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So I'm doing a project for a class, and I think I'm going to write a kind of mock supernatural field-guide of sorts, with journal entries and pictures and such. But I want to type this up, not hand write my whole project and put it in a real journal. 
Is there some kind of template you can download where you can put into Microsoft Word and manipulate text and make it look like there's newspaper clippings side by side? Other than the obvious choice, which is Photoshop, which I unfortunately haven't the time or the money for right now. 
I just want my project to look like a photocopied journal or something. If not, I'll figure something out. I can mess around with columns and photos and borders, I'll make it work somehow. But if there's some kind of template I can get online, that'd be even better. 
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For some reason last night I was thinking about Halloween costumes. I hadn't really put much thought into one, but people here go CRAZY for Halloween, and I love Halloween, so I started thinking more than "what I did last year, because more people will get it" and formulated something that would require elbow-length red gloves. 

Unfortunately I was very sleepy, or perhaps I was asleep at that point, because I can't remember what my costume idea was!

Do the elbow-length red gloves tip anyone off to something or someone specific, or was this all just a random dream?
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I've been wondering about posters that I want to take to college. I don't want to damage them, as I paid good money for some of them, but I want to take them with me because I want stuff on my dorm wall. Never mind that the posters I plan on taking are 1) one of Titania with quotes from the play 2) the album cover shot for Where the Wild Roses Grow, which is Kylie Minogue dead in the water with a phallic symbol ... I mean a snake 3) the 'You have Obtained the Vorpal Blade' from Alice: Madness Returns even though I've never played the video game and oh god my roommate is going to think I'm insane. 

I was wondering specifically about that resuable adhesive putty stuff. Anyone had experience with it? I know it won't damage the walls, but will it damage my posters? With it stain them or refuse to come off and tear the edges? Should I stick small pieces of foam or something onto the back of my posters and stick the putty to THAT instead of the paper? 

Or should I just get the postered laminated first? Should I get them framed and chance those "don't damage the walls, hoenst, but don't use them for mirrors or hang things over your bed we deny any liability" hooks I've seen in stores? 

Gah, I need to get back to sorting through eight-years worth of clothing and five years worth of dust. *dives back in*
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 Got this song stuck in my head ... and the worst thing is, I can't remember what song it is!

I know transcribed music doesn't translate well, but here's what I'm hearing:

So you wanna be a superstar
No matter who you are
No matter who you are

So you wanna be a superstar
No matter who you are
No matter who you are

Na na na-na
Na na na-na
Na na na na NA NA NA-NA NA NA

Na na na-na
Na na na-na
Na na na na NA NA NA-NA NA NA

[I can't figure out if the 'na na' bits are just the music going 'na na' or if it's the music AND the singer]

And there's all this loud guitar music, almost crashing at times, very overwhelming ... I wanna say it was some kind of theme song but I'm not sure. I know I couldn't have made it up because, well, I'm not musically inclined (like, I love music but I don't make up music.) I know there's a guy singing it, and he sounds vaguely British, like British-punk age British, that kind of scraggly sound you get from The Sex Pistols, if that helps at all or makes any sense. 

This is driving me insane ... if anyone could figure it out I'd be much obliged.
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 So, I called out of work today to spend the day working hard at my project (yaaaaaargh! *headdesk*) and that's consisted of me revising drafts and schedule, and now I'm compiling a list of the movies and books I'll be dealing with for said project. 

Can anyone track down the 2008 version of Richard III, starring Bill David Carradine and Scott Anderson? I managed to find the trailer, and it's got it's own wikipedia page and IMDb page ... but I can't find the movie itself anywhere. Netflix, amazon, google ... nowhere. I'd be much obliged (and thank you in the credits of my project) if anyone could track it down for me.

Thanks! *zips back to work*
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 I just had a scare. Hotmail randomly deleted the backlog of my inbox ... years worth of e-mails suddenly in my 'deleted' folder, leaving only the ones from Christmas to now. WTF?!?!?!?!? I transferred everything into a new folder and have been sorting it for half an hour, when I should be doing schoolwork. I have no idea why it did that or how to make it stop, but now I'm terrified. See, I'm a packrat, so I don't delete my e-mails much at all. Seeing most of my inbox vanish was really, really scary. 
I don't want to go through the hassle of switching my e-mail address ... but that was frightening and I don't want it to ever happen again!

Anyone else have this problem, or know what to do to fix it?
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 Check this out and please donate if you can!

You may wonder why I'm pimping out a charity auction for a complete stranger. It's because she's a friend of Dayna's, and Dayna is good people. She's wicked nice to me and she's an utterly fantastic person, so please help her friend if you can.

(In other news: stress stress I can't seem to catch a break stress stress listening to Discworld audiobooks to calm down stress stress gotta write a third draft of an essay tonight stress stress.)
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 Ok, so a while back I met some really nice people at a convention (the Libertarian Convention, actually ... heh heh ...) who are trying to make a cool-sounding movie about a dystopian future and a hot anarchist lady being chased by a government employee. 

Watch the cute video that explains things far better than I could.

I'm bringing this up because they are in desperate need of money. They've been fundraising for a while and people have been pledging money ... but if they don't hit a certain mark they won't get any of the pledges. Please please please PLEASE at least consider tossing them the five-dollar minimum. (Hey, if worst comes to worst, you'll keep your money, right?)

Those of you who can't or don't want to shill out money to a group of strange animators you've only just heard about, please pimp this to everybody and anybody you know, so perhaps THEY will donate.

It's just ... this sounds like it could be a really cool story, and they were wicked nice to me (they played hallway baseball with me at the convention with a poster case as a bat and a crumpled-up bits of post-it notes as the ball!) and they deserve support.

(Also, I spent an inordinate amount of time today twisting my hair into an odango style - I was going for those cute bun-pigtail things that Kaylee wears in the first episode but my hair didn't quite get there. I NEVER mess with my hair ... it was kinda fun ...)
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 So, a couple of months ago I got sucked into even more webcomics than usual, and was following a good eight or so every week. (Re: I was INSANE!) Now I'm only following a few, but I just remembered one that I liked and can't remember the name of. I'm pretty sure I found it via a tvtropes link, but that's not a certainty.

What I do know is:

*It isn't very old, it started this year

*It had its own website, it wasn't hosted on drunkduck or anything

*It's kinda cyberpunk/steampunk/Urban Fantasy

*It updated once a week, I think on a Thursday

*It had lots of explosions

*It was based on someone's tabletop RPG

*It featured a group of police-type people (including a large robotic guy) investigating a terrorist ring in a warehouse

*There was an elf girl who could heal people that they found about twenty pages into the story (who as from an orphanage)

*There was a lot of nice use of color and shadows. The elf healer girl was very blue and white, the explosions were very red and orange, the rest of the stuff was mostly brown and black, the mysterious people were shadowy. It was stylized, if kinda cartoony.

It was really good, too! If anybody can track it down I'll be extremely grateful! 

EDIT: Found it, it was Clockworks.
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So, I'm taking a class that involves (among other things) using Photoshop, and we've been making buttons! (Hurray! I love this class! It's awesome!)

Problem is, when I get in front of the computer, I struggle to formulate ideas for the buttons! (Oh noes!)

Any suggestions, my geeky, creative, fantastic LJ friends?

Here's some buttons I've already made/am planning on making:
Mad Scientist Appreciation Club (with a picture of some goggles!)
You Can't Take the Sky From Me (with a picture of Serenity)
Do You Have A Flag? (with a picture of ... a flag)
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Last week I had a strange dream that Claude came back as the First (you know, a person connected with you haunting you?) but he had golden horns and a gold pocket watch. It was WEIRD, because that’s one of my tamer dreams.



[profile] aimisan exists to obsessively fold cranes, yell at me to eat, and steal my cheese.



Ages ago we were working on ‘gustar’ in Spanish and my teacher asked me for a sentence I provided:

Sylar likes brains.


Which we turned into :

Le gustan cerebros a Sylar.


Right after the finale, someone on my bus admitted she’d watched the finale last night (and been wicked confused.) But then she said:

“I can’t believe you think Sylar is hot.”

I was perplexed. “Are you sure you know who Sylar is?”

“The guy with the eyebrows and the nose?”

My face fell. ZQ is HOT, you silly hippie! I don’t know her anymore!


This from the 13th of December, about my Math Teacher after someone put a funky hat on his head:

“He looks like the Pope!”

“Blasphemy!” I cheerily called out, ecstatic

My teachers said. “I AM the Pope!”

I said: “Look, it’s snowing!”

Another student said: “I love how ADD we are.”

Then my teacher started imitating the Count from Sesame Street. Someone said he sounded like a Nazi, so my teachers said, amused: “I look like the Pope and sound like a Nazi.”

(No offense meant to anyone, btw, just wanted to remember this stuff. Nazis aren’t cool.)

On with the plea for assistance:

Does anyone know what's appropriate to give a Muslim on Eid al-Fitr? My mom called me because she wants to bake something for her friend at work and doesn't want to offend anyone. I have no idea what Eid al-Fitr is, but I think it has something to do with sheep ...

Also, I think I'm getting my annual Christmas Cold/Fever/Plague. Every SINGLE YEAR I get ill around the holidays and it sucks. Last year, between sleeping on the floor, being unable to breathe through my nose, hearing the wind whistle around the house, and listening to half my family sore so loud the house was shaking, I hardly slept all night.


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