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So first my roommate reading out an article from a bitter Hillary supporter full of inaccuracies, and then dramatically reading out the rebuttal comments - many of which were from grandpas - in accents and describing their profile pictures to me in such a way that we were both laughing so hard we were on the floor (it was so funny omg, hopefully she will record that later this week.) Highlights include people with photos of dogs or flowers as their profile pics, grandpas with guitars, an old man dressed in Revolutionary Era garb, a shirtless man, and a man "who is so old, his photo is sepia with him and his son." They used words like "claptrap" and "craven" and "meander round" and "drivel" and it was amazing. Old outraged sass is the best thing in the world. Reading the responses from people who'd been campaigning against the establishment for 30+ years was frankly inspiring.

Then we went to my other roommate's room to tell HIM about that, and laughing about some of the more lurid comments turned into talking politics. That lead to speculation about the ethical dilemma of stopping dangerous presidents from becoming president, and the ethics of time travel to prevent crimes, Minority Report esque prevention of crimes, etc. That lead to discussions of time travel and if we could go back and change X thing from time would we/should we, that spiraled from stopping monstrosities to changing world events, what if scenarios.

Then we started talking about what if we hadn't entered WWI, and then how things would have changed there.

Things got VERY INTENSE. We spiraled out talking about what wouldn't have happened had we not entered WWI, and all the myriad of global changes resulting from that. Entering WWII late. Us never developing or dropping the bomb. Women's independence not being achieved as soon. The UN not being called that or involving us at all. Us not being named a world protector. Us joining the third world coalition. Us distrusting Canada severely due to its links to England. England dropping the bomb. Us forming closer ties with Central and South America. Us de-segregating faster, but getting women's rights slower. Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state. Guam possibly becoming the 52nd state. I really wish we'd recorded this or taken notes, because it was truly fascinating.  

Then this spiraled into a hypothetical "window of time" into what we'd wanna see, and history mysteries we'd like to have resolved once and for all. 
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In which there are spoilers for the first two episodes, and we learn Too Much about Zelda's kinks )
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Title: Mercy Unlooked For

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1,438

Characters, Pairings: Balian of Ibelin, Nasir, potential UST

Warnings: mentions of slavery? Having absolute power over another person’s life?

Spoilers: for every interaction in the movie these two characters have.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom of Heaven. I don’t even own the Director’s Cut DVD boxset yet, though it’s on my amazon wish list. No money being made, please do not sue me, etc.

Summary: Balian and Nasir’s interactions from the movie.

A/N: Another comment_fic prompt that ran away from me: Author's choice, author's choice, mercy unlooked for and an enemy's grace This movie is one of my main guilty pleasures and I've been shipping these two like burning since ... 9th grade? 10th grade? High time I wrote something for them!

Barely even slash, really )

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 Margaret of Anjou will OWN YOUR ASS!!!!!!!
(Then she will have you decapitated, put a paper crown on your severed head, and display it for all to see, because she is that much of a BAMF!!!!!!!! Then again, if you were familiar the play, you already knew that, because someone who says "Hear me, you wrangling pirates!" in Shakespeare is someone to respect.)

Al Pacino as Richard and Winona Ryder as Lady Anne in the 'take up the sword or take up me' scene is the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen in my entire life, I mean, HOLY CHEESE AND CRACKERS WAS THAT SEXY!!!!! It hit so many of my buttons it's almost frightening. I think the combination of him looking like a wide-eyed, scruffy puppy (but inside being TOTALLY EVUL) and her being all soft-pretty-Medieval-Princess-but-a-little-devious-too is what did it for me. That and the KNIFE and the KNEELING and the UNF. I mean, I already LOVE that scene for all its sexy powerplay, but MY GOD was that unbelievably hot! (Also: why hello there, age gap kink, where the hell did YOU come from?!)

I drew some of the same conclusions that Antony Sher did about Richard III before I read them in his book Year of the King. I feel so smart right now. This is doing nothing good for my ego, I can promise you that. 

I need to take shorter lunch breaks.

There's a lot of historical evidence to suggest that Lady Anne Neville and Richard III were childhood sweethearts. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Edit: (after dinner) Even though it's been months since I saw it, I can still rant a lengthy rant about how dreadful Pericles is, and how embarrassing and awkward it was to sit through that production this past summer.


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