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These are the sudden impulse thoughts that came to mind as I was watching. Not a full recap, just random yelling and squeeing and freaking out and blue-screening. It's incomprehensible at times.

After the episode I was crying and sobbing and hurting in my soul. Luckily I posted to Facebook about having just seen the episode and how I was crying, and one of my friends asked if I wanted to hang out and geek talk, so I went down and had hot chocolate with him and we talked about the episode and the season and Sherlock and Moriarity and John and Irene and the character of Moriarty in all kinds of things and Doctor Who and anime Boston and superheroes and villains and the Sandman comics and books we're going to trade to each other and relationships and friends and stuff. It was hours. And I felt much better, no longer upset or sobbing or hurting in my soul. Still a little freaked out about the episode, but the kind of freak out I can deal with. Until I see it again and talk to more people. I can use this as a conversation starter with That Girl I Like A Lot, because talking with people about stuff you both enjoy is a great way to warm up to the inevitable "so, do you like girls ...?" conversation.

So, yeah, my thoughts on the episode look pretty frantic, but don't worry, I'm fine now. I feel much better, I'm back at college, all unpacked, and ready for bed. Sleepy and exhausted.

Tomorrow I'll go for a walk, get things in order for classes on Tuesday, eat some food, and hopefully hang out with lots of my friends and talk about the episode some more. And maybe, just maybe, have a conversation with That Girl I Like A Lot. 

Thoughts on the episode:
Spoilers for the whole second season, mostly the finale. OW. MY SOUL. Also no Sebastian Moran for sure. )

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 Because my boyfriend doesn't have a lot of computer access and we haven't been able to meet up in AGES, during our phone conversation this evening we both loaded up the first two parts of Suburban Knights and watched them in sync, laughing to each other over the phone. It was the first time he'd seen it. His incoherent squeeing was adorable. I had to remind him to breathe a couple of times.

When Linkara showed up I sighed and said, "Suddenly I feel uncomfortable watching this with my boyfriend." 

He knew the Willow joke immediately and exploded with laughter. We laughed so much; this was only my second viewing so there were things I saw that I hadn't caught before, like the Chick grabbing Jareth's ball repeatedly. 

My fav parts: the Puppeteer reveal and Spoony's LARPing rant.

His fav part? "The whole thing. That part was pretty good."

I love him. We'll have to get together and watch the whole thing together, like we did with my Kickassia DVD last fall. It'll be EPIC.
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 I find it amusing that Suburban Knights already has a tvtropes page, and it's basically people squeeing about the costumes.

Then I read the WMG page and saw "they're looking for Suede" and promptly laughed and cackled like a mad scientist for three straight minutes. I needed that laugh.

My boyfriend is very excited. When I told him that the trailer was up at lunch time he started hyperventilating and squeeing. I love it when he squees, it's so adorable. Then we watched it together and laughed and I showed him all the comments at the Treehouse about the Critic's legs and anguish about when it'll come out and the "does that mean the Snob will have a whip?!" point. I love my boyperson so, so much. This is going to be so awesome. 
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I have discovered White Noise. 

Now I am no longer pondering moving my study-spot or getting into a shouting match with the girl the next room over who refuses to wear headphones while studying with her music or throwing the overly-loud ticking clock out the window.

White Noise ... it is so glorious ... 

Watched the table-dance scene from From Dusk Till Dawn with my boyfriend today. Think it got him a little more amorous than he was before we watched. (It's like porn-lite! *giggles*)

Still cannot stop reading Savage Love articles. Must finish work! Must finish work! *headdesk* So sleepy!
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1) My boyfriend squees about it. (What can I say, he's got a thing about Magnificent Bastards. It's like his thing about Light Yagami all over again, I swear.) There's nothing more adorable than a dude squeeing over mecha. 

2) It's so cliched that you can riff it constantly, bringing up tropes left, right, and center and hanging lampshades all over the place. (Which my boyfriend and I do frequently as we watch.)

3) It brings out the worst in me. I've said the filthiest things about pairing up certain characters, imitating their voices in mock propositions to other characters, and taking certain questionable lines out of context to hilarious results. (The "That's What She Said" counter broke by episode 5.)

4) Princess Cornelia. UNF. That is all. Her voice (we're watching the dub, I know, we're being bad) ... makes me melt ... 

5) It stars Doctor Insano and his Nurse. Well, Doctor Insano if he had touches of L from Death Note and was given mass quantities of tranquilizers, that is. It's still Doctor Insano gorramit! They may go by Lloyd and Cecile, but they're Doctor Insano and the Nurse, all right. Cecile was at first one of those annoying, shy, 'oh, pardon me, I just had a clever idea, do excuse me for being a woman' characters, but she's showing depth and character development and she's SMART and snarky and cares for Suzaku and slaps Lloyd when he says something too rude. 

So ... yeah. Watching this and episodes of The Big Bang Theory is awesome. I'm going to have such weird dreams tonight ...
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 Doug has a bit of a sunburn in his Jaws 4: The Revenge review. 
Is this a Clue to the nature of the Third Year Anniversary? I don't know. He also seems to have gotten a haircut. *sadface*

Today I got to play soccer. *SQUEE* During a game of World Cup I yelled "Molossia!" jokingly, and then speculated to my boyfriend that the Third Year Anniversary will really be the gang having tea in Kevin Baugh's house. That won't happen, obviously, but we laughed over that idea.

Personally I'm holding out for a Murder Mystery Musical. But that's just me.
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 Worked today. LONG, cold, wet, but I got through it very well and had some fun conversations and talked to some adorable little kids, so that was ok in the end. After work I went shopping (which I never do) and spent an obscene amount of money (for me) on a skirt. Maybe I can use it for the Discworld Con? Also bought two DVDs, which made me happy, because getting good DVDs cheap is awesome. 
The boyfriend misses me dreadfully. I miss him dreadfully. We call each other on the phone and read webcomics together and laugh about them. We need to get Skype. 
My feet REALLY hurt, and my lower back kinda aches, and I'm EXHAUSTED.
Must wake up very early tomorrow to drive a long way to celebrate Easter. Will probably get home VERY late. Would rather celebrate Zombie Jesus Day by staying home, sleeping late, and working on my project and watching Horatio Hornblower movies.
Came home to find a flying squirrel in my room. Screamed VERY loudly and bravely ran away. It's gone now, thanks to the cat and a friend, but my skin is crawling. I have this ... THING about small rodents. An irrational fear. It's so embarrassing. A girl terrified of mice/rats/small rodents? How stereotypical. 

Must get to bed ... but there's so much I want/need to do!
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 So today my boyperson and I saw each other for the first time since last week, which was awesome, and there was much cuddling and huggling and kissing and stuff. And I licked his fingers again. I got ... bolder with that. It felt strange and silly and I kept blushing and saying "This is because I read fanfiction!" and he laughed and agreed and we talked about Magic and music and my trip. Later he licked MY fingers, which felt ... wow ... *fans self* Ahem hem hem hem ... *swoons*

So, ya'll have seen this by now I expect:


As if I didn't love Nella enough already, now we get an EVIL version of her? In a Spike coat?!?!?!?! Be still my geeky little heart! *swoons again*

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 It's a miracle we get anything done in my East Asian History Class. We mostly do independent research and read when we aren't riffing documentaries. Lots of laughter, tangent-ridden conversations, and "that's what she said" joking abounds. Today was especially good/bad. One girl says "baboon" really, really hilariously and kept talking about baboons and we all laughed hysterically (I had tears coming out of my eyes) and I moved across the room to try and calm down, and my boyperson started laughing like he was about to transform into Doctor Insano (it was ... amazing) and I came over and waved a magazine in front of his face to give him some air to calm him down. Then I went back to reading The Art of War and taking notes on the Five Virtues that Must Be Known to Every General, lest he FAIL.

Today was AWESOME.
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 This time tomorrow I'll know. Good god, I'm nervous.

Linkara's latest video:Minor spoilers for Linkara's latest vid )
The Nerd:

Has anyone else seen the Nerd's Christmas Special? My boyperson told me about it, I hadn't seen it because I don't really watch the Nerd's stuff (I'm not a gamer, and while I love the Nerd I don't love his profanities, so really I just know him as the guy the Critic was having epic FoeYay with who swears a lot and makes hilarious faces) but his Christmas Special is a truly a work of genius. RHYMING! ILLUSTRATIONS! MUSIC! A KITTY! *sporfles* And it leaves you with a truly heartwarming feeling inside, strangely enough. *beams*

Top Five Things I Love to Watch at Christmas:
Not much of a surprise, not much of a detailed list )
All I've done this afternoon is watch TGWTG (and AVGN) videos and listen to THIS, MY FAVORITE SONG EVER, COVERED BY NIGHTWISH MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME, and basking in the afterglow of cuddling more with my boyperson and trying to nap and feeling vaguely Christmassy in a strange, lazy way.
This time tomorrow I'll either be very happy, very sad, or very confuzzled. *crosses fingers*
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 This is not a kid’s movie.

This IS a fantastic movie. I will try to do it justice.

First off: that one Snatcher (you know the one I mean …) was so sexy it was almost distracting. OM NOM NOM.

The Previews )


Nov. 10th, 2010 08:20 pm
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 Today I played Risk. Or at least, I started to play. It's very complicated, and since the set we had didn't have directions we had to google for help, and my "boyperson" and I kept cracking jokes about Board James and yelling "OF COURSE!!!" and taking control of Australia and being as geeky as humanly possible. It was awesome.


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