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This is it, guys. The big one. The last one. The final countdown.

THIS ... IS ...


The last episode of Lost EVER!

Except not. There's a whole 'nother season left. YOU PROMISED THAT THIS WAS IT HOW DARE YOU BASTARDS ARRRRRRRRRGH! *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk*


Anyhoodle, it took me FOREVER to get this done, not only because it's two hours long, but because I recently got addicted to and watched some Linkara vids today and, because of this, realized that I'd never really gottten around to watching the show X-Men Evolution and drifted over to youtube and proceeded to spend about an hour or so watching the cartoon for the first time ever. I love it ... except for Kitty's stupid voice. That I hate with a fiery passion. But Wolverine is cool, Jean has pretty hair, Xavier is the MAN as always, and I might just want to marry Kurt. Does that make me a furry?

*blushes* Ah, moving away from that touchy subject, I must make a Public Service Announcement. I'm going on ANOTHER trip that (because I don't want to risk having this stolen or lug it around the streets of a large city) will not allow me to bring my laptop. So I will be missing from the interwebs Monday through Friday. I might nip online tomorrow morning, or make a 'hey, I'm back!' announcement Friday night, but probably you guys won't 'hear' from me again until next Saturday. Sorry, I'll be sure to tell you all the (vague) details of my trip once I'm back, and maybe now that Heroes and Lost are over for the summer, I can move onto Doctor Who recaps and writing more fanfiction!


Ok, now here is the recap of what was supposed to be the last episode of Lost ever!


"The Incident"


Previously on Lost: it's the same stuff they used for last week's episode! How cheap!



Spoilers for every single episode of this eeeeeevil wonderful show ever )





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Heh heh, sorry I'm so behind on this ... are you guys as psyched as I am for the FINAL EPISODE OF LOST HOMG SQUEE AT LAST IT SHALL BE OVER THANK THE GODS?!


Once again, double episode catch-up, double WAZT for you lot! I like to call this one 'Follow the Variable' or 'The Variable Follows the Leader.'


"The Variable"


Spoilers for pretty much every Lost episode ever. You've been warned. )

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This is going to be a recurring theme, methinks: the Lost WAZT being late. Sorry, but I've been INSANELY BUSY and am happy to just get time to watch the episodes on the weekends.

That said, HOMG Dead Beat was AWESOME and FANTASTIC and TOTALLY NOT FILLER AT ALL! *does a little dance* Plus the books seem to be getting longer, so I get more bang for my buck, which is nice, seeing as I don't have much surplus money. At all. It's another stressful thing.


So, onto the show!


He's Our You:



Spoilers for every Lost episode ever )




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Oooooogh ...

Yesterday I woke up with ... something. I think it's some weird hybrid of a cold and the flu, because I spent all of yesterday in bed with a vampire-like aversion to light, mild nausea, and a nigh-incapacitating fever. I managed to eat some toast and was happy that I was able to keep it down, but I slept on and off all day, which, as you guys know, is an indicator of badness because of my 'I can't take naps unless I'm on a long road trip/deathly ill/suffering from a dangerous amount of lack-of-sleep' curse. Today I had mild fever and a stuffy nose and a cough, but I've been working my way up to a near-cognate-state all day just so I can do this WAZT. Mostly because rehearsals for Shakespeare start up on Monday and I have to memorize a part for that AND a part for a separate play that I DESPISE for English class, and I've decided to take a break from Lost for the next three weeks or so. Not gonna cut out Heroes unless it's absolutely necessary, because I'm just insane like that.

I probably won't catch up on your comments for a couple days, and for that I apologize, but seriously, it's the most I can manage to do this recap at the moment, and I'm lying in bed under the covers with the curtains drawn and my laptop acting as a heating pad. Sorry if the WAZT isn't as witty or funny as usual.


Previously on Lost: 

Spoilers for all of Lost )




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I was a bad fangirl and went to bed early two nights in a row. I don’t regret it.




Spoilers for every Lost episode ever aired up until now ... )


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First of all, you should ALL rent/buy/Netflix Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. It’s got Lee Pace in it and he looks positively GORGEOUS. The music was fantastic and I was laughing and squeeing through the whole thing. Must have for the romantic British Comedy lover’s collection, or if you’re in the mood for something fun and cute.  


Second of all, I’m sorry that this is late, but I’ve been fighting a loosing battle with one of the plagues that are running around (the one I’ve got is a cold) which has been so draining that I’ve been taking ACTUAL NAPS during the day (something I can never ever do unless I am in a play, VERY ill, or on a long car trip.) No only did I not watch Lost on Wednesday night, I spent a good bit of Thursday sleeping, skipped my dance class, and am taking the day off today.


Spoilers for last week's AND this week's episode of Lost. )

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Oh my god I is so tired! I didn’t know that the premiere was so long … now I’m coping with less-than-seven hours of sleep. And I have dance tonight. *headdesk* I did cope quite nicely today, though, all things considered.


So, you know the drill. Things in [brackets] were added post-episode. I went through and edited, but basically everything else is as-I-watched-the-show.


Pre-Show Clip-Show:



Spoilers for every episode of Lost that has aired to this date. )


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Title: Kaleidoscope

Rating: R … because I can’t write smut to save my life, but here I go, trying to, AGAIN.

Pairings: 1st Doctor/Jack, 2nd Doctor/Jack, 3rd Doctor/Jack, 4th Doctor/Jack, 5th Doctor/Jack, 6th Doctor/Jack, 7th Doctor/Jack, 8th Doctor/Jack, one-sided 9th Doctor/Jack, 10th Doctor/Jack (Bahahaahha, you weren’t expecting that, were you, PJ-kun?)

Word Count: 3,669 (approximately, I think this is my longest fic ever)

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, the BBC does. I am not English, I wish I was. Captain Jack Harkness is God’s Gift to Slashers, and though I do not own him, I do enjoy his antics.

A/N: this is the first, and probably ONLY time that I have written Doctor/Jack. (I don’t count those silly Doctor/Jack/Peter Petrelli stories I wrote last year.) It’s for

[ profile] phoenixjustice’s birthday, which was August 5th, but as I was in The Taming of the Shrew she let me take my time. Smut is not my strong suit, please do not leave mean comments, it took a very VERY long time and I worked VERY hard and yeah, I drop off a lot but that’s just how I roll, blah blah, enjoy if you dare.  


(The idea for Six is shamelessly ganked from this: and this: neither of which I drew.)


(Btw, I just found out that I can’t eat jelly babies because they have gelatin in them. DAMN YOU, sticky cow hoof substance, DAMN YOU!)


Here there be Yeits, jelly babies, and the rambilng obscenities of a sleepy slash authoress ... )

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Yes, that's right, ladies and (gentlemen? Are there any gentlemen in the house? *shrugs*) other lifeforms, I maded a macro! 'Tis rather long, 61 pics, actually. I own none of said pictures, I obtained MOST of them from here and made the macros with 'roflbot' ... I've been chipping away at it for about two weeks, and it's been pretty fun.

It is reccomended that you listen to this whilst watching: (btw I do not own Avenue Q, it belongs to Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx.)

Hopefully this is not made of epic fail, if so, just don't comment. Then I won't make anymore.

Oh, MASSIVE spoilers for Doctor Who Season 4, so if you haven't seen it, don't click! Seriously, MASSIVE spoilers! GIGANTIC! EPIC! SPOILERS OF DOOOOOOOM!

(Edit: finally got the 'lotto' pic uploaded AND for some reason, you no longer have to scroll down! Yahoo!)

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Ok, first off, The-Guy-I-Have-A-Crush-On:

*sigh* Today he looked like the Tenth Doctor right after he regenerated. He now has Ten’s crazy hair, but today he wore what looked like Nine’s sexy jacket (but brown.) If he wore glasses I’d have exploded all over Spanish class and aimisan would have had to mop me up. (Also: she’s taken to calling me a lesbian. I don’t know why, as I spend much of Spanish class idly conjugating verbs and gazing at that-guy-with-the-10th-Doctor’s-Hair. I retaliated on Tuesday and called her ‘Celery’ because her borrowed-jacket smelled like celery and she was wearing a green shirt. I suck at insults.)

Also, today in a class we were discussing why people do drugs. We’d arrived to the conclusion that we’re all a little unhappy, and that-guy-I-have-a-crush-on said, “We should have trampolines all over the place! Then I’d never go to sleep, I’d just say: there’s so much life to live!” Then he mimed leaping onto a trampoline.

I sincerely hope he doesn’t find my ridiculous high-pitched squeaky worse-than-Hilary-Clinton obnoxious seal-death laugh unattractive because if he does I might have to die of shame and hopelessness, as his dry-wit provokes most of my laughter-attacks.






Today I realized that the Sawyer/Kate/Jack/Juliet love-square of DOOM reminds me of the whole Spike/Buffy/Angel/Cordelia thingy. I mean, we all thought the Buffy/Angel and the Kate/Jack thing was meant to be, but it turns out that the Kate/Sawyer, Buffy/Spike, Jack/Juliet, and Angel/Cordelia romances make more sense, look better, and bring out the best in the characters.

Of course, now I’ve offended all the Bangles, so I’ll go hide before they team up with the Doctor/Rose shippers and kill me dead. *flees*


*returns to tell you that*

Yesterday I was so tired after going to the Opera on Wednesday night that I passed out in one of the back rows in the theater and didn’t move for like half and hour. It was really fun to listen to people arriving and greeting each other onstage, though …

A person in my house is SICK. I am drinking large quantities of orange juice and planning on a lot of sleep tonight so I don’t get sick (please, gods and goddesses, especially those of the theater, DON’T LET ME GET SICK! PLEASE! After we strike the set, you can smite me with … I don’t know, Bubonic Plague or whatever my housemate has, but PLEASE NOT UNTIL after the set is gone!)



I’ve finally done some profound musings on Doctor Who. I did it last night when I was trying to sleep after Lost and exhausted because of the play and … for a few seconds I thought I was drunk because I NEVER think like this:


The TARDIS and the Doctor changed Martha for the better, unlocking her inner-potential, whereas Rose was always going to have that hopeless, wide-eyed, fantastic-ness. Mickey had to see himself to become himself. Jack had to die to be born. Rose was there to heal, help, guide, and comfort Nine and Ten, to give them someone to chase after and rescue and laugh and dance with – she was there to doctor the Doctor. If Rose hadn’t come first, the Doctor would have been in no condition to bring out the real Martha. The Doctor and Martha doctored each other in the way friends do, though it was mostly Martha gently reminding the Doctor that there is life after Rose, however difficult that is to accept, especially when, just as you think the Doctor’s back on his feet and ready to dance once more, the Master (my only love, sprung from my only hate) starts bounding about.

Doctor Who isn’t just a show about bananas and buffalo and dancing, any more than it’s just a show about ‘that guy with the time-machine.’


(That’s all I got. Weird, eh?)



(And, that’s right, that song is stuck in my head again! … Damn, I lost the game!)

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I’ve been having really weird dreams this week:


Three nights ago I dreamed about having to move big bags of something that kept spilling from one car into another car (and stacked videos, the old ones in black cases) and I was standing between these two cars in a parking lot. Then some people (might have been the Heroes cast, I dunno … one of them looked like Niki/Jessica but her shirt kept changing from blue to red to light purple) approached from the distance on the other side of the car I was unloading from and I had to shoot them with a funky old-fashioned pistol.

Then it started all over again. I had to do it a lot. Over and over … so I would think ‘ok, I’ve gotta put these bags into this car and one will spill and that’s my cue to shoot them.’

… I don’t want to think about what all that means …


Two nights ago I dreamed that I was the Tenth Doctor (sometimes I was Ten and sometimes I was watching Ten) and in Torchwood. I was chatting with Jack (the rest of Torchwood was there too, I think) and it was rather casual but then he said something I replied in all seriousness, possibly channeling Nine: “You’ll have to torture me” and it got really tense and scary.

That frightens me.


Last night/this morning I dreamed (among other, more confuzzling things I can’t remember) that I was pregnant and attacked/spared/befriended by weretigers in a distant, previously-unkown land. There was also a log bridge and some nice natives I had to communicate with via charcoal sketches.

And THEN I was watching a fast-paced Heroes V3 promo that was set to insistent violins. I don’t remember much but CLAUDE WAS IN IT! I think he was slapping someone! After it was over I remember squeeing, and then I woke up and was very disappointed that it hadn’t been real.

*sigh* I hope this means Claude is coming back!

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Title: Elle

Rating: R for FOUL LANGUAGE.

Pairings: Peter/Doctor Claude, Peter/Jack/Doctor Claude, one-sided Elle/Peter (eeew! Het!)

Warnings: This spoils Heroes Season 1, up to episode 4 of Season 2, and Doctor Who Season 1. If you haven’t seen these things, why are you at a FANSITE?!

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left.

Recap If You’re Lazy And Won’t Follow My Lovely Links: When we last left our intrepid three, they were partaking in an OT3 that sent many fangirls into flailing fits of death.

Summary: The fourth Part to my 'Poodle in the TARDIS' trilogy. Elle bashes her way into THIS slash. Peter sees Doctor Claude in THE PHOTO. I leave you with ANOTHER cliffhanger.

My Thoughts: Kristin Bell/Elle seems determined to break up my two favorite slashes (Mylar and Plaude: she was hitting on ZQ and her character is after Peter.) I wrote two fics about her threatening the Mylar: - Elle threatens the Mylar - Crime Against Slashers

And now I’ve written this.

Yeah, I have a feeling I’m going to HATE her … though, admittedly, tomorrow night she makes her first appearance, so I’ll know for sure soon enough.








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Title: Welcome to the TARDIS

Rating: R for implied stuff (this is JACK after all.)

Pairings: The Doctor (Claude)/Peter, Jack/the Doctor, Jack/Peter, Jack/Peter/Doctor Claude *dies*

Warnings: If you haven’t watched all of Season 1 of Heroes, or see Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 2, you shouldn’t be mucking about at a FANSITE, you should be going to shady websites and catching up! Also, this slightly spoils Season 1 of DW!

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left. And if I owned Doctor Who, I’d be all caught up and not still figuring out what the hell Cybermen are!

Summary: Peter read Claude’s letter to him (see link below) and after Claude the Doctor got flowers from the slashers (see other link below.) Peter arrives at the TARDIS …

My Thoughts: This is for [profile] vampedvixen’s birthday, which is tomorrow. I almost called it 'Key' because Peter was somehow going to get a TARDIS key, and for a while I almost had it with the letter, but I changed my mind. Thanks to [profile] hunters_girl for the proper spelling of Raxacor etc. This is the last one (making this a healthy trilogy) unless people make death-threats or something … - Dear Peter - Flowers

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Title: Flowers

Rating: R for implied stuff (this is JACK after all)

Pairings: The Doctor (Claude)/Peter, Jack/the Doctor

Warnings: If you haven’t watched all of Season 1 of Heroes, or see Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 2, you shouldn’t be mucking about at a FANSITE, you should be going to shady websites and catching up!

Disclaimer: If any of us owned Heroes, Claude would not have left. And if I owned Doctor Who, I’d be all caught up and not still figuring out what the hell Cybermen are!

Summary: Slashers leave tokens of gratitude outside the TARDIS …

My Thoughts: Dedicated to [ profile] yo_mawari just … because … and she kinda reminded me to do this! I suppose you could call this a spinoff of ‘Dear Peter’ … I’ll probably be doing more stuff like this (Jack, the Doctor/Claude, and Peter) later on because I’ve discovered I LOVE IT!



Read more... )

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(Just something I started to think up the other day. Got all the pictures from and and and and let me make it perfectly clear that I OWN NOTHING! Sorry some of the pictures are bad, but I didn’t have much time, and if people throw a big enough fit, I’ll put more work into it next time around …and I’ve never done something with pictures so BEAR WITH ME!)

Dedicated to jaymesalexander for the lovely, LOVELY links!



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