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Hello stranger! Happy Yuletide!

Here's the quick basics:

I'm gonna be so happy with whatever you create. I whittled my requests list down from a big list, and three of my requests are fandoms I nominated myself (and two are fandoms I begged a friend to nominate in their free slots.) I know writing for a stranger can be scary and anxiety-inducing, but the fact that you're writing for one of these fandoms at all is gonna light up my day.

I ship a lot of ships. (Lately my motto’s been “ship all the ships” for most of my fandoms. I can see the potential in almost any ship.) M/M, F/F, F/M, threesomes, moresomes, gen … it’s all good to me. I'm comfortable with a lot of kinks. And I LOVE getting smut as a gift. But I am completely fine with gen if you're not comfortable writing smutty stuff! A commitment to the universe and a faithfulness to the characters is what's most important to me.

My Squicks/Stuff To Avoid:
major character death, major character illness, adultery/cheating, medical play, eye torture, gaslighting, parent/child incest, fridging female characters, demonizing female characters for "getting in the way" of a m/m pairing, Rape As Drama, A/B/O verse (I’m fine with it sometimes but only in very specific ways, so probably best to just avoid it for Yuletide), brutal unhappy endings with no hope in sight.

Stuff I Like/Stuff I Love/Stuff I’d Enjoy Seeing: asexual headcanons, trans headcanons, cuddling, bondage, whipping, knifeplay, gunkink, threesomes, femdom, FoeYay, female-character focal fic, cisswap fic, Christmas fluff, domestic fluff/curtain fic, kink negotiation, character A teaching character B to defend themselves, bandaging someone’s battle wounds, polyamory, couple locked in a room, first time, aftercare, role reversal AU, characters cooking dinner for each other, longtime crushes becoming longtime relationships, platonic sleeping together, general character exploration*
* You don’t need to include any of these, I'm just listing some things I like so you get a better sense of me.

If you are up for writing smut or kinky fic, here is a link to my Yuleporn post for additional details.

Please note, I migrated to dreamwidth earlier this year from LJ, but haven't been updating either very much, I need to copy/paste more of my tumblr activity to my dreamwidth. My tumblr is where I'm most active, my updates are random and about many things, but if you wanna get a better sense of who I am and what I’m watching, that’s the place to do it. I try to tag my best, the shows and movies I’m watching this season are listed under the Fall List 2016 tag. Stuff I watched this summer is listed under the Summer List 2016 tag. If you're thinking of writing something smutty or kinky, the sexy stuff I like to look at on tumblr is usually listed under the When Ya’ll Learn Way Too Much About My Kinks tag (warning: VERY NSFW!)
My most recent fanfics are on AO3, and my bookmarks are there too for what I'm currently reading. Sometimes I bookmark things I don't 100% like, so don't take my favoriting a fic as an endorsement of everything in it. 


Onto the fandoms I requested and some prompts. Please don’t worry about trying to follow any of my prompts or adhering to them. These are just some ideas to get your creativity going if you want, and a way to show you my tastes:

Irene, Sabina, Daniel, Sam

(You are NOT obligated to write ALL of the characters I've requested, any combinations of these three are fine with me, or just one of them.)

First off: OMG YOU HAVE SEEN THIS SHOW YAY. Small fandom is SMALL. After Yuletide please do follow me on tumblr so we can talk about this show and scheme to get it brought back, maybe picked up by Netflix or something, because my gods does it need more seasons.

Secondly, I nominated this show so I really care about it, a lot. If you write anything at all for this I will be over the moon. Here is my promotion post on the member comm where I talk about why I love the show:
If you watched the show and felt drawn to other characters than those I nominated, by all means include them in your work. I picked the four I liked the most to nominate, but I adored the whole cast, if I could have I would have nominated everyone.

I ship Daniel/Irene so much. They're so precious and important. I'd also be up for Sabina/Daniel, Sabina/Irene, Sabina/Sam, or Sabina/Daniel/Irene.

There’s a lot to work with here, depending on what you like to write. Here’s some ideas (again, you don’t need to take these if you don’t like them, just some potential starting off points) :

1) Detailed character exploration of one or some or all of the characters I requested. Their life prior to the show, during the show, after the show, whatever you like.

2) Your take on what happened after the end. Theories, possible ideas for what’s going on with that show, anything that strikes your fancy.

3) Daniel and Irene, a rare private moment of intimacy on such a crowded show.

4) Sabina and Daniel in the woods, trying to find answers.

5) Cuddlepile for warmth, anyone or everyone.

6) Sam and Sabina feeling protective of Daniel and Irene in parental ways.

The Guest
Anna Peterson, Luke Peterson, David Collins

(You are NOT obligated to write ALL of the characters I've requested, any combinations of these three are fine with me, or just one of them.)

I nominated this movie myself, because it's so awesome.

This movie was an incredibly pleasant surprise for me. I loved everything about it, especially the performances and the score. All the homages to classic horror were delightful. The first time I watched The Guest and it got to the end, I knew instantly I wanted to watch it again.

There’s a lot to work with here, depending on what you like to write. Here’s some ideas (again, you don’t need to take these if you don’t like them, just some potential starting off points) :

1) David’s programming reboots: he now thinks protecting Anna and Luke is his New Mission.

2) Years after the tragedy in their town, Anna and Luke start to notice David lurking at the edge of their lives. Why is he there, and what is he going to do?

3) SMUT PROMPT: a few years after the end of the film, Luke jerks off while thinking about David.

4) David captures Luke and Anna, Anna offers to go with him if David promises to leave Luke alone. David agrees. What happens next?

5) ALTERNATE UNIVERSE PROMPT: David is who he claims to be, a veteran who knew Anna and Luke’s older brother in the service. No murders, no government agency after him. David ends up staying a day, a week, a month, and then moving into the family home.

6) ROLE REVERSAL AU: Anna was the soldier, who returns home a changed woman.

Mr. Right
Francis Munch, Hopper, Martha, Shotgun Steve

(You are NOT obligated to write ALL of the characters I've requested, any combinations of these four are fine with me, or just one of them.)

As soon as the end credits rolled, I knew that I'd be nominating this movie for Yuletide this year. Assassin Romantic Comedies are my favorite subgenre. I love the weird contrast between violent assassinations and adorable eccentric love. This film fulfills both those requirements, with the weird but oddly perfect pairing of Sam Rockwell (as Francis/Mr. Right) and Anna Kendrick (as Martha). Best of all, Martha has a talent for violence herself, as revealed during a strangely sexy knife throwing scene with Francis, and instead of "curing" Francis or something, they run away together to travel the world and continue battling government hitmen for the rest of their days. (I love happy endings. : D) There's also a funny henchman called Shotgun Steve, who survives the film because he's not rude like all the other bad guys, and also Tim Roth is there as the villain. This movie is great

I ship Francis/Martha, but also Francis/Hopper and Martha/Francis/Hopper ... if they all stopped trying to kill each other.

Here's the promotion post I made on the member comm:

Here’s some ideas (again, you don’t need to take these if you don’t like them, just some potential starting off points) :

1) Hopper's been tracking Francis for a long time, and seen the bodies pile up in his wake. What are Hopper's thoughts on this situation?

2) Francis and Martha's favorite travel spot, and least favorite.

3) DARK AU: Hopper succeeds in capturing Francis and dragging him to a government facility to reprogram him into a killing machine. He thought Martha was irrelevant, but he thought wrong. Martha tracks them down and breaks in to rescue Francis, but the clock is ticking on how long Francis can resist Hopper's reprogramming tactics.

4) CANON DIVERGENCE AU: Instead of being shot, Hopper gets hit on the head during the climactic battle. When he comes to, he tells Francis and Martha that his mission now is to keep them safe from Francis' former handlers, and he joins them on their travels around the world. (Whether he actually suffered amnesia or is faking it so he can be around Francis without Francis shooting him is up to you.)

5) ROLE REVERSAL AU: Martha is the quirky dancing assassin who crashes into the recently-dumped awkward Francis.

6) Shotgun Steve Has a Nice Day, Because He Deserves One, Dammit.

The Cape
Max Malini, Raia, Ruvi, Vince Faraday

(You are NOT obligated to write ALL of the characters I've requested, any combinations of these four are fine with me, or just one of them.)

This show ... this show.

This show is ... a gift. A cheesy, ridiculous, campy, glorious, gift. It's a shame that we didn't get those six seasons and a movie.

I love how campy this show is. I love the Carnival of Crime. I love the concept of an innocent man framed as a supervillain and thought to be dead and coming back as a superhero, though I will admit the way the show handled it was kinda ... shoddy, at times, shall we say. I wish we had more. I wish we had dozens of comics and episodes of the show. Seeing how the CW has been handling their superhero shows now, with a perfect balance of camp and drama, makes me think that The Cape was a bit ahead of its time and suffered as a result.

I ship Vince/Max, and Vince/Raia, and Vince/Ruvi, and Vince/Raia/Ruvi, and Vince/Raia/Ruvi/Max. You don't have to write any of that if you don't want to.

Anyways, here’s some ideas (again, you don’t need to take these if you don’t like them, just some potential starting off points) :

1) Vince getting patched up after a fight by Raia, Ruvi, and/or Max. How are they different, or similar, in how they treat his wounds?

2) Max's thoughts on Vince going off and playing hero. Does he think this can last? Does he hope to sway Vince to their side of the law eventually? Does he worry about getting too close to this ex-cop?

3) POLY PROMPT: everyone in the Carnival is involved with each other, basically. Vince finds out gradually. Does he want to join in? Does someone proposition him?

4) Exhausted after a heist, Vince, Raia, and Ruvi fall asleep tangled up together in a pile of blankets. Could be platonic or shippy.

5) ROLE REVERSAL AU: Raia is the disgraced cop whose death is faked and becomes a superhero to clear her name, Vince is one of the bank-robbing circus performers.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Pemily Stallwark, Captain Laserbeam, Phillip Fathom

(You are NOT obligated to write ALL of the characters I've requested, any combinations of these three are fine with me, or just one of them.)

I got into this fandom very late, and I'm still sad about that. Fortunately when I got into it, I was doing a semester in LA, and was able to make it to two live shows before they stopped doing those monthly. While the segments have had some problems and questionable moments, overall I love them so much. They cheered me up and kept me going through a stressful time of my life, kept me company on my cross country road trips, and continue to be there for me when I'm feeling down.

While I love all the segments, Captain Laserbeam is probably my favorite of them all, especially the episodes with Phillip Fathom. It's the perfect storm of adorakable characters, amazing puns, wink-wink-nudge-nudge adult jokes, and campy superhero shenanigans. All of Laserbeam and Phillip's interactions are the best mixture of overwhelmingly funny, with a little bit of poignancy thrown in for good measure. I love their contrast, and how Phillip calls Laserbeam out on certain things at times, and how Laserbeam reigns Phillip in when he goes too far. I also ship them like FedEx, but you can keep the fics gen if you wish. The villains are always my favorite part of their segments, so committed to their aesthetics they're often undone by their own gimmick.

Out of everyone in the Sparks Nevada Marshal on Mars segments (and there are fantastic characters all over!) I've always had a soft spot for Pemily Stallwark. She started as a Katniss spoof and evolved into a really great character. She could make me laugh and bring me to tears, this poor champion of a terrible ordeal. I loved all her appearances and wanted to know more about her new life as the Marshal on the Moon. I ship her with Dolores but since Dolores wasn't nominated, you're under no obligation to include her in your work if you choose to write about Pemily.

Anyways, here’s some ideas (again, you don’t need to take these if you don’t like them, just some potential starting off points) :

1) Pemily settles into life as the Marshal on the Moon. What's her typical day like?

2) Pemily has a bad dream about her days in Punishment Soccer. How does she cope the morning after?

3) Captain Laserbeam has a laser-crush on Phillip Fathom. But how does one woo the semiamphibious knight?

4) Phillip Fathom is in deep, subacquatic love with Captain Laserbeam, who can't seem to see this ... even with his 100 lasers.

5) Captain Laserbeam and Phillip Fathom team up to defeat a winter holidays-themed foe.

The Borgias
Cesare Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia, Micheletto

(You are NOT obligated to write ALL of the characters I've requested, any combinations of these three are fine with me, or just one of them.)

I loved this show more than The Tudors, and I liked The Tudors a lot! Why do I love it? The fantastic cast, the gorgeous costuming, the multilayered and capable female characters, the history, the politics, the corrupt Catholic sex scenes dredging up my genetic Catholic guilt … I just plain love this show. I particularly love how they handled Lucrezia, how she grows from a naïve sweet girl to a cunning and frightening political force who gets what she wants and who she wants. And I have a soft spot for Cesare/Micheletto: their relationship pings like, every kink I have and then some. 

This is probably the only fandom where I'm kinda ok with the incest ship. It's because of how the show handles them, there's never any power imbalance or coercion, in fact it's probably one of the healthier relationships on the show in a bizarre way. I completely understand if you don't ship them, and you're under no obligation to write a Lucrezia/Cesare story. 

I'm very fond of the idea of Micheletto protecting Lucrezia with the same intensity he uses to protect Cesare. I'm also very fond of the idea of the siblings sharing their loyal pet assassin but again, you're under no obligation to write that sort of story. 

There’s a lot to work with here, depending on what you like to write. Here’s some ideas (again, you don’t need to take these if you don’t like them, just some potential starting off points) :

1) Cesare finds out exactly how deep Micheletto’s devotion runs, after another whipping session reveals that Micheletto enjoys pain when it’s Cesare inflicting it. 

2) Cesare teaches Lucrezia how to handle a knife. Could be platonic, sexy, serious, or a combination. 

3) Micheletto protects Lucrezia through a siege, Cesare breaks the siege and arrives, and embraces them both. What happens next?

4) Lucrezia nursing Micheletto back to health after he sustains very serious injuries after defending Cesare from an assassination attempt.

5) Lucrezia navigating the later years of her life without the protection of her father and the family name.

6) Micheletto's thoughts as he protects Lucrezia. How is this different, or similar, to protecting Cesare? 


So ... yeah. Kind of a mixed bag. I think I gave enough information, so long as you avoid the stuff on my squicks-list I will be happy. Please don’t agonize about covering one of my prompts if you’re just not feeling it. Honestly, someone writing for any of these fandoms will make me very happy. I worked hard on my list, these are my top choices and I will be happy with anything.

Hope I've kept it open enough that you find something you're comfortable with and are excited to tackle.

Happy writing!

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