn-lite! *giggles*)

Still cannot stop reading Savage Love articles. Must finish work! Must finish work! *headdesk* So sleepy!
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 If Murder Ballads was anthropomorphic I would never stop hugging them.
Granted, Murder Ballads personified would probably be like a strange cross between ATG, Bennet the Sage, and ... I don't even know. Someone creepy and very musically talented and soothing and funny and Crosses the Line Twice. 

So yeah, I downloaded the full CD from this morning, and it is AWESOME!!!

Henry Lee remains my favorite (still listening to it on repeat, btw. My mission is to get it stuck in the head of everybody I know) but Where the Wild Roses Grow is fantastic as well and I've been listening to versions of that for ... two months? A month? Whenever I found out about Blixa singing it with Nick Cave (good lord ... I ... I may have to write things about that once my life calms down.) Lovely Creature surprised me in a good way. The Kindness of Strangers almost made me cry, the atmosphere it created was so engulfingly tragic. 
Death Is Not the End seemed rather random and out of place to me. I mean, you've got this whole CD reveling in death death devil devil devil devil evil evil evil evil songs and murder and being either tragic and haunting about it or crass and manic about it (both of which work REALLY well) but then you've got this vaguely uplifting cover of a Bob Dylan song. Why? I ... I don't understand. Was it meant to be funny? Deep? Religious? I'd rather have had The Ballad of Robert Moore and Betty Coltrane on there, thank you very much. (Now there's a song that makes you want to get up and dance crazy. I was listening to it on headphones and couldn't stop tapping my hands and feet, and I'm the kind of person who usually doesn't do that kind of thing.)

Have I mentioned that Nick Cave's voice is the greatest thing ever? Because it is. My god. 

Best eight bucks spent EVER!

Wow ...

May. 16th, 2011 01:17 pm
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 So, this is probably one of the most sensual/intimate/intense things I've ever seen. I'm not using the right words to describe it, but it kinda defies words. It's not 'intense' in the conventional way, but it really just drew me in slowly until I was lost in it and whoo, y'know? I can't stop listening to it. 

I'm convinced that they've slept together, seeing that music video. The way they move around each other is just so ... natural and intimate and stuff. (Again, words: they don't work for this.)
*checks his wiki page* Ah, it seems that they dated for a time. Score, I'm so perceptive today!

The fact that they're both in suits is very appealing to me. The fact that they both look kinda like Snape ... I don't know how I feel about that. Does it qualify as selfcest if she looks kinda like a female version of him?
The probable main reason that I like this? The fact that they both seem totally into the idea of murder in the song and Nick Cave especially seems into her having killed him. Yum. God I'm sick.

Everybody else excited that Murder Ballads will be available for digital download on tomorrow? Because I am!
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Happy May 1st everybody! ; )

I have been known to enjoy lewd music. Yes.

(It's also the beginning of Zombie Awareness Month. Have you got a gray ribbon to wear? I haven't. I must find one!)


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