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Got a little teary eyed during the theme song, with all the clips of the comics he's held up over the years. 

And then the same thing happened during the ending, which featured a kick-ass song I want to learn all the words to IMMEDIATELY and sing in the communal showers at my college dorm, and an utterly fantastic montage of all the characters and villains and events and ... *SQUEES*

I just ... it's a great show, it's been years, and ... and I've MET HIM now. He hugged me. Like, several times. He thanked me for being a fan. I started crying. 

So I'm glad I fell a little behind on his reviews, because watching his 200th episode now, after having met him and gotten hugged by him and cried a bit at him ... it had more of an impact. I don't know how to explain that. 

Now excuse me, I'm off to see if there's an MP3 of that song somewhere I can buy ... so I can put it on my iPod for work tomorrow. It'll make sanding boards for three hours way more bearable. 
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How come you're not all watching him? *glares meaningfully*

I just found out on his facebook page that I was the only non-reviewer who recognized him. This cannot stand! He has a great sense of humor, is adorable, talks positively and fairly about metal bands, has done a crossover with Diamanda Hagan, and oh, did I mention he's pro-LGBT rights and once opened a video talking about how people like the Westboro Baptist Church disgust him so much he has to go listen to happy music to cheer up after they've been on the news?

I watch him HERE on Blip, but he's on RVT too, though I hear there's some vague issues with management over there that got alluded to during MAGFest panels, so support him at Blip if that's an issue for you. 

Also, he very apt to interact with you on Facebook or in the comments. 

And he hugged me at MAGFest. So ... yeah.

Watch this man's show. Get your friends to watch his show. And write more fanfic about him! Spread the word any way you can!

This has been me shamelessly promoting a reviewer I think Needs More Love. I don't think I've ever blatantly done this, but I'm doing it now. For this guy. Because he freakin' deserves it. All the reviewers I've loved in the past already had big fanbases and view counts, this guy needs more attention. 
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Yeah, um, this happened. And there's a picture. And he reblogged the post on tumblr and said:

D’aww shucks.  ^_^
I’m really grateful to the fanfic community for being so devoted to our shows and all the time they invest in it.  I’ll try to continue to live up to the lofty standards you expect of me.  ^_^

Those little emoticons. Gah! *flails*

(That high school crush of mine never really went away, did it? *blushes all day*)

I should post some pics here to LJ.

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Met this guy at MAGFest at the Chez Apocalypse panel, and promised to check out his show. Now I'm marathoning it. I highly encourage everyone to watch at least a couple of his videos to see if he's something you want to keep up with. I for one like his sense of humor, his varied jokes, his use of clips, and his analysis of movies. 

Can't embed the video, so FOLLOW THE LINK!
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... holy shit, I talked to like, most of yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that.

Holy shit. That just hit me, just now. I'm watching these videos and I've ... met these people now. I know what some of them smell like. (That is so creepy, but I notice cologne, sorry.) I know what Todd's FACE looks like. (And I kinda wish I didn't, that doesn't seem fair that he just walked by without his mask.) I know how tall they are in relation to me. (Re: almost all of them tower over me like I'm a freakin' hobbit.) I told some of them some pretty personal stuff about myself. Some of them are going to remember me. OH MY GOD I GOT HUGGED BY LIKE THREE GUYS I'VE HAD CRUSHES ON SINCE HIGH SCHOOL! I've also gotta get into like three or four new shows because I felt so guilty for NOT being into their shows because they were so nice and interesting. 

... wow. Um ... wow. 
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[ profile] dragoninajar, [ profile] obnoxiousamy, and I are waiting for [ profile] trulyamindlost so we can finish watching Suburban Knights whilst eating chocolate. There are also two Luke and Film Brain plushies watching with us. (Hee hee hee ...)

We watched a clip from one of the panels last night, where I was up onstage. I won't spoil it, but at one point, Linkara got close to kissing a dude while I was standing there. The video clip is utterly hilarious, with me sort of peering down at them with interest and trying not to laugh. We all started laughing and joking about making it a meme "aunt_zelda can make slash canon!" or something, and laughing hysterically about it being my mutant power. Ahahahahaaa!

Also, "crossover" is now code for sex. Yes. We haven't slept nearly enough in the past four days. 
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Packing for MAGFest. I have a surprising amount of room left in my small suitcase, and I'm pretty sure I'm packing way too many shirts. Then again, my jumpsuit hasn't arrived yet, if it doesn't get here by Tuesday I'll have to go to Goodwill and frantically try to find something I can use

Still, lots of room in the suitcase. And about 10-12 hours on trains and busses and waiting in stations, depending on whether I'm going down or coming home. 

So ... books! I'm staring at a pretty decent stack here, trying to figure out which I should take, which I should leave. Deciding which to take off of my meticulously organized/stacked shelves (wasn't that an event this summer, jeez ...) was the first step: no hardcovers; nothing I have on audio.

Now, though, there's all these books I've never read before, so I don't know if they'll be good companions for this trip or dead weight I'll regret after twenty pages. Auuuuuuuugh. 

I'm thinking Night Watch (the Russian one, not the Discworld one) would be a good start. Other than that ... I dunno. This might take a while. 

Also, loading up my iPod with audiobooks and podcasts and some choice playlists. And I'll have my laptop, and the trains I'm taking all promise WiFi, so I'll be ok. I just want to get some nice reading in, since I'll have the time. I don't have a lot of reading time at college, I've taken to reading during dinner but then my friends show up and I can't read and eat and be sociable all at the same time, so I've been about a hundred pages from the end of Dodger for the past two months and I'm NEVER going to find out whodunit at this point!

I think some of my nonfiction history books are a good idea. Take a few hours to get lost in those, with limited distractions. Pity my copy of 1776 is a hardcover. I love you David McCullough, but your book is too heavy for me to lug to MAGFest!

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I'm a kind of excited about this. :D

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So I just found one of the bags I used to take to summer camp with me. It's like, perfect for a Companion Cube. I was googling Chell cosplays and saw people who'd made giant Companion Cube backpacks, and I was trying to figure out how to make one of those myself. And now I have the perfect bag. I'll put cardboard in it to make it stand out square-ish, and cover it in plastic wrap and put the designs on that, and it'll be my con bag. Sweet! I may try to attach it to a backpack, or just carry it on the shoulder strap it's already got. 

So it's pretty much decided that I'm going as Chell. That might change, but seeing as my biggest obstacle now is the boots situation, this seems like a good plan for me. It's got all the right ingrediants: my favorite color, easily obtainable materials, instantly recognizable, and something I love. 

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Realized that I should probably start thinking of who/what to cosplay as at MAGFest. I don't understand the point of going to a convention if you can't dress up in at least ONE fun costume (or a different one each day, as I did at NADWCon last summer ... but that was pretty simple, just me raiding my friend's yard sale and Goodwill's racks for vaguely steampunky outfits. A different costume each day that's harder than "put on this skirt and shirt and vest" is kinda insane and should be left to the professionals. Who are not me.) and I have no idea who/what to go as.

Had a wild idea of going as Ahim from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Then wondered "Oh god, is that racist? I don't wanna be racist, I just think her character is awesome ... I mean, technically they're aliens who just look Japanese in the show, except for Gai but I don't wanna cosplay Gai." And then in the midst of my fear-of-being-racist I thought "where would you even get a good black wig? You don't want to walk around all day in a black wig and Ugg boots and bright pink, you aren't comfortable in pink even though you love Ahim. This is silly."

So I probably won't be going as Ahim. 1) Nobody would get it 2) I don't have 4-5 friends to cosplay the rest of the team 3) I'm not a fan of pink, even though I adore Ahim, she's always wearing white and pink and 4) I suspect there's something vaguely racist about the idea and one of my greatest fears is being accidentally racist. 

Had the idea to go as the Companion Cube. Because it's not like THAT has any pink in its costume ... oh wait ... 

Time for bed, am not thinking clearly. 


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