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A Twitter conversation got me thinking about this. Why did I stick with Critical Role when initially I wasn’t super into it?

I think the reason I stuck with it through its rough first arc (after taking a break) was because I was nostalgic for the Wyrmwick & Dethklok TGWTG D&D games. I don’t know who else even remembers those, but they were put up on Blip back in like 2009, mostly as a podcast basically with some minor maps and some fanart (a prelude to what I’d come to expect from Critical Role weekly). They were good (at least I thought so, except for some unpleasant jokes), until they trailed off due to scheduling and personal conflicts and health issues.

I used to listen to those in high school a lot. I was a lonely kid in a rural area and I wanted to play D&D and had no D&D friends. My first DM had left my school and I didn’t pursue running games myself.

The TGWTG D&D stuff thankfully gave me a tolerance for like, the standard "bunch of white guys playing D&D" stuff that makes me tell a lot of people to skip the first arc of CR if they aren't grabbed by it initially. I love the show but I had the background to tolerate the 1st arc. A lot of people don’t. Which is understandable.

Gaming Day

May. 7th, 2017 11:47 pm
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Today was AMAZING.

First in D&D my lizard rogue confessed her love and that was too adorable for words.

Then in DC Adventures my character went through a traumatic thing I'd been dreading and almost got dramatically DISOWNED by her crime Family, and then my roommate the DM brought in MATCHES FUCKING MALONE and I SCREAMED and the other players didn't know who that was and I YELLED and it was AMAZING and then and then then I FOUGHT BATMAN AND IT WAS VERY EMPOWERING FOR MY CHARACTER'S DEVELOPMENT AND I ALMOST STARTED CRYING

Today was a good day.
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I kinda wanna play as myself as a kid now in an RPG. (Just like, not as personally intense and upsetting as last night’s was, or as gory and horrific.)

I realized that my stats woulda been really weird compared to who I am now. 

Like, in middle school:

  • I lived in the deep woods (ranger/druid)
  • I regularly went hiking up mountains for classes (ranger/druid, athletics bonus)
  • I was fresh off several years of summer camps where I learned all kinds of outdoor skills (survival bonus)
  • I routinely harvested and planted in big gardens for farmstands (nature bonus, identify plants)
  • I was a massive nerd who read all the time, had a giant stack of books by my bed always, and lugged books with me everywhere (intelligence)
  • I was pretty shy, and didn’t have many close friends (low charisma)
  • I had an amazing memory and remembered like, dozens and dozens of elaborate camp songs, and Shakespeare text, no fear in performing (bard/high intelligence)
  • I carried wooden stakes in my backpack (wooden stakes, 1d4 piercing)
  • All my classmates carried knives (simple weapons proficiency)
  • I climbed trees and ate my lunch up there, with a bunch of other kids at my school, this was normal (druid/ranger, athletics bonus)

I’d have been a Druid or a Ranger if we’re using D&D terms, or maybe a Bard if I’d followed that performative streak. I was a mostly shy nerd who wanted to stay the fuck inside and read but kept getting dragged out up mountains and into the woods by my teachers, who learned I would complain, a lot, about this whole process. 

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Title: D&D (For lack of a better, cleverer title)

Rating: PG-13 (to be safe)

Genre: We’re bordering on crack here, people!

Pairings: Mohinder/Gabriel, Plaude, and Niki and Nathan

Warnings: Uh … a bunch of D&D jargon. But Mohinder has never played before and people are explaining things to him (and you guys out there!) If you’ve ever played D&D, you’ll get most of the jokes. Also, I’ve played a rather flexible D&D, so if you hardcore guys notice ‘mistakes’ it’s just how I learned.

Summary: A vast majority of the Heroes cast (as high school students) play D&D. Mohinder/Gabriel and Plaude exist, Niki and Nathan flirt, and Linderman is the DM (Dungeons Master – the guy who orchestrates the game.)

My Thoughts: So, a while ago, I saw someone’s userpic that had Peter, Matt, and Audrey grouped around a table (from the episode after ‘Homecoming’) and Peter’s speech bubble said ‘I wanna cast Magic Missile!’ (Whosever that userpic belongs to, you made my month!)

Anyways, then I was on, in a Heroes chatroom, and someone put in ‘I wanna cast magic missile!’ as a joke.

Plus, I love D&D, so, here it is, something that I thought impossible at first: a Mohinder/Gabriel and Plaude high-school D&D fic!




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