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So after not meeting up for a while, we finally got our group together, mostly. Got to introduce a new character. 

Fun fight and lots of laughs, very exciting ... and then all of the sudden the DM dumped a truckload of angst onto my character. It was so intense I almost started crying, I was so into it. It was GREAT! : DDDDDDD

Just, such great personal conflict now, for my character. She might get disowned by her crime family. Is she gonna be a hero now? Should she arrest her whole family? What would Batman do? Hell, what WILL Batman do? She's still really scared of him. 

I just had such a fantastic night with friends! 


Sep. 20th, 2015 12:54 pm
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So I’ve only had two boyfriends thus far, and a ton of crushes on people. For both boyfriends, it was the same pattern: I hung out with the guy for a while, everyone else thought we were secretly dating but neglected to tell me about that, and once the guy and I officially started dating people were surprised we hadn’t been dating already.

So like, why my friends have thought I am the sort of person who secretly dates someone is beyond me, but whatever.

Now I’m worried about how to combat this in the future. Like, should I just be paranoid about everyone I’m friends with, because if I hang out with them long enough people will assume we’re dating, and eventually we will be dating? How can I tell? Auuuugh.

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Her name is [ profile] teenybuffalo and she is wonderful. I’m moving cross country away from her because I’m graduating and I’m crying now so I wanna ramble.

Posted to my tumblr because there are photos I don't wanna upload again to a different social network site.

~linky link~
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Like being at summer camp again!

X-Posted to my tumblr because it's a pain to upload photos to LJ and I've got lots to do this afternoon.

[ profile] teenybuffalo and Kestrell are amazing and I am so happy. : DDDDD

This room that started out all blank white walls and dreariness has become lovely. There's color on the walls, leaves from home on the window, and now EVEN MORE ORANGE THINGS to have around the place! : D
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Linked to my tumblr because why not.

FANTASTIC double feature night with teenybuffalo tonight! Bride of Frankenstein followed by The Wolf Man (followed by a long discussion about, among other things: vampire/werewolf/zombie/wendigo myths and literature, politics, zombies, mental illness, society's conditioning of women, and Magdalena Solis and the Hernandez brothers)

But yeah, Bride of Frankenstein and The Wolf Man.

I'd never seen either of these movies before. FANTASTIC double feature! We laughed, riffed, discussed various horror tropes and cliches and stuff, and had lots of fun.

Some oddly touching and poignant moments in both movies. Both very abrupt endings by modern standards. And I'm still mad that the titular Bride is barely there for five minutes before a tower gets dropped on her. D:<

But it's amusing to see Victor Henry Frankenstein getting seduced by his strange and persuasive "old friend" Dr. Pretorius.

Also I'm now strangely attracted to Dwight Frye. I strongly suspect it's been teenybuffalo's mission this summer to give me crushes on various creepy men from old movies who are now either dead or ancient.

The Wolf Man was ... odd. Creepy stalking early on, then feeling bad for poor Larry. Pleasantly surprised that lots of the Romani characters were played by actual Romani people. And the psychologist wasn't evil! Just Wrong Genre Savvy. The werewolf makeup was pretty funny though. Kind of wish there was a sequel where Larry's dad and Gwen become crime-fighting werewolves.

Also, odd similarities between the Wolf Man and Bruce Banner/the Hulk. Like, to the point that I can't believe that's a coincidence, what with Larry's stories in later movies.

Anyways, great night, going to miss these for a few months while I'm off on the other side of the country.

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I've bee busy. Working on my script, trying not to get used to having no roommate in a double room in the dorms (long story, but I have no roommate at the moment and have no idea if/when I'll get one), crying and feeling sad about the end of To Boldly Flee and the Nostalgia Critic, trying to sort out my feelings about Spoony especially in light of his commentaries on To Boldly Flee, not sleeping enough, playing the Dresden Files RPG with friends via Google+, keeping track of all the shows I'm supposed to go to including a production of Rocky Horror which two of my friends are starring in, limping because of my stupid toenail, working in the scene shop, and oh yeah, classes ... 

... I have to chose the subject for the big ongoing project for one of my classes. We can chose a play or musical to hypothetically turn into a movie, or a movie to hypothetically turn into a play or musical. 
(I fucking love my school. : D )

I'm torn between Kill Bill and Labyrinth. 

Yes. I feel like Kill Bill would be challenging, maybe too challenging, but also badass and full of gore. And difficult to get research material for. On the other hand, Labyrinth could be this cool Nutcracker-esque adventure with changing sets and I could research mythology for that. 

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Ok, so if you haven't seen the new NC this week, WATCH IT NOW OMG!!!!!!

... that whole ending ... oh my god ... that was PURE WIN ... and Mara Wilson was HILARIOUS and UNEXPECTED and BADASS and kinda wicked hot and totally owned the Critic and that's always fun when he gets all embarrassed and squirmy and shouty, innit? And now I ship them, because FoeYay with the Critic = fanfic for all. Especially when it's a Dominant Woman/Critic pairing. 
God, I don't know if I'll ever stop giggling about Doug's Old Shame video footage. 

Seriously, that was just what I needed after an emotionally and intellectually draining second-to-last day at college. Tomorrow I have two finals (not really finals, we just have to show up) and then I move out and go home. I'm trying to avoid thinking about that, because I don't want to go home, I want college to keep going on through summer. Some of my friends are graduating. Some are going to LA. Some are going abroad. I'm going to miss them so much! I don't really have many friends back home, I've made so many awesome friends this year ... I mean, there's Facebook and Skype, but it's not the same.

Ah well. Hilarious NC review. I'm pretty much all set to go. I've had a great first year at college. I just wish it wasn't over tomorrow. 
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Because awesome_emmy sent me the link to the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. It's like fanmixes ... but with TEA. Mostly of specific characters (Sherlock characters are pretty popular at the moment, as you can see here) but some for things like books too. It's utterly fantastic. Also you can design your own blend! 

WHY DON'T I LIKE TEA?!??!!??!?! *cries* This is the bestest thing ever and I DON'T LIKE TEA!
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Today I got together with some of my friends and we had an EPIC Sherlock marathon! All the episodes. That's a solid 9-hours of tv. With breaks for lunch and dinner and in-between episodes and messing with getting the finale working, it took us about 12 hours. And it was AWESOME. We laughed and cried and everybody learned way too much about my fetishes and ate lots of chocolate and it was awesome. Several people who hadn't seen any of the show saw all or most of it. It was fantastic. So much fun. So sleepy ...
I'm just so happy! This is exactly what I wanted to have happen when I daydreamed about college and having lots of friends and geeking out. We're already planning more marathons for later, mostly of anime that I haven't seen yet. Hurray!
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We were put into groups during the last part of my morning class today. The other girls in my group spoke so pretentiously I could barely understand what was going on. I had to force myself to contribute ideas to the discussion because I was so busy trying to decipher what they were saying. I felt like I had landed on another planet. What the fuck was that about? I consider myself a smart person, yeah my SAT scores weren't stellar but they weren't lousy, and I read a lot. Today I felt like I was in the wrong place. I wanted to yell "SPEAK PLAIN ENGLISH, IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT" while they kept yammering on about how awesome the book we had to read for homework was (it ... wasn't. It kinda sucked. The book was almost as hard to understand as the other girls in my group were.) I'd be afraid that I was out of my depth in the class if it weren't for the rest of the class, which is going awesomely. We've been watching clips of various movies of Hamlet and discussing the symbolism and use of music and lighting and stuff in them. It's WONDERFUL. I've brought up a few things that seemed to please the teacher. The class is understandable during THOSE discussions, so why not during the book-talk?

Also, most of the reading homework I have for the other classes, from the ridiculously-expensive textbooks? HORRIBLE. I paid money for this shit? I am PAYING money to be forced to read this shit? All this is accomplishing is making me have to twitch every few minutes to stay awake, and making me realize what it was like for those kids in elementary school who said they "hated to read." I thought I'd never be able to identify with them, and now I can.

There is good stuff, though. I had my first interview and got the job (HURRAY!) and had another interview today that went pretty well, I guess (yay!) and have been eating better food and better times (woohoo!) and it's been nice and rainy out and I've been hanging out a bit with this insane, hilarious, nice guy who dresses like Matt Smith (I'm not even kidding) and finding the time to write a little fanfic and read some Dresden Files. My Making Monsters class is fan-freaking-tastic and I am so excited for more, even though it's at 8:00 am in the morning, I am PSYCHED for that class. Most of the theater class I'm taking is great, the parts where we've been discussing scenes from Hamlet have been wonderful, the reading and discussion of that ... not so much.

I'll get through this. I may snap in a couple weeks and start shaking people to get the pretentious out of them, but hopefully it won't come to that. 


Sep. 1st, 2011 02:48 pm
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Yesterday somebody said that my sense of humor reminded them of Daria. HOORAY!!! *punches the air*

Also, I LOVE my floor! There's a decent chunk of people who are just plain awesome, and even those who aren't are incredibly nice and funny. I hung out in these two girls' room down the hall and we all talked for HOURS about EVERYTHING, there was so much talking about webcomics and movies and music and playing music and majors and racism and food and wow, I love my floor.

Unfortunately the internet shorted out last night so I couldn't post about this until now. 

God I am so tired. I'm feeling better about my major(s) and had lunch with people who are in my department and we joked about forming a pretentious club. 

Somebody found Newbury comics! We're going to go next week! *SQUEE*


Aug. 31st, 2011 04:21 pm
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No longer feeling anxious. When to "Hooray!" which was an event hosted by the Date Doctor. There was lots of hugging and laughing and silly games with hula hoops, and the end result was that I no longer felt anxious or second-guessing my placement here. 

Hanging out in my room with my roommate and two of her friends. BFA majors seem to be becomming fast friends. At least I don't have to worry about people never stopping by. I'll just have to make sure they like me, and make sure my friends come over, and stuff. 

People seem to be remembering me and saying hi and stuff. That bodes well.

Remembered the name of the girl who I met last night who shares so many of my interests. YAY!
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Today one of my best friends (whom I've recently gotten addicted to videos) commented that my facial expressions "look a lot like the Spoony One's." 
I squeed inwardly and smiled for the rest of the day. I feel flattered. That was such a lovely thing for my friend to say to me!

Ok, back to work ...


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