Dec. 25th, 2015 09:09 pm
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My recipient loves the work I sent them! Woohoo!

So I was sitting around checking my Treats and seeing if people had left comments yet and then I realized ... of course they haven’t yet, everyone is at home with their families.

Me, I’ve been sitting around today calling my family, and playing board games with my boyfriend and roommate. (Noir, and Smash Up, EXCELLENT! : DDDD)

First Christmas away from home. I’m not exactly happy, but I’m not crying either. It was tough earlier, especially with the phone calls, but overall I think I’m doing ok.

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Yeah, I know, it’s a year late. And I saw it two weeks ago for the first time. But last year Senior Year happened and I had no time for Doctor Who in the spring. I barely had time for TGWTG. Then last summer I was busy with work and putting off college packing. And my first semester of college … well, I’m catching up now, ok? Been spoiled beyond belief by my “friends” who can’t help squeeing to each other about spoilers, which are common knowledge for them but big spoilers for me.

So, anyways, onto the episode!

Spoilers for the episode, which you've probably all seen anyway. )

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Took a break from wrapping presents to watch Spoony's latest video, Skullduggery.

Spoilers for a big joke in the review. GO WATCH IT NOW! )
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Title: The Twelve Days of Channel Awesome

Rating: R-ish, for cursing, sensuality, implied sex, sex-sex, and lack of a beta.

Word Count: 4,984

Pairings: Phelous/Lupa, Linkara/Insano, Film Brain/Luke, Liz/Scarlett/Marzgurl, Diamanda Hagan/Pushing Up Roses, hinted That Sci-Fi Guy/90’s Kid, implied ATG/Spoony, implied Snob/Jillian, implied MasakoX/Jillian, one-sided Chick/Todd.

Characters: Chester A. Bum. Nostalgia Critic, Oancitizen, Nella, Bennett the Sage, Handsome Tom and 8-Bit Mickey, ERod, ATG, MikeJ, Benzaie, JewWario, Harvey Finevoice, The Makeover Fairy, Angry Joe, Paw, The Other Guy, RolloT, Ed Glaser, Linksano, Dominic.

Warnings: Random holiday drabbles full of fluff and strange references. Heterosexual love. Drunken attempts at Shakespeare. Waterfowl. Massive consumption of alcohol that is not to be imitated. Bondage. Possible dub-con. Breaking the fourth wall. References to stalking.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and nobody. No offense is intended to the people whose alter-egos are contained herein. The poem Oan quotes drunkenly is “The Phoenix and the Turtle” by William Shakespeare.

Summary: Channel Awesome Christmas in the Big House AU. Shenanigans ensue. It involves pretty much everyone I’m comfortable writing and way too much happens to adequately explain in a summary.

A/N: Secret Santa gift for [livejournal.com profile] m3rrys0ngstr3ss. Happy Solstice/Chisthaunakwanza/Gurnenthar’s Ascendance, I bring you the gift of 12 drabbles!
As usual when left to my own devices without a prompt, I went fluffy and weird, and threw in some random historical references, and then things just got out of control. Hopefully this is somewhat coherent and makes at least somebody besides me laugh. As I continued to write, the drabbles got crazier and crazier, and things got more and more out of hand. I tried to limit myself to drabbles of 100-300, then 100-350, and then I ended up writing one that was over 600 words and just gave up on limiting myself. And then the cast list blew up.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good … 3:30AM!

I gave up on summaries. You have been warned. )

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Almost done with my Secret Santa gift. ALMOST. It's ridiculous. It's long. It's insane. I went too far. I didn't go far enough. WTF is going on in my brain? 

11 drabbles, many of which do not constitute a "drabble" to anyone but the most generous of definers. 1 more to go. I HAVE WRITER'S BLOCK NOW WHY??!!?!?!??!!??
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 Title: I Felt A Funeral In My Brain
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and mild violence
Word Count: 1,815
Characters: Angry Joe, Lisa Foiles, random background characters, a surprise guest star, mention of Insano
Disclaimer: I own nothing! These lovely people own themselves, check them out on their websites and TGWTG.com, etc.
Warnings: Swear words, flashbacks, my attempts to write characters I’m not comfortable with at all.
Summary: Admiral Joe’s hit rock bottom and there’s a stowaway on board his ship.
Prompt: I'd like either a fanfiction or fan art of either Angry Joe or MasakoX. Other characters can be allowed but they should please be the main focus.
A/N: Happy Secret Santa, [livejournal.com profile] lady_brightstar ! Sorry it’s so awfully late. Life and school and stress got in the way, and then I had to get comfortable with writing these two. I hope you like it, but don’t hesitate to tell me if you don’t.
(I don’t know why, but for some reason I love to write fics where everything’s gone to hell in a handbasket. Post-Apocalyptic is where I’m most comfy. I’m strange.)
The title comes from an Emily Dickinson poem. It seemed appropriate for the fic, strangely enough.
Behold, my attempt at writing Angry Joe ... IN SPACE! )
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 Title: Bath Time
Rating: TV-15
Word Count: 747
Pairing: Dayna/Scarlett
Disclaimer: I own nothing! Persons depicted in this fanfiction are real and you should check out Scarlettopia and the Made of Fail podcast and subscribe and all that jazz because these ladies are made of awesomesauce.
Warnings: Um, this is RPS. Blatant RPS. Requested by the people themselves. It’s been such a meta process that your brain might asplode.
Summary: Lady Scarlett takes a bath with aid from her maidservant, Dayna.
A/N: I’d apologize, but they ASKED FOR IT. They asked for it and NAMED ME. And GIGGLED. And it’s DAYNA and LADY SCARLETT. The former has been unbelievably kind to me, and the latter could tell me to jump and I’d ask how high, so I’m caught between a rock and a sexy place. (This fic kicked my ass, I can’t think of a single fic that’s given me this much trouble.) This is mostly a Christmas present for Dayna, because she is awesome and really really nice to me, but we all know Scarlett's gonna see this eventually, so ... uh ... hi Scarlett? *waves and blushes*

Happy post-Christhaunkwansolstice week!
~Splash~ )

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The Santaland Diaries )

PushingUpRoses FTW! )

Mini Fanmix Without Downloads )

Merry Christhaunkwansolstice! Happy Hogswatch! Have a nice Gurnenthar's Ascendance!

Now let's see if I can finish a fanfic tonight amidst all the wrapping paper, family stress, and general distractions ... 
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 You should all GO HERE and download "The 12 Days Of Christmas" Yes I know it's 4-5 bucks, but it is SO worth it! The Boston Symphony Orchestra do this amazing rendition of the song, but with other Christmas Songs and even other songs entirely mixed in. It's epic and hilarious and awesome. You can hear a snipit of it here, which includes the bit where they sing to the tune of Queen. Yes, really.
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 Work day was LONG. I am EXHAUSTED, but in a good way. It wasn't too dreadfully busy or horribly cold today, and I was able to make it through the day without collapsing. I even got a little surge of happy energy towards the end of the day and kept humming the Perry the Platypus song for a while. And I saw a cute girl with a black fedora hat and kohl around her eyes. I'm pretty sure I was obvious when I was checking her out, though, so once she got to the end of the line I was too embarrassed to say anything to her.

So, once I got home and collapsed on the couch I played some Echo Bazaar (yay, it's back!), checked the Kink Meme, and settled in for Linkara's review.

Spoilers for the jokes in the latest AT4W episode )
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 This time tomorrow I'll know. Good god, I'm nervous.

Linkara's latest video:Minor spoilers for Linkara's latest vid )
The Nerd:

Has anyone else seen the Nerd's Christmas Special? My boyperson told me about it, I hadn't seen it because I don't really watch the Nerd's stuff (I'm not a gamer, and while I love the Nerd I don't love his profanities, so really I just know him as the guy the Critic was having epic FoeYay with who swears a lot and makes hilarious faces) but his Christmas Special is a truly a work of genius. RHYMING! ILLUSTRATIONS! MUSIC! A KITTY! *sporfles* And it leaves you with a truly heartwarming feeling inside, strangely enough. *beams*

Top Five Things I Love to Watch at Christmas:
Not much of a surprise, not much of a detailed list )
All I've done this afternoon is watch TGWTG (and AVGN) videos and listen to THIS, MY FAVORITE SONG EVER, COVERED BY NIGHTWISH MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME, and basking in the afterglow of cuddling more with my boyperson and trying to nap and feeling vaguely Christmassy in a strange, lazy way.
This time tomorrow I'll either be very happy, very sad, or very confuzzled. *crosses fingers*
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(If anyone could tell me what order the rest of the videos go in I would be extremely grateful.) 
Thank you emeriin! *vanishes for the next couple of hours*
Spoilers for ... the first video of the Donation Drive ... )
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 Look at what's happening right now!

Yeah, fascinating, innit, a blurry video of someone's hands drawing blurry commissions. But I have purchased a commission! I am so excited! *SQUEEEEEEEEE*

I kinda hope she's recording this, or that someone is, because I can't just sit here all day watching her draw things in the hopes that she'll get to mine.

Edit: She wasn't recording, but now she's trying because I made a sad-face comment in the chat that I can't watch it all day! This lady is awesome! I'm so glad I gave her money!
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You have no excuse for not seeing this phenomenal movie.
I actually felt like I was there ... and now I hurt, in my soul ... *sniffles* (I think I cried five different times about five different things.)
AMAZING movie! Five-trillion stars!

(It took a little while for me to warm to it, but within ten minutes the movie had already sucked me in, so it wasn't like I was going to leave while the story got going. Watch the whole thing. You won't regret it.)

Thank you, Nostalgia Critic. (No gimme a damn hug! *cries*)
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It's the Phineas and Ferb one. Shocking, I know, but just WATCH the thing and try and avoid squeeing like a little kid at ... well, Christmastime. The music numbers were awesome (as always, with this show) there were like five different CMOH, and the slash was REALLY slashy.

"Mom, Phineas and Ferb are making a Christmas special!"

Doof ties up Perry with Christmas lights during the course of the episode. I think I read a fanfic like that once ... no, wait, I WROTE a fanfic like that once!

Hee. Baljeet wants a kiss for Christmas. "I'm outta here," grumbles Buford. "Not from you!" Baljeet shrieks. "From a pretty girl! Don't flatter yourself!" Those two are climbing in the 'Most FoeYay Couple of the Show' and this is against a Dr. Insano type and a Linkara expy!

"Curse my intensely burning apathy towards Christmas!" HEE! ILU Dr. Doof!

"YES! I hate Christmas! This is the best Christmas EVER!" Awwww, Doof ... *huggles him*

Santa is a badass!

During the end-credits montage of everyone giving gifts to each other (and invoking all kinds of tropes along the way) my little cynical fangirl heart grew three sizes. *SQUEE*
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I LOVED the TGWTG Christmas video! It was the perfect ending to a pretty good Christmas day. (Seriously, family, I explicitley begged for Firefly and you didn't follow through? None of you. Ah well ... *buys it on amazon with one of my gift-cards* Ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh!)

Whoa! Lookit all the fics on the community! *dashes to leave indepth comments tomorrow*

Tis the night after Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse. )
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(Who else is super-mega-jump-around-the-house-excited for the Doctor Who Christmas Special this year?! John Simm is back! And he's a white-haired pretty boy! OMG!)


Happy Holidays! Merry Christhaunakwanza! Enjoy Gurnenthar's Ascendance!

Hope you had a great Yule and Winter Solstice! Happy Hogswatch! Thank you, and goodnight!


Title: Unwrapping

Rating: R for general kinkiness and a rather steamy scene.

Word Count: 1,033 (aprox.)

Pairings, Characters: Inskara and Spoonkara, hints of Inspoonkara.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, Linkara can be found HERE, Insano and Spoony can be found HERE, and all of them can also be found HERE.

Warnings: Slash, obviously. Kinky foreplay. Hints of a threesome. A twist, of sorts.

A/N: A PWP continuation of [livejournal.com profile] awesome_emmy ’s awesome Christmas fic. Because it had to be done. I had far too much fun writing this, especially when I started listening to tango music when I was writing the foreplay bit.

Happy Holidays! )



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