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Posted that podfic I've been talking about all summer! Phew! That was ... a lot of work. And I'm very proud of myself.

Ok the sound quality is not that great. I am terrible at accents. I'm pronouncing "Marcone" like the first two audiobooks do, not how it's pronounced later on when Jim Butcher presumably corrected that. (In my defense, all the Dresden Files podfics I've ever listened to pronounce the name like I'm pronouncing it, so ... yeah.) Garageband tried to mess with my files and I had to split it into two parts to save it.

But I'm still proud, goddammit. This fic is badass and one of my all time favs in any fandom. I'm so happy I managed to record it. Hopefully, the author likes it. If other people like it too, so much the better.

This summer didn't exactly go the way I expected, so signing up for this challenge was a way to give me something to work towards this summer that I was passionate and excited about, since my original plans didn't work out and I was suddenly stuck back at home again, worrying about gas money and going to my summer job and missing my college friends. In that respect, this helped me get through the early part of the summer, which was rough at times because of opportunities getting snatched away and feeling sorry for myself.

I really want to record more podfics in the future. It's fun and I like doing this a lot. Before I do another one I need to get an actual microphone and see about using a program other than Garageband, which is evil.

I've posted like a million links at like three different locations since last night, it seems. You can find it at my AO3 account, amplificathon, and the podficbigbang community
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 Made the mistake of staying up too late reading from Side Jobs, a collection of short stories of The Dresden Files (which for some reason does not contain the short story Even Hand, because god hates me or something. GAH! I want my Marcone-fix already! I don't care about other authors in the Dark and Stormy Knights anthology, I just want Even Hand!) 
Just read Aftermath. Am now completley psyched for Ghost Stories. Am considering driving to wherever-the-hell Jim Butcher lives and forcing him to give me an early copy of Ghost Stories. YOU CANNOT END ON A CLIFFHANGER LIKE AT THE END OF CHANGES AND SURVIVE UNSCATHED!!!!!!! I AM STILL ANGRY AT YOU, SIR, MY MOST FAVORITEST AUTHOR OF ALL TIME!!!!!!

Did I mention my dire need for a Marcone fix? I love that man. Let's face it, the only reason I kept reading Discworld was because Vetinari reminded me of Marcone (I now love Discworld for many other reasons that are not 'Vetinari Vetinari Vetinari,' but Vetinari was the main reason I kept reading the books early on.) FoeYay with a cynical anti-hero, significant power in a magical city, lovely sarcasm, a fondness for knives ... I think I have a type, guys!

Gah ... I'm up waaaaaaaay too late ... got so much to do tomorrow! *headdesk*
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 This morning I dreamed that I was Harry Dresden ... but it wasn't good. My magic got taken away, I fell asleep on top of a building that was still being built, some freaky Asian ghoul guy was chasing me and my friend (who was trying to hold off said ghoul and tell me to run) and I had to keep track of all these shoes ... then we ran through a school and got stuck and my magic was gone and the ghoul took my friend away and then the Wardens showed up and I was mad at them (because I was Harry Dresden ... just in my usual body, that of a tiny blond girl) and then I swore at a bunch of teachers and stormed out and then I was in MY school and started rolling up a sleeping bag and crying about all my problems and telling them to my (real life, not Harry's life) transvestite friend. 
Very strange dream. Is suspect this is what happens after one spends all day writing about Richard III: Urban Fantasy Edition, and then stays up WAY TOO LATE reading excerpts from feminist books on ... and I have to work today. And go to a Board Meeting. ARGH.
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 So, the logical thing to do after a long day of work work WORK on a stupid stupid gorram project and phone calls and mild stress and so much work that you feel your brain is going to explode ...

... is to stay up into the next morning reading Dresden Files slash. Because hot dayum, some goddess made a Dresden Files Kink Meme and I've gotta read me some of that!

My boyperson's coming over tomorrow. I have MOUNTAINS of work due tomorrow and Monday. I have to wake up at 6:30 on Monday. My brain will be FRIED. 

But the fic is SO GOOD ...  : )
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So, I have a job! Hurray! I start tomorrow! I feel anxious and excited and conflicted because on the one hand, job = money and money = yay, on the other hand, job = less free time and less free time = less time in fandom (which I am, once again, woefully behind in.)
So ... yeah. More updates on that to follow.

But what you're really here for are my thoughts on Changes, right? Here goes ...

Incoherent RAAAAAGE ... also, have I stumbled upon an internet taboo? )
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So, as some of you already know, these next few weeks are going to be incredibly hectic for me.

I explain and ellaborate for a while )
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Jim Butcher. I am in constant awe of that man's talent. He does laugh-out-loud funny, he does hide-under-the-bed scary, he does make-you-tear-up sad, he does tech-you-something-about-mythology clever, and he does HOLY-SHIT-HE'S-BEEN-PLANNING-THAT-FROM-CHAPTER-TWO plots. Also, it is my professional-fan opinion that he writes the best female characters in current fiction.
I like my own writing style, but I'm still struggling with things like plots, story arcs, and making characters that aren't Mary-Sues.
Jim Butcher's is the degree of excellence that I strive for as an aspiring author.


Dec. 15th, 2009 09:06 pm
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I finally filled out this meme I ganked from [ profile] emeriin a while back. Basically you choose fifteen characters and then write 15-word drabbles according to the order. These worked suprisingely well, considering the ecclecticness of the characters I chose, the word-limit, and the fact that this is (I think) my first fic meme.

1. Linkara

2. Katara

3. Samuel Sullivan

4. The Doctor

5. Dr. Insano

6. Remus Lupin

7. Harry Dresden

8. Carmen Sandiego

9. Elle Bishop

10. The Nostalgia Chick

Eight drabbles!  )

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Double-feature, people! And half-way decent recaps to boot!

"Dead is Dead"

Spoilers for these episodes, as well as pretty much every Lost episode EVER )


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First of all ... I now HEART Steven Colbert. Why didn't anyone TELL ME how HI-LARIOUS that man is?
Case in point:

Also, have ya'll seen this lady yet? WHY IS EVERYONE CALLING HER UGLY? She is RADIANT and BEAUTIFUL at the end of that song! And she made Simon Cowell SMILE! I didn't know he COULD!
But yeah. My mom saw it, cried, and then called me to tell me about it. I watched it and cried too. It's just one of those stories that renews your faith in the human race, ya know? There is good news out there ... you just need to find it.
(Now I'm LOL-ing about Mr. Cowell's expression at the four-minute mark on that vid. He looked like an ickle fanboy in that second. Let me repeat myself: SIMON COWELL LOOKED HUMAN! Surely this, and not gay marriage, is the herald of the Apocalypse?)

Anyhoo, some Lost WAZTs should be up tomorrow. And Small Favor was slashtastic. Not as slashtastic as White Night, but in order to beat that there would have had to be canon kissing.Small Favor was still just about one of my favorites, though. *cheers Jim Butcher* I'm trying my darndest to hold out on reading Turn Coat, but I think I may crack by Monday.

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Seriously, I think the man is aware of slashers. He's GOTTA be. If he knows about the Evil Overlord lists, it's not that radical of an idea that he knows about slashers as well, especially concerning the events of Death Masks.
Minor spoilers for books 1-5 of the Dresden Files )
MAJOR spoilers for 'Death Masks' Book 5 of The Dresden Files )

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Minor spoilers for Repo!The Genetic Opera )


Weird, but semi-major spoilers for Book 1 and Book 4 of 'The Dresden Files' )
So, anyhoodle, truckin' along with The Dresden Files, thinking of writing some Harry/John myself, having a lovely day, getting more and more excited/scared of the S4 finale of House ...
And it's WICKED COLD here. But my Christmas-coat is a mixture of Harry Dresden/the Drover from Australia/GeneCo Repo Man, so I'm snug and warm AND look like I could bash my way through walls. YAY!


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