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I do not own Doctor Who, Heroes, roflbot, or flickr. These are made for the enjoyment of fans, I get no money from this, etc.
In other news, I met my father's new boyfriend at last! I (I mentioned him a while back, this is the first time I met him.) I was worried for naught! I quite like him!  We all went out to breakfast this morning, it was nice ...

(These were inspired/stolen from talks with [personal profile] lesmisloony, who told me to go ahead and make them.)


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Ok, here’s a question for you faithful readers.

Which is more annoying to be woken up by? A greyhound whining or a smoke-alarm that’s going off because of humidity?

Yeah, I can’t decide either.


Anyhoodle, this week I bestow THIS grain of wisdom: when you KNOW the upcoming episode is going to involve Billie Piper, do not begin watching The Secret Dairies of a Call Girl the day before you watch said episode. It messes with your mind severely, let me tell ya … though by the time I was about four minutes into the episode I’d forgotten completely about Belle du Jour.

Also, while I acknowledge and notice that Billie Piper is a very pretty girl (and you see QUITE a lot of her in ‘Diaries’ if you get my drift) I have found that I am not attracted to her like that. I felt NOTHING like when I look at That-Guy whilst watching Billie Piper parade about in lacy ‘knickers.’ Guess I’m not a lesbian or bi after all. *sigh*

Well, it is on that ‘happy’ (not the sarcasm) note that I begin this recap. *makes brave attempt at a smile*


(PJ-kun? You'd better not read this one until you've caught up.)


Watch and comment (the poor guy is hilarious and doesn't get nearly enough press)


‘The Stolen Earth’ (aka ‘Badarse Whoverse Crossover Festapalooza.’)


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(P.S. Does anyone know where I should start with the audio books? Especially the audio books read by Paul McGann?)

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Sorry this is late, but it was thunder-and-lighning-ing all afternoon, and I had to stop when I was halfway through the episode and turn off the power to the computer.



On to the episode!



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This episode is MADE OF WIN! *huggles it*

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Phew! I created a worksheet for my Spanish class, and today I handed it out. I was very, very nervous, but it went over very well and people liked it and everything. I am insanely pleased with myself.
Because the subject was Doctor Who, I'm going to post it here  (minus the pictures, though, because I haven't the time to upload even THREE tiny pictures of the 7th, 10th, and 4th Doctors.)

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Wow, I just finished Kill Bill V2 this morning ...
Those are probably my favorite movies of all time. Right up there with 'Little Miss Sunshine' and 'Love Actually' and 'Shakespeare in Love.'
Yes, I am VERY strange.
Yes, that fights were gory and bloody, but it was FUNNY in some bits. Really, nobody shoots blood out like that. And I loved how it broke into anime at one point, and then sillohettes at another point. And SWORDS SWORDS SWORDS oh my god SWORDS.
Oh, wait, you guys are here for DW ... sorry ...

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*prays someone, anyone is reading this* Because really, you don’t even have to have seen Lost to read this and laugh. I make references to Doctor Who, Heroes, and slash at frequent intervals. There’s also this nasty rumor going around LJ that I’m funny, so you might read it for that. Just please leave comments. It gets so lonely, posting theses reviews and having no comments at all … do you all just hate Lost or something? I hate it too! It’s like junkies took Lord of the Flies and Survivor and added polar bears and slashy goodness! But still I watch! It’s ridiculously addicting!

Anyhoddle, please read. And yeah, spoilers for Lost, Heroes, DW, and pretty much every show I watch.




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Title: Beach

Author: me, aunt_zelda

Word Count: 1,772

Rating: R I suppose, for groping and swears in American-English and English-English.

Spoilers: S3 of DW, but it’s one of those ‘the Master is really alive and still Simm!Master and traveling with the Doctor … somehow’ fics.

A/N: I went to the beach on Earth Day and was struck with this fic idea as I was drawing Chinese characters in the sand. You should probably blame the Mainer in me for dragging our favorite Time Lords to a Maine beach, but be grateful I allowed at least some sand (in my opinion, if there aren’t rocks, it’s not a beach.)

Also I’m becoming very interested indeed in Academy Fics, anyone got any good linkies? Shamelessly pimping your own fics is allowed and welcome!

Also, ‘Whirligigs?’ No idea what they look like at all. Draw me a picture if you have time!


(Edit, July 30th 2008: This fic won runner-up in 'Best Fluff Fic' in the dwtwslashawards. Thank you to everyone who voted for me!)



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I just had a bloody awful day. I was overloaded with TMI, and later I started to cry on the bus ride home and still feel kinda sick about that.
Thankfully I DID finish this off, and I'm gonna watch 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' for the first time tonight, so hope is blossoming.

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Oh god my feet! Dance class started late and ended late today, and NO I am not going to watch Lost tonight at that ungodly hour for television because I am protesting! If I watch it at all it shall be online at illegal sites! Mu ha, ha ha!

Serioulsy though, my feet? I could really use a foot massage right about now … *whimpers and puts feet up, planning to watch … something before going to bed VERY EARLY TONIGHT because a new step in the tango, new spins in swing, and disco-for-beginners really takes a lot out of you*




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OH HAPPY DAY!!! *bounces up and down* I can snap my fingers AT LAST! I have never been able to snap my fingers before in my entire life! My fingers hurt from snapping so much! *dances about, grinning madly*

Also, I now possess this amazing bright orange dress with sequins that shows off my rather attractive shoulders and collar bone. *swishes about*

Today was a LOVELY LOVELY day, so sunny and warm, and I finally finished viewing ‘The Fires of Pompeii’ online!


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Title: Closure
Author: me, aunt_zelda
Rating: R because there’s some naughty words, and naughty acts, and I have no beta!
Warning: I’m an American.

Spoilers: S1 of Heroes, and through ‘Last of the Time Lords’ for DW.
Pairings: 10th Doctor/6th Master, Peter Petrelli/Claude Raines, Peter Petrelli/10th Doctor, flicker of Past!Noah/Past!Claude, plus another ‘canon’ pairing you’ll catch if you watch Heroes.
Summary: After loosing the Master (and, I guess, meeting himself, and the business with the Titanic, which I haven’t seen yet, damn you, time zone!) the Doctor seeks closure with the help of an old … ‘friend.’

A/N: This is my desperate attempt to keep the Plaude community going whilst simultaneously writing Doctor/Master, a pairing that is swiftly becoming my OTP. Hopefully I’ll confuzzle the heck out of both communities, whilst shamelessly pimping these vids: because I promised the maker I would. They’re HYSTERICAL, so please leave him lots of comments, even if you DON’T read my fic!

(Btw, I suck at titles, and I also suck at smut so please be kind, I usually never go this far in my fics.)




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