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So I hold semi-regular weekly chats with one of my fandom groups.

We’ve been using tinychat for the past few years but the problems have cropped up enough that we want to move to a new site. It gets buggy, kicks users out a lot due to connection issues, doesn’t let us copy/paste the chat log sometimes, and recently they got rid of the different text colors, which make it hard to read everyone’s conversation now.

I’m looking for recommendations for a new fan chat site.

We need something that is:

1) free
2) not prone to bugginess and disconnecting users
3) gives users the ability to copy/paste the chatlog easily and does not delete the chatlog until the chat is done
4) uses colors or something else to differentiate the various members of the chat
5) relies on a semi-private function, so only those with the link can attend the chat and no random people stumble in

If such a place exists please let me know and I’ll investigate if it’s workable for us.

Date: 2015-12-14 11:29 pm (UTC)
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Check out Chatzy. Sounds like it should fit all your criteria.


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