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 I'm glad I watched this movie. I almost didn't. See, I have this horrible fear of horror movies, especially ones featuring serial killers, especially ones that are "psychological thrillers." I scare easy. I get panic attacks if I watch even the stupidest horror flick. Actual panic attacks, mind you. Sweating, trouble breathing, inability to fall asleep. Watching The Brothers Grimm made me physically ill and kept me from sleeping properly for weeks. Watching most of Freddy vs. Jason made me lose my appetite and throw up what I did eat. Even hearing people discuss horror movies unsettles me.

Spoilers for the movie ... yeah ... )
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Back in the early months of 2009 I moved on from the loss of my first best friend and turned the rest of that school year into a fantastic year, all things considered.

Maine legalized gay marriage, then voted it down in November. *sniffles* We shall overcome ...

I lost my crush on That-Guy I've had a crush on for years, but that was annoying and That-Summer-Girl came back unexpectedly - having grown a foot taller and a hundred degrees hotter - and is apparently only interested in girls if she's drunk. Oh joy. (So I didn't tell her how I felt - what was the point, I was only going to be around for a week and she's not into girls! *headdesk*)

There was a lot of death this year, and a lot of it very close to home for me. Andrew Wyeth, artist who painted one of my favorite works of art in the world ('Christina's World') then this summer, which was a fantastic summer especially because of all the Shakespeare theater I managed to squeeze in, but that was cast over with the shadow of the unexpected death of the father of one of my fellow cast members (who was also the uncle of another cast member.) I was called in and filled in for the cast member, but I never want to have to do something like that again. It was great that people saw what I could do on short notice and having run through the play once (and having that run-through interupted by someone falling off the stage and bruising her bone, requiring her to use crutches for all of the preformances) but the reason I had to do that was just horrible. Also, being the only person on stage with a script and being unsure of your stage direction is one of the worst feelings in the world, despite the copious amounts of praise I recieved afterwards and people insisting that they couldn't even tell I was holding a script. So, expirience and praise = good, overshadowing death = uncomfortable and upsetting.

My Nana was diagnosed with cancer, bringing up all kinds of awkward feelings. She's ok now, treatment went well, but still, that was scary.

I got into Repo! The Genetic Opera. Heroes raised my hopes again, then dashed them, then Brian Fuller jumped ship again, then they pulled the lesbian rating grab and lost my love forever more, then Doctor Who made up for all of that, The Dresden Files won my heart and blew my mind with Turn Coat (spoilers for Turn Coat, don't click unless you've read the book.) Lost refused to end like a good little show and tormented me with its amazing, complex, ridiculous plotline. I got into Eureka, Merlin, Avatar the Last Airbender, Phineas and Ferb, Leverage, Life, Cowboy Bebop, A Very Potter Musical, SyFy's Alice, and more. Also read and bought Good Omens and loved it.

I got to die epically and tragically onstage for the first time. I played Hamlet in a scene for a charity dinner and recieved all kinds of praise.

Then, early that spring, I clicked on a link at the top of the Labyrinth page on tvtropes and watched a hilarious review by an attractive young woman with pigtails. I poked around that strange website and tried to figure out what was up with the 'Brawl' thing, and found that people really wanted a good fic about a very angry critic and a very angry nerd, and try as I might, i could only find one, that a very scary Sage read and ridiculed. Seeing demand for a good fic about these two men on the tvtropes discussion page, I wrote and posted this, and thus began the TGWTG Slash Fandom. Then two other brave souls joined in on the madness, and we became the Three Musketeers of the TGWTG Fandom, boldly slashing anything that moved! We got more brave souls to write and squee, I wrote the (now infamous) Epic AU Slashy Extravaganza (now dramatically read HERE!) which Marzgurl and Linkara found, causing us to freak out until they assured us that they were not going to call out a hit on us. Then, on October 28th, we got a community. I really can't express in words how happy this fandom makes me. I love you all, you cheer me up when I'm down, you wow me with your amazing fics and art and icons, you make me laugh, and you continue to bewilder me by praising my fics and critiques.

I made my first fanmix, for the lovely webcomic YU+ME Dream - I got into webcomics this summer too, that was big! 

I got to read Zoe Stead's second book and edit/squee over it. That was an honor and a joy. *squees* Can't wait until it's released so I can buy it!

I posted some secrets to [ profile] fandomsecrets  (not telling which ones, though!) and developed crushes on a series of internet vlogers.

My Mad Scientist Kink was cemented; I said goodbye to some people and gained new friends.

I rediscovered my love of soccer, got dragged UP A FRIGGIN' MOUNTAIN, wrote some awesome scholarly stuff, worked on my personal writings, reached my 100th Fanfiction, and wrote a third of a script and inexplicably found myself in charge at certain times of the film.

I think one of the most important things I discovered this year was that music can completely turn around your foul mood, or at least get you through the day.

Somewhere along the way I changed, predominantly for the better. I fell out of love with one person and back into love with another, I got steadily more geeky, and founded a fandom.

It was the year of Heroes angst, Shakespeare squee, guys with glasses, and tvtropes. It was the year of Obama, fanmixes, kinky fic, and more fandoms than I could shake a stick at. It was the year of healing scars, forging friendships, and crazy dances.

Goodbye David Tennant 2009, you were pretty good. Welcome, Matt Smith 2010, there's a lot riding on you right now, please don't disappoint.


Dec. 15th, 2009 09:06 pm
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I finally filled out this meme I ganked from [ profile] emeriin a while back. Basically you choose fifteen characters and then write 15-word drabbles according to the order. These worked suprisingely well, considering the ecclecticness of the characters I chose, the word-limit, and the fact that this is (I think) my first fic meme.

1. Linkara

2. Katara

3. Samuel Sullivan

4. The Doctor

5. Dr. Insano

6. Remus Lupin

7. Harry Dresden

8. Carmen Sandiego

9. Elle Bishop

10. The Nostalgia Chick

Eight drabbles!  )


Nov. 29th, 2009 04:22 pm
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Well, I listened to loads of music, found tons of stuff for my Christmas Wishlist that my relatives will probably never buy me (*cough* I'm looking at YOU, Auction Items post at *cough*) found my kindred spirit, a Filk Singer whose CDs I want right this second, and was FINALLY able to finish those scenes for that script. Tomorrow we have a read-through, which, as all three of us writers haven't met or contacted each other since last Tuesday, will probably reveal loads of plotholes and inconsistancies that we simply don't have time to fix. Or it'll be awesomtastic and everyone will love it and I can spend the entire filming process watching other people work and hanging out as an extra in the background.

If it's the later, I'll have time to work on my fanfiction again (HURRAY!) and get my 100th fic (which is probably going to be Doug/Mike Ellis, and yes, I'm going to hell, but it's YOU LOT who voted to put me there) and then it'll be the Christhaunakwanza Solstice! HURRAY!

I might post one of those Fandom Christmas List thingies, who knows ...

Also, Heroes is making me sound more and more like Angry!Spoony as the reviews go on. I don't think that's a good thing.

I'm gonna watch Repo (haven't done that in a while) and go to bed. I am, once again, creatively-drained.
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In which I rant, and rant, and rant some more. )

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I had a dream about Benzaie this morning. It was really nice. I was with some of my friends at this park, and I saw Benzaie at one of those outdoor pavilion things and started squeeing and working up the nerve to go over and talk to him. Then he came over to our group and autographed a page from my notebook. (SQUEE.)

I know I'm behind on reading and leaving comments on many fics, and I'm late in replying to your lovely comments. I will get to that, I swear, and my 100th fic too, but I'm so incredibly busy writing a script, essay, taking long road trips, and loads of other stuff that I probably won't catch up on most of that until sometime next week. I'm very sorry. On the upside I've been having a great couple of days and I'm going to be hanging out with loads of other geeks this weekend, so that's good!

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For some reason I woke up waaaaaaay early in the morning (from a dream) couldn't get to sleep, thought 'well, I might as well take that shower NOW rather than LATER,' took the shower, and staggered back to bed. Then I woke up a couple of minutes before my alarm, felt that it was a crime against nature to NOT stay in bed all day, remembered all of my obligations, and heaved myself out of bed.
Ooooooooog ... I really hope that today's not going to be terrible, but studies show ... *kerslump*
How in the name of all that is holy am I going to survive today?

Edit (That night): I don't know how I did it, but through a combination of orange juice, yoga, well-placed kerslump-time, cookies, and an unexpected adrenaline high, I made it through the day. I actually had a REALLY good day. I should try messing up my sleeping schedule more frequently ...
This week (and weekend) are going to be PACKED. I'm sorry, I really am working on fandom stuff here and there (I keep getting really weird ideas for various fanmixes) especially my 100th fic, but DEAR LORD, I'm compiling and writing a scrip with three other people (which we're all doing during lunches) I've got an essay to write, two trips to a the same distant city within the next couple of days, and somewhere in there I've got to work on my ghost story too. Oh, and for some inexplicable reason I'm re-reading my Death Note books. WTF, brain?
Thank you and goodnight. *KERSLUMP*
(I can't even summon the energy to watch Heroes, that's how exhausted and busy I am! This is probably my last free afternoon for a week, so unless I haul ass tomorrow and squeeze in the episode in the evening, I won't make the meta-deadline. Dangit ...)
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Shadowboxing (great episode title, not-so-great episode.)

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Ok, it's official, I am now a Phineas and Ferb fangirl.
Laugh all you want, it's a kickass show! Fantastic music, funny stories, cute characters, A PLATYPUS (who, btw, looks like Linkara), A MAD SCIENTIST, a troperiffic world, moments that make me laugh so loud my cat gets scared, DID I MENTION THAT THERE IS A PLATYPUS WHO FIGHTS A MAD SCIENTIST?! (And I am SO going to write Perry/Dr. Doofenshmirtz fic once I figure out how to get around the whole bestiality aspect. I'm thinking of a mad science ray gun that somehow turns Perry human ... good lord, it'll be cracky as all get-out ...)

Ok, maybe I need to explain myself a little bit about the whole Perry/ Doofenshmirtz thing:

Not only does Doofenshmirtz give Perry a key to his office/house, confide his childhood traumas to the platypus, routinely offer him food, and speak to him as a friend as much as an enemy (and all this by episode eight, no less!) THEY SHARE A LOVE OF CHEESE.

Also, Perry is to Dr. Doofenshmirtz as Linkara is to Dr. Insano. I am not the first to make the connection. Check the ‘Wild Mass Guessing’ page of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses on tvtropes.




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I scored TWO GOALS today in soccer!
One of them was when I was one-on-one with someone in a practice exercise! DOUBLE-AWESOME!

So, working on lots of things, including some fic. I've been concentrating on my Leverage/Firefly drabbles, but there will be TGWTG fic soonish, I promise! (My muse is rather overworked, we must be patient and let her rest ...)

Also, the Halloween Party has been moved to a different location, and my friend and I might not be able to make it. Ah well, if that fails I'll just stay home and watch loads of psuedo-horror movies and hide under the bed with my wooden stake collection.

Oh, yeah, and my Heroes review/recap should be up sometime tomorrow. Joy.
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Spoilers for the past week's vids, and Spoony's new vid )




Heroes, Hysterical Blindness

Look At The Pretty Lesbians

aunt_zelda Loses her Composure and Cashes in her Heroes Fangirl Card:

Herin there lie curse words, spoilers, and a promise I hope I'll break someday )


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So, my trip went well.
Well, the first leg of the hike hurt and I broke down and cried a little, but my friend stayed with me and then I felt better having cried and continued, and eventually the burn leveled out and we made REALLY good time.
The views were amazing.
Then it SNOWED.
I'm serious, IT SNOWED. Good lord ...
I learned how to play two kinds of poker, beat my genius friend at chess once (EEEeeeee! I didn't even know you COULD beat him!) got my ass handed to me again and again at checkers, and made it down the mountain again. Hurray!

The best part was probably when my friend and I were washing dishes and started singing Dr. Horrible songs. And then we sang the whole score. Well, the whole score minus most of Captain Hammer's song (we couldn't remember the lyrics) Penny's song (we didn't know the lyrics to that either) and certain duet bits (we hadn't memorized those bits yet.) We sound really good together. And he asked me to a Halloween party! Woot! (Don't squee, it's just as friends, but still ... costume suggestions ...? Please?)

I'm such a geek. Someone said "I'm a man!" or something like that, and then I actually yelled "I am a MAN!" and mimed punching something. People looked at me blankly and I said "never mind ..."


On the downside, I may be getting sick. Boo! *guzzles water and goes to bed early*


Flashback Episode:
BAHAHAHAHHAA! That was AWESOME! And hysterical! And I squealed a bit when Doug and the girl made out all sexy and did a romantic montage.

The return of NINJA-STYLE DANCING! SQUEE! I'm going to pretend that was just for me. (If you know otherwise, hush, I'm comfortable with my delusions.)
Harvey Finevoice! *sighs dreamily* Oh, yeah, Linkara is totally upping the fanservice here ...
Hee! 90's Kid, you make me laugh.

"Say, how would you like it if I opened every review like this?!"
*drools* Wait, what?


Heroes, Hysterical Blindness: Will materialize tomorrow. I'm gonna do half tonight and half tomorrow.
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So, as some of you already know, I've been press-ganged asked onto a week-long camping/hiking/sleeping on top of a freaking mountain/trip of insanity by my more sporty 'friends' and cannot get out of it, though I sorely want to. This means that I will miss the Heroes episode (joy) probably the heroes_meta deadline (double joy) and haven no access to internet until I stagger home sometime on Friday (triple joy) and, worst of all, WILL BE MISSING A WEEK OF YOU GUYS. *cries*
(Ok ok, with these things - it happens rather a lot to a shut-in geek like myself who doesn't like exercise unless it involves dancing or soccer - I bitch and moan, go on the trip, and come back feeling better about myself and having had a great time. That could happen this time. *tries very hard to turn off my sarcasm* Seriously. ARGH!)
I want to stay here where there are showers and bathrooms and food and cotton clothing and internet and TGWTG fandom and Heroes and LINKARA VIDEOS!

So, that's why I won't be about this week. It's no that I'm ignoring you, your lovely fics, or your hectic life rants, it's because I'll be ON TOP OF A FRIGGIN' MOUNTAIN AND HATING MY RL FRIENDS. When I get back I'm going to shower, hug my bed and computer, and then catch up on Heroes and TGWTG. Then I'll get to your comments and fics and entries. It may take until next Sunday for me to catch up. I AM SORRY. Did I mention that I hate this?

So, here is a fic to compensate for my absence:

Title: You Break It, You Buy It

Rating: R-ish (nothing explicit, some mildly disturbing thoughts on Insano’s part)

Word Count: 1,384 (aprox.)

Pairings, Characters: Insano/Linkara (one-sided … maybe) allusions to Spoony

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Atop the Fourth Wall or TheSpoonyExperiment, or Please do not sue me, leave acidic comments, or call me names.

Warnings: Dr. Insano’s POV, 2nd Person POV, little gunplay, dub-con, mentions of naughty stuff.

A/N: a while back, freya_sacken wrote a fabulous fic called ‘The Nighttime Blaze’ at my bequest. After I stopped rolling around in utter bliss, I got inspired to write the fic from Insano’s POV. (Because I am crazy like that.) And once again, this is second person (because I am crazy like that, too.)

This is probably my worst title EVER. I fail at title-fu. *cries*

Comments are love!

I am so mad that I'm missing Linkara's next video ... )
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Got back in touch with my dance-partner today! Hurray! *does a ... well, a dance*)


Linkara updated today ...


Spoilers for Linkara's update today ... )




Ok, you know what's fantastic? The Heroes graphic novels. Well, at least Rebellion is. Why?

Spoilers for all of the Rebellion graphic novels )








Spoilers for this episode, many others, and the series finale to Pushing Daisies )

Next Week!

I've been strong-armed by my 'friends' into going on a week-long hiking-and-camping trip. Joy. Next week I won't be online at all until Friday night, perhaps not even until Saturday afternoon. Double-joy.

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Woohoo! Linkara updated today! And he was so angry! It was so cute! (But I’m a little annoyed, because every time he said ‘science’ I expected to see an Insano cameo, but none came! *wibbles* I need my mad scientist fix! *goes to read some Girl Genius*)


Oh, and I was quoted TEN TIMES on heroes_meta! HURRAY!


On a slightly-nervous note, has anyone else seen Bennet the Sage’s review of ‘Artemis’s Lover?’ (DON’T listen to the story, because I listened to JUST THE AUTHOR’S NOTES and they made me sick.) Ever since posting my AVGN/NC fic, I’ve been watching the beginning and ends of his Fanfic Theater vids to see if he’s found my stuff yet. And … he didn’t name names or hint hints, but the way he said “very special episode” made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. What if this ‘very special episode’ in a month is one of OUR fics (or, namely, my Apocalypse fic!) and he’s organizing everyone to read their parts and do reaction shots and things?

And is that even a BAD thing? If it isn’t, why am I feeling the sudden urge to curl into a ball and hide under my bed? (Bennet the Sage SCARES ME!)


Oh, right, most of you are here for the Heroes review! On with that!


Spoilers for every episode of Heroes ever. )
Spoilers for every episode of Heroes ever. )


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Linkara updated today … *sighs dreamily* Harvey Finevoice totally needs his own show. Or Linkara could just wear a suit more often. That would be cool too.


Oh, right, Heroes!

Major spoilers for every season of Heroes ever! )


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So, as you probably know already, tomorrow is THE PREMIERE OF SEASON 4 OF HEROES OMG OMG OMG!!!
Most of you originally friended me because of my 'what aunt_zelda thinks' of Hereos episodes and my Heroes slash fiction. The WAZT will be returning this very week, but as I no longer have TV, I'll have to watch the episode Tuesday, or even Wednesday if I run out of time. So the WAZT will be posted on Tuesdays, or Wednesdays at the latest. I'm sorry, but I can't afford TV and so I'll have to make do with this year.
Anyone else excited for S4? 'Cause I am, in the cautious, nervous kind of way. Circus Guy and his posse look cool, Claire and her college friend ... reek of fanservice. I suppose the menfolk of Heroes-viewers deserve some of that, seeing as Mr. Kring and Co. have been catering pretty solely to us fangirls for the better part of the last three years, but if this turns into 'Hayden Panettiere Gone Wild: the Series' I'm leaving this show.
However, if Claire and her friend have some casual flirtation and Claire decides to explore this side of herself and date a girl, and her story arc is more of a carefully-handled Coming Out Story rather than tasteless titilation, I'm gonna be squeeing all season and sending Tim Kring flowers.

In other news ...

(On a side note, how is it possible for something that was never on TV to win an Emmy, but Wall-E can't get an Oscar nod?)
And Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the Emmys! SQUEE! I wish I had TV! (I'll have to watch youtube clips later ...)
I'm going to watch my Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD right now! SQUEE!!!
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*ahem* So ... has everyone else seen the promo for Volume 5? 'Cause I just did. Spoilers for V3, V4, the V5 trailer, and some mentions of online spoilers. )


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