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 GREAT movie!

... but was it a Captain America movie?

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I have very mixed feelings.

There were some parts that I liked, even loved. Chunks of goodness.

And then there were parts that ... infuriated me. Angered me.

Before we begin with my lists, I’d like to note that I ship everything and at one point when Tony and Steve started fighting I yelled “don’t fight mom and dad!” so that was fun.

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It was GREAT! Go see it now!

Seriously. It was lots of fun, and had great action, and the characters were lovely, and NO WOMEN IN BIKINIS/UNDERWEAR/BIRTHDAY SUITS, and NO AWKWARD ROMANTIC PLOT POINT, and really good set pieces and tense scenes and lots of history and they did so MUCH and it was just really really great.

Basically, Steve and Natasha are buddy cops in a buddy cop movie with superpowers. And it's glorious. So go see it.

I wanna see it again, not because there's some big twist or anything, but because it was just so GOOD and I had so much FUN.

Also, TWO after credits scenes, just so ya'll know!

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So against my better judgement I watched this vid. Because I haven't watched one of Doug's vids in ... two months? Wow, has it been that long? I miss him but I don't miss his new/old humor and the frustration and eyerolling that it inspires in me.
But I had some thoughts on this vid. No rants, I promise.

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Author: [ profile] ohladybegood
Read By: [ profile] aunt_zelda
Fandom: The Brothers Bloom/The Avengers
Spoilers: MAJOR spoilers for The Brothers Bloom (DO NOT LISTEN UNLESS YOU'VE SEEN THE MOVIE), mild spoilers for The Avengers
Length: 00:20:00
Rating: R (for language)
Summary: Stephen is in it for the long con. But it's not the Avengers who are the mark: Stephen himself is. In other words, what if Bruce Banner was actually Stephen Bloom?
Readers's Notes: Please for the love of god watch The Brothers Bloom before you read this. It is an exquisite movie and the ending is a complex beautiful spoiler I wouldn't want to ruin for you. So, if you haven't seen it, don't listen to this fic
Also, this is my first podfic ever, critiques welcome, I'm still experimenting with sound and could use some advice/constructive critiques.

Download MP3

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I think I did this all wrong. I didn't watch when everyone else did, I waited a long time, read spoilers, learned a bunch of the in-jokes, and read some fanfic. I was also repeatedly told how awesome this movie would be, how amazing, badass, wonderful, fantastic, etc. It was hyped, is what I'm saying. And I avoided checking it out for months because I started to worry it wouldn't live up to that hype in my eyes. 

And ... I was kinda right. Maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, but ... I wasn't wowed here. I wasn't amazed. There were some good scenes but they were too short. There were some big, well shot, dynamic action sequences, but I didn't get that invested in them. There were some funny moments, but there were also lots of jokes that just fell flat or felt out of place. I saw some good moments, some great effects, and some fantastic actors doing their best. But I also saw a lot of flaws. And mostly I was just underwhelmed. This is seriously the movie all of my friends have been going insane over all year? This is the "best movie of the year" according to geeks?

What am I missing here?! I hate this, I hate feeling like I missed out on something, or didn't see something, or focussed on the wrong parts or the wrong person or SOMETHING. Like I did something wrong here, because I didn't go crazy over this supposedly amazing kickass movie. At times, I didn't even really like it. I didn't hate it, it was a good enough movie I guess, but I didn't love it. What am I missing here?! 

Well, here's the rambling thoughts I typed as I watched. Maybe these hold clues to what's wrong with my brain.

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This movie was not nearly as horrible as I was led to believe! It was actually really good! I enjoyed it! Am I missing something here? It was cheesy and silly but I liked it a lot

Of course, it was less "Iron Man 2" and more "Avengers Part 1" because it was more about setting up Natasha, Nick Fury, Coulson, and Tony working with them

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Short one this time, didn't watch it in one sitting, plus not a lot to say.

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I liked it! I liked it a lot! I really enjoyed it! 

I mean, I had a few minor issues with things, certain scenes, the way it was put together at times. But as one movie for his complete backstory, I thought it did a great job. Great actors, mostly very good effects, and I loooooooooved the 40s style.  
P.S. Agent Peggy Carter was absolutely gorgeous and kickass. Why couldn't she have gotten frozen in the ice too?! I want her in the 21st century kicking ass and rocking that haircut! : (

Spoilers for the movie! Minor minor spoiler for season 2 of GoT )
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Yeah, yeah, late to the party and all. My friends were going crazy for the Avengers this spring and I … had only seen Iron Man. It wasn't a high priority for me, for some bizarre reason. I mean, Whedon … I should have been all over that, right? But no.

And then the internet exploded with it and hasn't stopped. And I started to poke around with the fanfiction a bit, and read some good stuff, and got a decent understanding of the Avengers, and learned via the fanfic and fandom secrets that a huge portion of the online shenanigans are about how you feel about Loki, Tom Hiddleston, and copious amounts of "feels" concerning him. So … yeah. After getting berated and encouraged by my friends at college and wanting to understand more of the fanfic, and genuinely wanting to see what is apparently "TEH GREATEST MOVIE EVER OMG SQUEEEEEEEEEE" (source: all of my friends, especially the quiet guys who don't get excited for much in life unless it has to do with a camera) … I resolved to watch all the tie-in movies, or at least most of them, and then the Avengers over Christmas break.

So here I am, watching Thor.

Spoilers for the movie! Which you've probably all seen ... )

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Title: On the Subject of Thralls

Rating: R for sex, torture, and dubious canon

Word Count: 2,588 

Characters, Pairings: Thor/Tony, Steve, Bruce, hinted Natasha/Clint, mention of Natasha/OFC

Warnings: mentions of torture, allusions to rape, D/s, alcoholism, PTSD, mentions of drug use, also I’m not entirely comfortable writing some of these characters so there might be some glaring errors on my part.

Spoilers: For Iron Man. Kind of.

Summary: AU where Tony was a homeless guy living on the street, with a sign that said “Will Invent For Food.”

A/N: So, I wrote a fill for a quick prompt on comment_fic. Then the story wouldn’t leave me alone and it turned into four drabbles. Because essays due next week can wait, I’ve got Viking porn to write! The prompt kind of ran away from me, and all of the sudden I was writing smut and dream sequences and angst and I don’t even know anymore. The prompt was: Avengers, Tony + or / any, there's a homeless guy on the corner who has a motley collection of tools stuffed in an old leather pouch. He carries a sign that says, "Will Invent For Food."

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