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Ok, hear me out now ...

Alan Turing as a Companion. Am I crazy ... or brilliant?

Like, maybe the Doctor finds him before the chemical castration started and whisks him away in the TARDIS, and Turing is totally fascinated and into everything about that and the future and can talk Science with the Doctor and the Doctor thinks he's awesome, or maybe the Doctor helps him fake his death and then they go on adventures in the TARDIS and I just want him having adventures with the Doctor in the LGBTQA-friendly future in SPAAAAACE, ok? He was an awesome guy and the end of his life was so horrible, I want the Doctor to save him, and I'm not confident enough to write the epic fanfic this would require. So let's make Moffat write it instead and make it canon, ok? 2012 is apparently Alan Turing Year!

I mean, look at the man's epitaph:
Hyperboloids of wondrous Light
Rolling for aye through Space and Time
Harbour those Waves which somehow Might
Play out God's holy pantomime

Am I crazy or brilliant? The answer is "both." 
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Last night I had a dream where Nick Cave and I worked in a comic book store of some kind and his laptop was covered in paint, and we had to fight two giant worms (one was bigger than the other) made of dough that were killing people and we were barricading ourselves and the customers inside the store. We'd just figured out that setting the worms on fire would kill them (or at least turn them into bread that we could then eat) when I woke up.

THAT WAS AN AWESOME DREAM! Can I go back to that please and live there?! I mean, me and Nick Cave in a comic book store! Sure, giant killer worms made of dough, but me and Nick Cave in a comic book store! Fighting monsters! It would be the best episode of Doctor Who EVER!
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These are the sudden impulse thoughts that came to mind as I was watching. Not a full recap, just random yelling and squeeing and freaking out and blue-screening. It's incomprehensible at times.

After the episode I was crying and sobbing and hurting in my soul. Luckily I posted to Facebook about having just seen the episode and how I was crying, and one of my friends asked if I wanted to hang out and geek talk, so I went down and had hot chocolate with him and we talked about the episode and the season and Sherlock and Moriarity and John and Irene and the character of Moriarty in all kinds of things and Doctor Who and anime Boston and superheroes and villains and the Sandman comics and books we're going to trade to each other and relationships and friends and stuff. It was hours. And I felt much better, no longer upset or sobbing or hurting in my soul. Still a little freaked out about the episode, but the kind of freak out I can deal with. Until I see it again and talk to more people. I can use this as a conversation starter with That Girl I Like A Lot, because talking with people about stuff you both enjoy is a great way to warm up to the inevitable "so, do you like girls ...?" conversation.

So, yeah, my thoughts on the episode look pretty frantic, but don't worry, I'm fine now. I feel much better, I'm back at college, all unpacked, and ready for bed. Sleepy and exhausted.

Tomorrow I'll go for a walk, get things in order for classes on Tuesday, eat some food, and hopefully hang out with lots of my friends and talk about the episode some more. And maybe, just maybe, have a conversation with That Girl I Like A Lot. 

Thoughts on the episode:
Spoilers for the whole second season, mostly the finale. OW. MY SOUL. Also no Sebastian Moran for sure. )

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I honestly don’t know what to think of this episode either. It was … funny? I liked the subversion of what happened to Hitler? I liked the witty banter in that one scene a lot? Overall it was kinda stupid? Melody started well and ended well but the middle bit was just skipped over completely and I’m kinda mad about that? I’m … underwhelmed? *sighs* Next couple episodes look good, I guess.

Spoilers ...  )

Next Episode!

There’s a little kid and scary shadows. “He’s scared of everything!” says a man. That’s what’ll happen if you watch too many Moffat episodes!
There’s eyeballs, an evil elevator of DOOM, dolls, candles, and a CACKLING DOLL OH GOD HELP ME AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH DAMN YOU MOFFAT!!!!!!!!!!!
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I honestly don’t know what to make of this episode. There were some enjoyable bits and a lot of interesting and fun characters, but we didn’t spend long enough with them. There were too many obvious plot holes, or things that that characters could have easily done to avoid bad things that for some reason they didn’t do, and rampant “the plot made them do it” things. Idiot Balls. I think the cameos were used as distractions. And at the start of the episode I was not a happy camper at all, and it took me a long time to enjoy myself. I did in the end, but I felt slightly cheated at the same time. So … this recap may read kinda strangely. Well, stranger than it usually does.

Spoilers for the episode, lots of me complaining and bitching and being confused and enjoying the side characters )

Next Episode! (Which is titled, ridiculously enough “Let’s Kill Hitler”)

Well, seeing as the promo I found was for the rest of the season (what a horrible cliffhanger to leave people on!) it looks pretty dang awesome and scary. Amy in Wonderland, in armor, skulls, creepy dolls, Eleven saying he’s gonna kiss someone, Hitler thanking them for saving his life (aaaaaaawwwwwkkkkkkkwaaaaard), a minotaur running around a hotel (great, scratch “Creepy Hotel” off the list of Cliché Ccary Things That Moffat Has Mad Even Scarier), Cybermen, a motorcycle, Eleven in tails and a top hat, the Silence (arrrrgh, I just had a nightmare about those fuckers, NOT FUN), the Weeping Angels, River/Melody with a creepy eyepatch like Eyepatch Bitch, lots of smashing glass, the TARDIS crashing through a wall, and … it looks like a Portal Chamber come to life and Portal stuff come to life but I’m not sure.

I have time for one more episode tonight, I think. I have a long shift tomorrow, they offered me the chance to come into work because they need help and I jumped at the chance for more hours. Having stayed up very late this past week and slept until noon or so, this means I need to go to sleep a little earlier at the very least. Time for one more episode though, I hope …
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Work got in the way of my Doctor Who catch-up marathon. New Years makes work harder and busier. Cold and bad weather made driving to and from work longer and very stressful.

Spoilers for the episode. There's lots of me being scared and swearing at Amy. )

Next Episode!

Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow, so now I must sleep. Tomorrow night, however, I am staying up and watching PIRATES ZOMG PIRATES!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Also, there was a new Sherlock episode today. I can’t wait for that!)
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Yeah, I know, it’s a year late. And I saw it two weeks ago for the first time. But last year Senior Year happened and I had no time for Doctor Who in the spring. I barely had time for TGWTG. Then last summer I was busy with work and putting off college packing. And my first semester of college … well, I’m catching up now, ok? Been spoiled beyond belief by my “friends” who can’t help squeeing to each other about spoilers, which are common knowledge for them but big spoilers for me.

So, anyways, onto the episode!

Spoilers for the episode, which you've probably all seen anyway. )


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