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Went home for the weekend. Saw my old school, which was hosting an auction, my old advisor and one of my oldest longtime friends, who was a friend by necessity. We're both gradutating soon. We graduated high school together, that high school. Well, we were there for six years, it was a middle-high school.

So I got a little teary.

Then I went to see my old theater group. Who are basically a second-family, but more than that. They've seen me grow up, and now I'm seeing the younger members grow up. Boys shooting up like weeds, girls I knew as tiny children getting boobs bigger than mine. I'm graduating college in a few weeks. I've spent ten years connected to these people in one way or another.

It's ... odd. I cried, a lot, at the play, and then at people. I got hugged a lot. People asked how I was doing, my plans, were shocked about my impending graduation and gave high-fives and insisted I couldn't be graduating already because it couldn't have been four years already. A guy I consider practically a big brother hugged me so hard my back cracked. An actor I really respect whom I've known for about ten years told me he was so pleased to see me again. People reminded me that I can always come back to them. One of my mentors told me he was proud of me. I started crying.

Overwhelmed with emotions and now drained. Watching Shakespeare stuff to recharge. 
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That feeling when a professor tells you during a meeting "I don't usually give out A's" and GIVES YOU AN A.


Bonus points: television writing class.

Super bonus points: he said my outline read like a professional outline.

Super awesome bonus points: he said he showed my cold open to a colleague because of how great it felt to read good assigned work.

Excuse me while I do the Dance of Joy.


Nov. 12th, 2014 11:00 pm
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Crying in front of your professor and a few other students after class: D:
Your professor telling you that she cries all the time while working her awesome high-profile main job (not as a professor) and that it's fine: (:
Getting helpful advice for future and jobs from professor: : D
Professor telling you to please email her for advice and help at any time, really: : D
Being hit by too many emotions in response to someone being nice while you are crying, and starting to cry again in the elevator back to your dorm room: D:

I'm gonna cry, watch some Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and try and get at least a little jogging in place into my schedule before bed.

I'm just wrung out. Friday can't come soon enough. I have plans to get groceries then. Grocery shopping is so soothing. 
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So much personal anxiety and rambling, ignore if you don't want more stress )

Edit: starting to feel a bit better, just gotta watchs some silly videos and I'll be doing better and outta this slump. It'll just take a bit.

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I just saw Tusk.

I was like "Hey friends let's go see a movie" and we did, and it turned out that the time we selected was the one Kevin Smith was going to do a Q&A after. We didn't know until we were getting out tickets, and subsequently went "whoa, whaaaaaa?"

The movie was ... was ...

I don't know how I feel about it.

Like, I enjoyed going. I'm glad I went. I had fun with my friends. The audience was very responsive, which is always fun, you're not the one person yelling or laughing or shrieking alone. I do not regret spending money on the ticket. I had a good evening.

But like, I don't know if I liked it? Or if it was even a good movie?

The Q&A was great. I don't know much about Kevin Smith, like at all, so it was a good introduction to him. He rambles. He's self-deprecating. But he also praises his actors and says a lot of good stuff about filmmaking and the fans and how this movie was made. He even brought money to refund people in case they got angry and wanted a refund (nobody took him up on that, but still, he pulled out the money!) I just ... wow.

He said a lot of good stuff about how, since this is a movie "that should not have been made" (his words, not mine) that he hopes there's people who will see it who will realize "there's no reason for me to NOT make a movie." And about how filmmakers just take the ideas and consume the other movies and make their own takes on the genre/story/concept, and THAT'S OK.
And how he's got two more movies planned, rubber suit monster movies in Canada, the next starring the two teenage girls from Tusk, and a third called MooseJaws, which is exactly what it says on the tin. I'm VERY excited to see those two movies!

Michael Parks. Good god. I just ... if you have doubts, see it for his performance alone, he plays it so straight it's incredible, the man is so creepy and hilarious and perfect and WOW.

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So ... my boyfriend is moving in with me this summer.

To save on rent and such. Since he's taking summer classes. And I'm living in the city this summer. Hopefully we will both land internships.

First time either of us has lived with a Significant Other. Exciting! A little scary, but very exciting!

Very much looking forward to this summer. Lots of cuddling. (Sleeping in a bed with someone else every night: YAY! BEST FEELING! I WON'T GET TOUCH-STARVED ALL SUMMER!) Lots of TV marathons with each other. Seeing summer blockbusters TOGETHER, not just going to the movies alone and facebook messaging for hours with each other about what we thought about the movie. He's gonna get his Song of Ice and Fire books up from his house, and I'm gonna try and read them. I'm gonna teach him how to cook for himself. We're gonna go for walks and watch Pushing Daisies and split the rent money with my roommate and I'm super excited for this.

Now if only I can get through this month without too much stress, I'll be just fine. 
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My orc story in creative writing was workshopped today. The professor pretty much gushed about it and then everyone else did too, with some good critiques in there as well and suggestions and confusions that I can totally clear up in the next draft. I was blushing and giggling and SO HAPPY. I'm pretty sure mine had the most positive responses, people seemed to have the most fun discussing the elements. My professor was impressed at how much information about this fantasy world I crammed into 4 pages double-spaced, without it being too much or too overwhelming. (Thank you years of fanfic! : D) Many people said the fight scene was good, and they loved the characters. I am so happy. No longer scared about workshop classes (which I'd been warned about by other people, some of the workshop classes are awful.)

The next class stressed me out, there were tears, it was not fun. I'm so busy, it's crazy. Shooting a movie this weekend. Anyways, went to a meeting with a friend, about the movie, and first we talked about that, and then we chatted about Hannibal and movies and books and ended up chatting for more than an hour and it was lovely. He's been abroad for a while so it was nice to catch up. And so relaxing. And just what I needed. I feel good. Tired, but good. Excited for the film shoot.
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So we were watching another experimental film in class (good god I wanna hunt them all down and punch them in their pretentious faces) and one was cobbled together from a real movie, the person like, superimposed film on film. I said it looked kinda like "The Entity" maybe, and our teacher googled it and, sure enough, it was!

Everyone was impressed at my obscure film knowledge. Usually I don't have that, I'm the one snarking in the back about the experimental films we gotta watch.

I tried to focus on not blushing and thinking about the disturbing pornographic kink meme prompt I filled several years ago that was asking for a similar situation to the movie, but with Linkara.

I have a weird repository of knowledge in my brain. Channel Awesome is to blame for some of it.

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I'm moving into my new apartment tomorrow! WOOT! So much packing!

We won't have internet until Wednesday or Thursday, and we're hooking it up ourselves to save $60, so who knows. I'll be able to see messages via my lovely new smartphone, and by getting WiFi on campus, but I might not be very prompt to reply or respond to stuff over the next few days. I'm also starting up classes, again, so yeah. Madness.

Just to let people know. I'm not mad at anyone or disappearing, I'm just gonna have sporadic internet for the next few days. I'll try to do as much writing as I can so I can post lots of fics when I get back. And maybe they won't all be Pacific Rim smut, either ...  
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Spoilers for the episode everyone else has already seen )

Also, I'm on twitter now. I don't really know how to use it yet. I'm following some people nervously, hoping I'm doing the right thing. Mostly what drove me to get one was 1) MAGFest and 2) my Ethics class. Yes really. My Ethics professor wants us to have twitters to comment on articles he posts there and such. He's awesome. I can get extra credit for commenting on his twitter links. Considering how tough the class is, I'm going to need all the help I can get. Seriously. He got 14 people to drop after the first three class sessions. Really. 
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Getting ready for my movie. An extra just dressed up as Chester A. Bum. I kid you not. This is amazing. 
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So, I haven't updated in a while. I'm really sorry. Been busy with essays, making my movie with a film club at my college, sleep, elections, and all kinds of craziness. I'll try and update more regularly.

Just wanted to post about this awesome kickstarter for an animated version of The Goon. I know money is tight everywhere, but this group has less than 68 hours to go and they still need a chunk of change to get their project funded. And it's an awesome, awesome project! Check it out. If you can't pledge, not even a dollar, please think about sharing this around. Come on, there's zombies, mobsters, demons, robots, a carnival, and lots of PUNCHING AND SHOOTING AND STUFF! 

It looks epic, and I need this in my life. I think lots of people need this kind of movie in their lives. So please, think about contributing, even if it's only a dollar, and please do share this around.

*tried and failed to embed the promo video. Just go watch that, at least it's funny!*

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I've bee busy. Working on my script, trying not to get used to having no roommate in a double room in the dorms (long story, but I have no roommate at the moment and have no idea if/when I'll get one), crying and feeling sad about the end of To Boldly Flee and the Nostalgia Critic, trying to sort out my feelings about Spoony especially in light of his commentaries on To Boldly Flee, not sleeping enough, playing the Dresden Files RPG with friends via Google+, keeping track of all the shows I'm supposed to go to including a production of Rocky Horror which two of my friends are starring in, limping because of my stupid toenail, working in the scene shop, and oh yeah, classes ... 

... I have to chose the subject for the big ongoing project for one of my classes. We can chose a play or musical to hypothetically turn into a movie, or a movie to hypothetically turn into a play or musical. 
(I fucking love my school. : D )

I'm torn between Kill Bill and Labyrinth. 

Yes. I feel like Kill Bill would be challenging, maybe too challenging, but also badass and full of gore. And difficult to get research material for. On the other hand, Labyrinth could be this cool Nutcracker-esque adventure with changing sets and I could research mythology for that. 

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Just sent my "TGWTG User in 5 Seconds" clip to Welshy! Woot!

And now I'm gonna go back to working on a script I dreamt up this morning. It's going to be a fun script. Maybe even a movie if the film club at my college approves it. If I cut down on the special effects they probably will. It's got everything they love: blood, gore, demons, and badassery! 
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Ok, so if you haven't seen the new NC this week, WATCH IT NOW OMG!!!!!!

... that whole ending ... oh my god ... that was PURE WIN ... and Mara Wilson was HILARIOUS and UNEXPECTED and BADASS and kinda wicked hot and totally owned the Critic and that's always fun when he gets all embarrassed and squirmy and shouty, innit? And now I ship them, because FoeYay with the Critic = fanfic for all. Especially when it's a Dominant Woman/Critic pairing. 
God, I don't know if I'll ever stop giggling about Doug's Old Shame video footage. 

Seriously, that was just what I needed after an emotionally and intellectually draining second-to-last day at college. Tomorrow I have two finals (not really finals, we just have to show up) and then I move out and go home. I'm trying to avoid thinking about that, because I don't want to go home, I want college to keep going on through summer. Some of my friends are graduating. Some are going to LA. Some are going abroad. I'm going to miss them so much! I don't really have many friends back home, I've made so many awesome friends this year ... I mean, there's Facebook and Skype, but it's not the same.

Ah well. Hilarious NC review. I'm pretty much all set to go. I've had a great first year at college. I just wish it wasn't over tomorrow. 
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Thank you to everyone who posted messages of support, outrage, and comfort earlier this month. That outpouring of comments got me through that mess. I don't know what I'd do without friends like you all, really, I don't. Those comments and messages made me cry and reaffirmed my faith in people and this fandom. I hope someday we all meet up at MAGFest, the cuddlepile will fill a room and won't stop all weekend. 

I didn't reply back right away because I wanted to let things settle, and also it's been the final weeks of college and I had 1) final projects 2) film shoots 3) packing and 4) not a lot of sleep happening. 

But it won't settle. Apparently someone, it's not clear if it's the same someone who screencapped my journal or not, is doing the same thing, over and over again. To the point where the Admin on Shit TGWTG Fans Say has stated that they will not be accepting screencaps from people's LJs. This is both good and bad, good in that the Admin isn't allowing that anymore, but bad in that someone is doing this to us. Not just me, US. And I quote:

"So to the person who is going around and capping stuff from LJ entries and submitting them…
Whatever vendetta you have against Secret Treehouse people, take it up with them not through a third party.
To any members of the Secret Treehouse that may be following this I suggest just trimming back your friendslist."

Well, that's ... really scary. And sad. Who has the time to root through journal entries, take screencaps, and try and submit them to a tumblr for the lolz? Couldn't they be using that time to watch TGWTG videos, go for a walk, clean their house, take a nap, watch TV, volunteer for charity, travel, work at a job/search for a new job, or something? I pity a person like that, who devotes their time to exploiting the fears of others and violates privacy and trust of complete strangers. Well, I also kind of hate them right now, but that's a personal thing. There's pity underneath that hatred, and confusion, and a little self-doubt.

Did I do something? Did I say something hurtful without realizing it? Is this somehow my fault? I'd like to say "no, no way, no how, they're just being a jackass" but now I'm doubtful.

Again, anonymous person who screencapped my journal: please, please, PLEASE message me. If I've somehow wronged you in the past, tell me what it was and I'll apologize. If it's some post I made that is truly hurtful or offensive in retrospect, I'll take it down. And then I will defriend you. And because you're screencapping other journals too, I'll have to let people know who you are so they can defriend you too. There will be no name-calling, no attacks, no nothing. I'll just post a little message here, or to the Secret Treehouse, people will de-friend you quietly, and that will be that.
You've had your fun, you've made me cry, you've undermined my trust in my flist, you've posted my journal to tumblr. Now do the right thing and end this.  

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Annoying: Trying to remember the name of that one (tame) yaoi manga you bought via amazon years ago and felt like such a grownup reading secretly late at night and hid behind other books on the shelf so your mother would never, ever find it.

Frustrating: Failing to remember the name of that manga, and the manga that was being advertised in the back that you'd really like to buy now, please, if only you could remember the title.

Inspired: Remembering that the manga is under a pile of books in your room back home, and thinking about calling up your mom so she can tell you the title.


Embarrassing: Googling "Cowboy Indian Yaoi Manga" and sorting through dozens of non-helpful links. 

The Lesson: Don't leave your not really porn at all, honestly, it's pretty pathetic to be honest, there is much better stuff online, you WRITE much better stuff online, but the pictures are so pretty porn at home. Even if you think it'd be more embarrassing for your roommate to see it on your shelf, or a visiting friend seeing it. TAKE ALL THE DIRTY BOOKS WITH YOU TO COLLEGE. YOU DID WITH "A BEGINNGER'S GUIDE TO S&M" YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT WITH THE SILLY YAOI MANGA TOO!

Why am I looking for yaoi manga now? I need to shower and sleep! 
Oh right, aforementioned roommate is awake doing late homework and listening to loud music. That's why you're putting off sleep. Time for shower and sleep: she'll get quiet or move to the hallway then. It's late enough to justify that.

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FINALLY! Someone confirming that yes, JO said that awful stuff. It's great that she's changed, but it was bothering me after the whole TGWTG Secrets debacle that she was denying she ever said that stuff and making things horrible for Rants and the confused fans and those of us who actually read the formspring post that has since been deleted. 

And now we can put this whole business to rest. Now that it's all out in the open ... I think I can watch JO's reviews again. *smiles*

Just got back from my first college party. Yaaaaaay! Pretty small, lots of fun dancing, lots of sexy dancing, lots of me watching people do sexy dancing and wanting to join in and not knowing the protocal for that, and me headbanging to Katy Perry and stuff. I'm sore and sweaty and I had fun. I'm glad I went out with my friends. 
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Got A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome, a book I've been longing for ever since that random Latin class in high school. Most of the class was devoted to Latin vocab and such, but at the end the teacher would read from the book and show clips of documentaries and it that was my favorite part because I am a such a history fangirl, really, sometimes it makes me think that I'm in the wrong major and the wrong school and I need to pack up and elope to a school with a great history department and make mad passionate love to a female archeology student and write my thesis on the Globe Theater end up working at a Ren Faire for the rest of my life. 

Anyhoodle, this book is like the best thing ever, it's one of my favorite things, right up there with bagels and cats and Oancitizen and Kill Bill and Shakespeare and Neil Gaiman's voice. I'm serious! I picked it up from the mailroom after class and promptly went to sit and eat my dinner and read and then I'd gotten through my epic salad (delicious, with tomatoes, another one of my favorite things: tomatoes) and I was eighty pages in and hadn't done any homework at all and I wanted to cry happy historian tears because it was even better than I remembered! 

The only thing that could make it better? If it were an audiobook READ BY NEIL GAIMAN! Then I would do nothing but languish in bed and listen to him read to me about how they did laundry in Ancient Rome and how they built the streets and stuff. Actually, it's probably a good thing it's not an audiobook. I might die of happiness.
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If I hear Jerry Lewis scream, or say something, or do anything ONE MORE TIME ... I'm going to scream and snap and run around waving a wooden stake and stabbing the walls. 
My roommate is kind of obsessed with him at the moment. At first it was interesting. Now, after a month, it's annoying. Very, very VERY annoying. And I've just been letting her do her own thing, doesn't bother me usually, because usually I'm listening to TGWTG vids on my headphones, so asking her to put in headphones at this point would be odd. I think I'll have to, though. Politely ask her to put in some headphones. Offer up my extra pair if she can't find hers. Strangle her with my headphones if she refuses. I need to get homework done. I need a quiet room, without Jerry Lewis SCREAMING. Good god, the man sounds like an annoying cartoon character. 


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