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(Lots of thoughts today ...)


Chief among them:



I wrote a long and angry note attached to my signature that included big words and no swearing. I strongly encourage you all to do the same. If you haven't the time for a rant, just sign. Please. And don't you DARE buy anything from amazon until the policy is revoked! (Or, better yet, don't go back to them ever again! I know I haven't he funds to be able to afford that, but maybe I should just cut back on what I buy and get most of my stuff from Borders ...)

I know they're fixing it but SIGN ANYWAY! Don't let them forget it!


In other news: Yay! They rescued the Captain from the pirates! (But *wibbles* the pirates were only teenagers! I'm glad they got the Captain home safe, but sad that people can be so desperate in some parts of the world.)


More news: OMG I got books 9, 10, and 11 of The Dresden Files as an Easter gift! Sometimes, I just LOVE my family. Soon, I shall be caught up with everyone else and able to write and post Harry/Marcone fic! SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS FOR 'WHITE NIGHT' )


Still more news: You know what's fantastic? Torchwood Season 3 starts shooting ON MY BIRTHDAY! (August 18th, to those of you who can't recall that.) Isn't that AWESOME?! And my dad e-mailed this to me! I love my gay dad. *hearts*


Even more news: Last Friday night I watched Dear Frankie. You should all watch it too. You will sob loud, shrieking sobs, particularly if you grew up with divorced parents, like me. However, it is one of the most moving, beautiful movies you will ever see, so ... go see it.


Last news: You know what's TOTALLY OTP? Carmen Sandiego/Waldo. Think about it.



Right! WAZT!



Spoilers for every Heroes episode over, and allusions to Lost and Merlin )

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I don't know about you, but I'm not going on the internet tomorrow. 'Conflicker' might attack! I soooooo cannot afford to get a virus right now. Why can't hackers get their kicks somewhere else, far, far away from my harddrive?(I mean, I know that's the point: they're far, far away from your harddrive, using computers in Russia or something, but you know what I mean.)


Still horendously busy. Still psyched about my new Dresden Files. Still tired out of my mind. Still typing like crazy. Still loving my Slings and Arrows DVD sets.


Anyhoodle, WAZT! Huzzah!


Into Asylum:



Spoilers for every episode of Heroes ever ... to be safe ... )


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WAZT: Shades of Gray (aka: I post a funny recap that's too late for heroes_meta whilst staving off Shakespeare-withdrawal-depression.)




Spoilers for all episodes of Heroes EVER ... )



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I had a mostly-good day, but there was always this underlying urge to turn it into a bad day. I blame getting woken up from my dream early. You see, towards the end of my (very long, incredibly complex) dream, I was walking around this bookstore, and I ended up at the wrong workshop. So I headed back to the bridge, but I saw some people from my theater group (aka 'My Nakama') practicing sword moves in the aisles by the windows. The guy who's playing King Henry (who was leading the practice) told me to grab a sword and join them. I slid over to the pile of swords, grabbed one, and took my place in the line. A girl with a ponytail and glasses (who I don't recognize now that I think back on it) said I'd have to pay 25$, and I said that was fine, because I'd just left a workshop without starting it, and I could use that money. She handed me this bill, I think, and I stuffed it into my pocket - I was suddenly wearing short-shorts or no pants at all - and took my place in line, with my sword ... and then I woke up.

I was VERY mad.

Then again, before all of that, I was in an episode of Lost and Kate was going to be eaten by an ogre Duke, then I was in my old house, and then I was planning a mission (to head underground and fight someone or something) and I was assembling this team, which included a girl I'm semi-friends with (who didn't want to go, so I called her a bitch) and a girl who's currently in India. Once I'd gotten all of that together, I was walking across this field, and I saw That-Guy. He was wearing a red shirt and carrying some stuff. Since this mission was kinda a suicide mission, I thought 'What the hell ... better do it now' and when up to him, took his hands, climbed up onto him ... and then I kissed him. On the lips. And it was good.


But you're all here for WAZT, right? (Which I didn't watch last night, because I was sore and exhausted and needed to learn my lines.)

So ... here it is!


[P.S. I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors, and well as any places where I forgot to add strike-through to the text. I was insanely pressed for time.]



Spoilers for every episode of Heroes (to be safe) )


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That’s it, I’m officially opting out of this round of Knight vs. Anarchy. *sighs* Just can’t do it. Not only does the crossover I started contain one-and-a-half pairings I’ve never written before, I just couldn’t get it working. What with WAZT, personal writings, sonnets that are due, and lines that I have to have memorized, I just can’t do it. *headdesk* I earned five points for my team last round, I hope that makes up for this.


Got a new Dresden File on Sunday. Sixth one, Blood Rites, which is a little slower on the uptake than previous ones, but that’s cool with me because it’s still hilarious in the right places. It’s as if Jim Butcher realized that after five books he thought to himself “Oh, I can take a bit of a breather, they’re good and hooked now! I don’t need to make aunt_zelda late for her classes or keep her up late with my ridiculously suspenceful writing this time!’

On PAGE EIGHT (I kid you not!) I muttered "boys, stop flirting!" I hate knowing that Thomas and Harry are (spoiler alert!) half-brothers, because if they weren't I'd ship them with a fiery passion. Or just mild enthusiasm. (Harry/Marcone all the way, baby.)


Also got my copy of Repo! the Genetic Opera yesterday! Huzzah! Can't wait for the soundtrack to catch up! *dances* Tried to take a nap, then 'woke up' and watched some special features and some of the commentary.


Despite being in a supremely good mood on Monday, I was a little irritable towards the end of the day. I blame the weird dream where my teeth were falling out. That has NEVER happened to me, and I KNOW they're supposed to be bad luck, so I'm quaking in my boots over here. But most of the dream was pretty good: I was in a weird city on this subway, and a friend of mine from RL kept telling me I was being waaaaay too nice, giving up my seats to other people and all. Then I started loosing teeth all over the place, and he helped me pick them up off the carpet on the staircase in the station.

Today I was so-so. VERY tired, but I managed to get through the day and now I’m home, I’ve taken a shower and worked for an hour on my Physics project, and now I’m typing with the cat sitting on my lap. Life is good again.




Spoilers for all Heroes episodes up until now. )




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First of all, you should ALL rent/buy/Netflix Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. It’s got Lee Pace in it and he looks positively GORGEOUS. The music was fantastic and I was laughing and squeeing through the whole thing. Must have for the romantic British Comedy lover’s collection, or if you’re in the mood for something fun and cute.  


Second of all, I’m sorry that this is late, but I’ve been fighting a loosing battle with one of the plagues that are running around (the one I’ve got is a cold) which has been so draining that I’ve been taking ACTUAL NAPS during the day (something I can never ever do unless I am in a play, VERY ill, or on a long car trip.) No only did I not watch Lost on Wednesday night, I spent a good bit of Thursday sleeping, skipped my dance class, and am taking the day off today.


Spoilers for last week's AND this week's episode of Lost. )

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First off, how did your Superbowl commercial watching go Sunday night? I particularly enjoyed the Heroes commercials (Sylar lip-synching YAY! Surely Heroes: The Bollywood Musical is just around the corner?), the movie trailers, and the one with the dancing lizards.

(Did anyone else find the Steelers’ last touchdown (a guy falling on his face into the out-of-bounds area) incredibly lame compared to the Cardinals’ last touchdown (where the-guy-with-the-dreadlocks outran three HUGE guys and hauled ass into the end zone?) Is this just me wanting desperately to root for the underdog? I only take interest in sports during the last three minutes of the Superbowl, be kind, ladies. I know the Steelers are a ‘better’ team and have the youngest quarterback and are the first team to ever win six superbowls ever, but I wanted the Cardinals to win, damnit! Of course, by the time you’ll all be reading this, I won’t care anymore about the game. )


Also, you should ALL go and watch the PETA commercial that was dubbed ‘too hot’ to air during the Superbowl. I laughed for a good ten straight minutes after watching it online. GO VEGETARIANS! *punches the air* (Definitely NWS, though, guys. It’s VERY racy.)


Did I mention that I got FIVE POINTS for Team Anarchy for my fic in Round 1? *punches the air* But we lost! Waaaaah!



Oh, yeah, you’re all here for WAZT, aren’t you? Bear in mind that this spring I’ll be keeping Shakespeare, Doctor Who specials, the last Lost season, and now Heroes V4 to keep straight in my head. I may snap before May, girls.



Spoilers for V4 premiere of Heroes, teeny tiny spoilers for Lost S5 )

 P.S. Today I was VERY tired, having been on the way to getting that nasty cold that's going around, and the itchy throat thing keeps me up at night. I took naps during my breaks. One guy poked me twice, another actually smacked my ass! I smacked him back, very hard, on his ass after yelling at him very loudly and chasing him a bit, and felt like Annie from the British LoM for several good minutes. It's kinda ... flattering in an awkward kind of way. If only That-Guy (not the one who poked me or slapped me, the one I have a crush on) would try and get me to chase him. He doesn't seem the chasing type. *sigh* The guy who poked me (HARD) I hit on the head with a broom. Many, many people laughed very, very hard after seeing me charge in yelling 'rarrrr!' and brandishing that broom. The afternoon was good for me, but the morning was not.

P.P.S. I ordered Repo! The Genetic Opera, both the DVD AND the soundtrack, via amazon! I got free shipping! YAY!

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Title: Heroes Pie-Wich, Part 3: Every Gal in Constantinople

Fandoms: Pushing Daisies and Heroes

Rating: PG-13 for sexual situations and a swear word

Word Count: 3,570 (aprox.)

Pairings: Ned/Chuck, Elle/Claire, Olive/Claire, Olive/Chuck, more

Characters: Ned, Chuck, Claire Bennet, Olive Snook, HRG, surprise guest star, mentions of many, many others.

Disclaimers/Spoilers: I only wish that I’d come up with the idea for Pushing Daisies, and I only wish that I could control Heroes. Sadly, I own neither, so please do not sue me, devote your time instead to sending ‘Save Pushing Daisies!’ letters to ABC or whoever will listen to our plight. I also don’t own the band The Might Be Giants. I also don’t own the company ‘Myrtle’s Herbals,’ which is a real thing but too perfect to not use. Spoilers for S2 of Heroes and S1 of Pushing Daisies.

Warnings: Me, writing femslash. Het love. A lack of m/m love. Bad Jim Dale impersonations. Dogs with plans. Murder poorly executed attempts at suspense.

A/N: Claire is 18 in this. Nothing illegal going on here … except for the fact that I didn’t manage to drag Mohinder and Sylar Gabriel in this chapter, and that this is TWO DAYS LATER than I promised *cries* I am so, so sorry, guys. And, room for sequels though there might be, I’ve got so much on my plate this spring that honestly, as much fun as this has been, don’t hold your breath. Skim the previouslies if you’ve read them already, and please enjoy!

Dedicated To: [ profile] yaoi_anti_drug , who sadly had no time to write this and speculated about it with me instead. – Part 1 – Part 2




We're the Mesopotamians! Sargon, Hammurabi, Ashurbanipal, and Gilgamesh … )


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Title: Heroes Pie-Wich, Part 2: They Might Be Heroes 

Fandoms: Pushing Daisies and Heroes

Rating: PG-13, methinks

Word Count: 3,724 (aprox.)

Pairings: Mylar, Ned/Chuck, Elle/Claire, Olive/Claire, others later on

Characters: Ned, Chuck, Claire Bennet, Olive Snook, Emerson Cod, Mohinder Suresh, Gabriel Gray, Molly Walker, HRG, Elle Bishop, mentions of many, many others.

Disclaimer/Spoilers: I only wish that I’d come up with the idea for Pushing Daisies, and I only wish that I could control Heroes. Sadly, I own neither, so please do not sue me, devote your time instead to sending ‘Save Pushing Daisies!’ letters to ABC or whoever will listen to our plight. I also don’t own the band The Might Be Giants. Spoilers for S2 of Heroes and S1 of Pushing Daisies.

Warnings: Femslash. Het love. Slightly kinky M/M romance. Bad Jim Dale impersonations. Dogs with plans. Murder poorly executed attempts at suspense.

A/N: This is Part 2, in which I pull actual Heroes pairings into the mix! If you don’t like the previouslies, just skip them, I worked HARD on those, I’m gonna use ’em every chance I get. Also, I can’t write crime to save my life, so I worked around it. Enjoy!

Dedicated To: [ profile] yaoi_anti_drug , who sadly had no time to write this and speculated about it with me instead. – Part 1





The few surviving Samurai surveyed the battlefield ... )



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Title: Claire-Watch
Rating: PG-13 ish …
Word Count: 775 (approximately … gimme a break, the play opens next week!)

Pairing: Claire/Elle (one-sided … for now)
Summary: “Don’t let her see you … no more confrontations, young lady!”

Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes. If I did, Mohinder would be making out with SYLAR instead of Maya in that promo clip, thank you very much!

A/N: Yes, Elle DID spy on Claire at Claire’s old high-school in Texas. (Elle got Haitian’d after threatening Zach, and got beat up by Eden after a run-in with Mr. Muggles and the sprinklers, I kid you not!) It’s in Graphic Novel #63 and 64.

*slump* Ok, it's already tomorrow, but I DID finish this! *staggers off to bed* It's probably awful, and I haven't written femeslash in AGES, and even when I did it wasn't very detailed and ... *headdesk* I'm going to bed now ... affffffffffffffffffffffffffafffjlajfg;g;lkaeo ...

Prompt: "Cravings" (


(Edit: August 5th, 2008: this won 3rd place! Thank you to everyone who voted for me! *blushes and beams*)


Linkies posted to

[ profile] heroes_contest and [ profile] elle_claire



“Don’t let her see you … no more confrontations, young lady!”  )

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Author: me,

[personal profile] aunt_zelda


Prompt #: 32/33/47, 46, 38, 24, 23, 22, 19, 18, 15, 14, 13, 6 (TWELVE)

Pairings: Mylar, tiny bit of Kiro, a tiny bit of Claire/Monica, tiny bit of Plaude.

Rating: there are some naughty words, but overall the material is PG-13-ish.

Warnings: Mostly S2 of Heroes

Summary: Mylar rocks my mismatched socks, I’m getting more interested in femslash, Kiro is depressing and so is Plaude and I didn’t write much of either please don’t kill me mods!

A/N: not so good this week, guys. I had a BEASTLY couple of days, cried, shouted at homophobes, squee-jigged about Torchwood, danced, snowshoed, and was generally exhausted. I spent a lot of Saturday and today trying vainly to catch up on slash, so most of these are Mylar, most of these are not very good. Also MY FINAL INSTALLMENT FOR RAPID-FIRE! I WILL WRITE NO MORE DRABBLES FOR IT! *exhausted*

Btw, the strange fic about ‘Nightmare Land’ are explained in the first Installment. - Installment 1: 18 fics



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At dinner I laughed so hard my insides hurt and got all twisted up. It was about a skunk breaking into our chicken coop and how one of my relations is going to ‘fortify the castle’ as I put it, and he countered that there’s ‘pillaging’ going on and was talking about how the chickens can jump farther and ‘skunks are very aerodynamic’ and then I just couldn’t breathe. While I was spluttering about that, he added he hadn’t ‘see[n] an S on it’s chest’ and then I just about died.

Later on he suggested throwing some hot peppers out onto the compost heap for the skunk, and I pointed out that then it’d be breathing fire AND spraying us.


Things learned today: never go looking for eggs after dark without a flashlight.


Question: if Claire can grow back her toe, could Sylar hypothetically take her brain ... and Claire could just grow another? Could she survive and encounter with Sylar? Or can she just grow LIMBS ... but the brain's a muscle, right?
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Title: Kensai University Part 2

Rating: R. Yes, I think so …

Pairings: Plaude. Sylar likes Mohinder a lot, Mohinder’s not so sure …

Warnings: If you haven’t watched all of Season 1 of Heroes, you shouldn’t be here, you should wait and watch the DVDs!

Disclaimer: Uh … obviously I don’t own Heroes, because if I did, I’d have Mylar and Plaude making out on screen instead of in slash fics or my twisted mind …

Recap If You’re Lazy And Won’t Follow My Lovely Links: The Heroes cast are attending Kensai University. Mohinder is a pretty guy who everybody flirts with, and Sylar (who has powers) really likes him. He promised to meet Mohinder at Brody Mitchell’s party next week. Oh, and Peter and Claude (they weren’t named yet) were briefly mentioned, last seen sneaking into a room in Sanders Sorority. Frat boys carry swords; Mohinder hangs out with the Haitian, who’s majoring in psychology.

Summary: Some Plaude, the week, the party, Brody Mitchell and Claire.

My Thoughts: Thanks to indyhat for the inspiration at three-thirty in the morning. Sorry it took so long!




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